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What's Up?

I'm looking to make a trip this weekend but haven't decided where yet, maybe camp somewhere Friday or Saturday night and hit a couple runs up.

Does anyone know if Sweetwater Creek is running? How about Grizzly Creek above the confluence with the Colorado?

My other thought was to go hit Buzzard and Plateau, but Plateau has been fluctuating so much in the last couple days I don't know how predict whether or not Buzzard will run (Plateau was 1000 three days ago, 700 two days ago, 400 this morning, and is 500 now). I was hoping for 600-1200 on Plateau to run Buzzard. Anyone have a crystal ball regarding Buzzard for Friday or Saturday?

Also, anyone in these areas or willing to go there that wants to paddle? I'm looking at heading down on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and coming back Saturday night or Sunday midday. It'd be cool to have someone there who knows the run if I do Buzzard, but anyone's welcome.



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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Grizzly creek has about a dozen riverwide logs in it (hint-hint anyone in glenwood who owns a chainsaw). Too bad because the creekbed looks great.
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sweetwater creek should be taken out of the guidebook. It is like sticking your finger in an outlet or sitting on an antpile, until you decide it is lame enough to walk out to the road. But, your milage may vary.
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Golden, Colorado
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Hey Man,

I'm not a Glenwood local, but I'm pretty sure that Grizzly Creek doesn't run proper anymore because right at the trailhead there's a big sign that explains the diversion project they completed in late 1999 (so after CRC2 was published) pulls water out of Grizzly and pipes it over to the NoName drainage.

I have also posted and heard that Stillwater is a shitty, wood-fest.

If you're looking for class IV to run this weekend and you want something creeky. My $0.02 is to go run Escalante and just skip the bottom gorge if you're not feeling up for it. It's pool drop so you're not going to get flushed into anything, everything up top seems pretty easy except maybe double-drop and corkscrew and it's all scoutable if you're patient.

Just a general observation, and this might be my opinion only, is that quality creeks around here (in CRC2) start in the class V realm. A great way to run class IV creeks is to carefully select the safer (less wood, bigger eddys), easier class V's and then just walk a lot until you're ready.

Escalante is a perfect example. All the photos in CRC2 are at high water from the lower gorge, that's the last 1 mile out of a great 6 mile run. Bailey is another good example: skip two, miss a few, and the rest of the run is accessible to a class 4 boater. Just do some walking for a while until you feel like stepping it up. Way more balls to walk something in front of all your friends, than to run it and not feel right about it.
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True on the walking part. I'm a IV boater with limited experience in V's. So I'm okay with IV's and pick my V's carefully. Yeah, I was looking looking for IV's, preferably with a creeky feel, but I also wanted to run some stuff that's new to me and far enough to make a weekend trip out of it (I can run the stuff in my backyard anytime). The reason I was looking at these runs was that they fit that and they have a short season so they probably won't be going later in the season.

So, why don't you guys like Sweetwater?

Does anyone know if the Grizzly Creek section really does no longer exist?

Obviously, I'm up for cleaning out any runs I plan on doing if anyone has anything like these that are good but need work. Keep the info comin'; still looking for people to paddle with somewhere this weekend. Thanks.

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Golden, Colorado
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I looked at Grizzly Creek last Sunday and there was not enough water in it to float a boat.
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yo, I'm headed to escla if she's running saturday and sunday. I'd like to stay monday and tuesday also if someone's interested?
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Like you I am stubborn,sometimes you just have to see it for yourself,one mans trash is another mans treasure and all those cliches.Soon there will be more options and not so far .Igotta get caught up on work so I don't missout.
Good point about running a little harder stuff and just scout and portage alot,then when you're going good step it up a notch ,seems like this would really help your learning curve.
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what about Grape Creek?? is it alive yet Gorge guides??
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