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White Salmon, Washington
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"Where do you purchase your gear" Poll

Hi Guys and Gals,
We are conducting a quick poll about where folks are purchasing their kayaking gear these days, online or local. The poll only takes a quick second to complete, and requires no other info aside from the answer to the question.

The idea is to get an accurate assessment of where the majority of goods are being purchased these days, as there has not been an "official" tally to date. Much thanks from the folks at IR!

Click here to take the poll: Do you purchase kayaking gear online or in-store?

- Jesse- IR

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Denver, Colorado
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Took the poll, but the choices don't really accurately represent how my kayak spending is distributed between online / local shops.

I try and support my local shop (Confluence!) as much as I can. If the local shop doesn't have what I need either due to selection, timing, etc, then I get it online.

For me, what ends up driving a lot of my kayak purchases is timing. I usually make major new purchases (boats, paddles, helmets, skirts) after gear fails on me. Its also usually right in the middle of the season when I need to get it replaced ASAP to get back on the water fast. If the local shop has exactly what I need (size, gear type etc) I will get it at the local shop. If the local shop doesn't have it, they I will likely go online to get it.

If I am buying something when timing is not an issue (ie offseason, or have to special order for both online/local), then I would typically buy at the local shop.

I like to try on clothing layers, so I typically would buy this local.

I wish I could buy shoes local, but many shops don't carry 5.10 shoes, so I buy shoes online.
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White Salmon, Washington
Paddling Since: 2000
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Thanks for taking the poll DeepSouth-
We will take these things into consideration. The poll will give us a general idea of the mindset of the consumer. Please complete the answer to where the majority of your purchases lie when the sale is completed.
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Decatur, Georgia
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"Immersion Research" has a terrific reputation, in spite of waterboarding.
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I'd also like to take this opportunity to bitch and complain about the poll. Why are there 2 verbs "buy" and "purchase" being used to apparently mean the same thing? I think it might go against the spirit of the poll, but since there was an option to make multiple selections I checked the first 4 since I buy both kayaks and accessories locally and online. However, the way it's formulated, you could easily contradict yourself with selections. Most kayakers are frequently under the influence of controlled substances so keeping it clear and simple helps a lot.
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Poundtown, Wokastan
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I didn't see the option for:

wait to find it used for 1/2 price cuz everything is way too spendy option.
I saw someone do it on youtube.
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Of course I am biased, but GOLDEN RIVER SPORTS!
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Fort Collins
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Is Craigslist Online or local?

I shop Craigslist online, but the people I buy from are locals. When I do buy new, I go wherever the gear is cheapest. My local retailer had some gear on clearance 40% off, you bet I bought it. For my wife, the best deal we found was online, so that is where we went. I am more loyal to my checkbook than any one store or website. Too many constraints on my budget not to be.
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GWS, Colorado
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I didn't take the poll because there was not an answer that accurately depicted my buying patterns. So I'll give you some feedback here and you can add it into the category you want.

I buy some of my gear online from a shop in a town where I used to be a local and a shop that I used to frequent in person.

I also buy things in person at my new local shop.

I use "local online" resources to buy used gear. Sites like MountainBuzz and Craigslist.

I only use random online shops if all of my other go-to shops are out of the item and I need it fast, or if they do not carry what I like.

But for soft good items like drytops, drysuits, base layers I always buy in person from a shop. I feel those items need to be tried on and If I am able to try something on at a shop and I plan on buying it, I will buy it from that shop and not go online to find it as cheap as possible.

This may be off topic but if river folk want to be able to walk into your local shop and buy the items that you need right away I believe we need to support those shops as often as possible, even if that means ordering an item and waiting a couple days. The same goes for manufacturers. If a company wants me to buy their gear they need to support the local shops too. This might be in the form of quickly filling orders or assisting the shop in excellent customer service. I am sure the retail experts out there have much better ideas on how to support local retailers.
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Don't forget to check the list of local and national businesses that help support Mountainbuzz!
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