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Whats up with the cops at FIBARK?

I had the best time at FIBARK this year. Congratulations to all that made it happen. Maybe I'll be back next year.

The only thing that will stop me is the attitude that the police had on Saturday night. Boaters are such a rough crowd and all.

I'm wondering if others noticed it? Did anyone get a good veiw of the young lady getting slam dunked to the pavement by the 250+ lbs. cop? I was in front of the Vic, and saw this cop give her a major shove down. Major enough that they called in an ambulance to take her to the hospital before they hauled her into jail. Naturally her boyfriend was also arrested on the spot.

Was anyone standing closer or have the low down on just what went on?

When I laft the Vic that night, I over heard them laughing about it. What a bunch of morons. It was a total turn off to a most excellent event. But I'll be thinking twice about attending another one.

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I thought the vail cops were worse.....

Ben Guska
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cops are cops are cops...the world over. they love to beat people and that's why they're cops
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I wasnt there and can't speek to this event, but I work in health care and work with a lot of cops. There are bad apples just like anything else but the majority are great people who just want to help others and want to be safe and go home to their families at the end of the shift. I have a ton of respect for what they do and what they have to put up with. Think about it from their prespective.

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I'm calling bullshit

I'm with the above post. In fact, I am tired of some of the cop bashing I see here. Most cops are great people and bust their ass for little pay and the simple pride that they help keep the wheels on the big machine.

I only know 4 cops personally and I have NOTHING but the utmost respect for all 4 of those guys. They get paid squat, are expected to make perfect decisions 24/7 regardless of conditions and maintain perfect composure regardless of any outside influences. Our expectations for them are between high and perfection. High for dealing with others, perfect for dealing with us.

I couldn't fill those expectations and honestly, I don't know many folks who could. Maybe that is why I only know 4 cops and about 1,500 "technology people". Point is, most of the cops out there do a hell of a job considering what we expect from them. And what's more, all 4 cops I konw have to have 2nd jobs to support their families. And none of these guys live large. So they are usually working an extra 10-30 hours every week to make ends meet. Maybe that is why we don't see too many on the river.

And as the above post said, at the end of the day, just like us after a day on the river, they just want to go home and see their family.

If you see a cop do something wrong, report it and follow through. Sure its a little work, but worth it. Our system is largely setup to openly monitor those bad apples. Good cops thinks legitimate complaints against police are paramount. They don't want pretenders or head cases making them look bad.

Are there bad cops? Sure. Are some departments worse than others? Sure. But by and large, cops are good folks who try hard to make our lives better.

Flame away.
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I saw the incident you wrote about

She and her boyfriend or whatever he was were not very nice to the cops and well.......use that kinda language with me and make those kinds of threats to me, I might just punch your ticket for good

They also had some personal items on them they should have left at home...
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Yeah, the few cops I know are really good people. People tend to bash cops when they see "unusual" force, but this typically does NOT happen if people just cooperate with them. They either get bashed for being too aggressive, or they end up dead or completely unable to do their job if they don't get people under control. Glad it's not my job!
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Thank you allforattending and enjoying.

This post, of course, caught my eye. As a member of the FIBArk BOD, I want to express a collective "Thanks" to all who attended FIBArk this year. It appears to have been the biggest and best ever. Here is a link to the local newspaper if you care to hear some of the local feedback: http://www.themountainmail.com/ . Because of the record crowds, 110 kegs of beer served at the festival, the record sales at the surrounding taverns and liquor stores and the scorching tempatures, I'd say that everybody was having a maximum amount of fun, and a few had more than the law allowed. The cops have a tough job during any such event as this. However, overall it seemed to us that the atmophere, again, was one of maximum enjoyment had by most all who attended. And we are so thankful for that. FIBArk definitely is "The Greatest Whitewater Festival" on earth. And... guess what? Next year is alreay well underway. We are on the radar screen of potentially being picked up by ESPN, OLN, RSN, and the likes. Numerous scouts and promo-developers were here scoping us out. Even Extreme Skier and RSN host Glen Plake made the scene and joined us in commentary during the Hooligan race and Men's Pro Freestyle events. We are on our way! Next year promises better cermonies for the athletes, improvements on some events, and continued fine tuning towards perfection of this fantastic four day festival in one of the most perfect locations on earth. Salidan's are very fortunate to live here year round, and we love having all the visitors come play in our paradise. We enjoyed having you all and you were GREAT! See you here next year. Cheers to everyone! -- Ken Vanatta
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Right on Highspeed. I'd have to agree too. Yes, there are jerks in every group. Some of those bell curves may be shifted to either extreme depending on who you're talking about, but try to resist the urge to stereotype. Sure, it's a timesaver, but it's just being ignorant and shallow.

If us kayakers start giving cops an attitude as a group, we'll create a stereotype of our own. You want a cop rummaging through your car? How about those take-out-beers, open container? Other?

I spent a w/e in Vegas back in May to celebrate my best friend from high school's batchelor party. He's now a cop in my hometown. I break about half-a-dozen laws on an average day, so it was a bit strange partying it up with 5 cops! I'd say we didn't agree on every (most) issue, but they were more informed than most of the chatterboxes on this forum. Overall they were good guys, doing a job just like the rest of us. We all had a blast and I'd do it again. Can't wait to get pulled over next time back in Richmond Indiana!

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