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What's with the sorority click at the play park?

Can somebody elaborate on this for me? Was at the Golden play park Saturday with a friend (I'm just learning so that's why we were there in the first place) and he spent some time playing in the hole (makes me laugh just to type) while I watched... the group of guys that were already there acted like babies about taking turns, making comments to eachother and just being little bitches in general. Is there a "rush" we missed or some club sign up sheet to be allowed in the play hole or special rules only certain people know about like the guy with white zinc on his entire face? Just curious...

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That sucks, usually everybody up there is cool.

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Golden, Colorado
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yeah, agree, that's pretty lame and unusual.

the only thing i can think of is that you are a hot chick and they were tryng to be top dog. guys get weird around river betties sometimes. who the hell knows though? kayaking isn't immune to assholes, for sure.
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i cant comment on your exact situation but just as in surfing golf basketball ect. there are unspoken rules about being in a play park. the rules just as with individual foursomes in golf, court rules in basketball and lineups in surfing can change just a little bit with the crowd or spot. if you dont know the etiquette(sp) then it is your responsibility to ask. knowing boaters they tend to be a teaching and helpful group so feel free to approach and ask, most would be glad to explain and answer questions.

a couple of general hints....rescue your own gear as best as possible, a hand shake and thanks goes a long way in appreciation for those who help you out, take turns (alternate between eddies/certain playspots only have one good eddie and you must let the other side go if they are in a dangerous position), upstream has the formal right of way but they should look for an eddie or try to prevent pushing someone out of a feature, head nods go a long way as do verbal communication, time limits arent strict but you should be trying to do progressively harder tricks if your going to be in it for too long.

these are the ones that come to mind...oh and keep an eye on each others belongings....no need to let thieves prey.....

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All good to know.

Aaron - thanks for the tips... the weird thing and why I was asking, is that my friend is a great kayaker, knows the rules and was following, it seemed like the other guys just didn't want to let him play (or so it seemed from the steps).

As for seeming cool for the girl... guess that just didn't work since they looked like lame-o's. For future reference. But it was a nice thought!
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who is this wisegirl???

I thought I knew all the girlies from Vail who boat????
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This post kinda suprized me as I saw most of the Golden Locals workin the Hole at Fibark this weekend... or the ones that are nice people anyway... as I went swimmin thru...
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Must be that front range - Vail thing again. :P That darn Hobie, look what he started.
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I have spent probably 30 days there over the last 5 or 6 years and have never seen anything rude or heard a cross word. In fact it has always had a cool helpful vibe that made this old schoolers attemtps at P and P a whole lot of fun. A nod of the head is all I have ever needed. Perhaps there was a rear end there taking himself to seriously or perhaps your buddy breached etiquite so bad it started the thing. Who knows tho it was most likely an anomaly and you won't see it again. Steve
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rasdoggy - I think you answered my question... regular cool people at fibark... strange aliens at play park with no regulars to monitor their strange behavior.

K2boater - You wouldn't know me, as I doubt you spend a lot of time on the wild upper c. perfecting your combat role and dog dodging skills.
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