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Whats the best run for your first clas v run?

Question...With my first season done and only running the Poudre (everything but the narrows) and being comfortable/playing on all runs. What is the recommended first class v a person should attempt (for next year)? Or are there some traditional big class iv testers to attempt before moving up? I never got down to the #s but would like to hit it early next season. So suggestions on other class iv's or beginner class v's?

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I think you need more IVs first but hey its up to you. royal gorge and numbers are logical progressions. if those bore you to tears try the upper animas or gore.
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I'd shoot for bailey.

It'll probably (hopfully) be one of the first things to run in the spring, and it offers up mostly class IV-IV+, with a couple V's=V'ish's. Everything is scoutable/walkable/beautiful, and even though a good chunk of the trail along the river is private property, if you get completely tooled and don't want to finish the run, it's not ridiculous to walk yourself out.
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Definately hit up the Numbers, Royal Gorge, Upper and Lower Clear Creek for IV's. Middle Tenmile is good too. As far as first V's, I'd say running Pine Creek rapid at different levels is a good test to see if you're ready for the step up. Gore at moderate levels is IV without Gore Rapid and Tunnel, which are both good ones to step up to. Blackrock at low water might be a good one, too. I haven't done it but I've heard Clear Creek of the Ark is a good intro V.

Check out this thread: https://www.mountainbuzz.com/viewtopi...nning+creeking

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Ah, yes, the excitement of getting into kayaking and getting good fast. It's a blast.

I think you got it all wrong. First, you have fun from the river, not the classification. Second, you aren't ready for class V until you've been scared on the river or at least been in a tricky spot. Third, take swift water rescue before doing a class V. Fourth, learn to make a class IV run into a class V run by doing things a bit more tricky, like running a rapid backwards, taking harder lines, etc. Fifth, find some good buddies you can trust.
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do some laps on the middle narrows its 4, 4+ i thougth it was a good training ground....
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Get super solid on the level that is before whatever level you want to run. So, for class 5... Get to where you can make every move on class 4 and do it with confidence and precision. Don't jump into class 5 before you are very comfortable on class 4.

As was said earlier, the middle-narrows section offers excellent training for class 5. There are some moves that are difficult and require a lot of boat control. What's great about this is that you can get your skills solid with less of a beating if you miss the line.

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Dont underestimate running something backwards, its not always a good feeling. i.e. waterslide on escalante sucks backwards, same with running tunnel sideways.

Aim for a low water 350ish bailey run next spring. That is perfect, is prefered prior to running gore (for some). I would stay away from pine creek, unless at flows under 900, that rapid is a hell of a beatdown. Parts of the Big Tompson when it flows, the middle narrows for sure, lower N. Saint vrain with ppl that have run it before. Start running class -IV - IV in your playboat - it gives everything a totally different feeling.

Use the other post as well, good things on there.
- eddy hoping (especialy micro eddies) will always help, working on boofing, controling your boat, getting into stickier holes than your used too and working your way out. If your on the Poudre, then you can do all of these things without problems.

Just dont rush into class V, so then your not on a run looking back wishing you had spent a few more years preping yourself.

Getting a group is most crucial. If they are comfy taking you down something more technical and dont mind scouting/portaging (or watching you do it), then its a perfect group.

just my thoughts
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I agree completely about making sure you've put in the time on the IV's and are ready to step up. There's nothing worse than being on the river and realizing you're in over your head (no pun intended). Especially if you've only been boating for a year, the experience makes a big difference, especially when it comes to beat downs. I've paddled with inexperienced paddlers who had the technical skills to paddle V- but freaked out after a III+ working because they weren't used to being off-line. They could have gotten out fine but the it was a new experience for them and they bailed after the second attempt didn't get them out. The suggestions given here are all based on the assumption that you actually are ready to start paddling IV+ to V- water. There's also something to be said about the different types of rivers you are used to paddling. Some people are more likely to be more comfortable trying something creeky like Bailey while others are better with bigger style river like Gore. The age old dilemma of "Class V creeking or Big Water Class V." It's very much a matter of style and what you're used to.

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This past year was my first year boating and I did boat some class V's. I ran pretty much everything on the Ark headwaters before moving on. The only things I missed were Clear creek and Grape creek. After running Pine Creek at flows between 900 and 500 numerous times I moved up to a class V. My suggestion about a good class V to begin on is Elevenmile canyon. If you start just below the top class V, by time you get to the bottom you will know if your ready for the bottom class V. All the III's and IV's in between get you prepared and if your comfortable and have the support.....There's a video on the PPWC web site if you want to take a look. Dont hold my line agianst me. The run I was able to video was my worst run. Fell off line after the top drop.
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