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What happened to us boaters

Every post i read now days are real disgusting. I have been boating for only 3 years and have run bailey and gore in my play boat. But whats going on with the way we respect eachother on the river and on this web page granted I understand in any sport there are assholes but we gotta treat eachother better. Golden some days has turned into a haven for assholes. I have been hit by boaters cartwheelin the on the eddy line to close to boaters, i have been hit manyof times and instead of the person saying sorry he says you need to watch where your at on the eddy lines.Also what happened to river edique, to many times these days when people are surfing , boaters up stream come through the hole when your riding it.
Who the hell cares where the m-wave is what every happend to sharing something that is public.If i saw you on the river and your forgot something that was important and I had a extra i would let you borrow it.
I figred this sport was different then most a unique sport where boaters where down to have a few beers with eachother, but from this web site all i have seen is flamers.

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Right on!

Right on! Keep it real and have fun!
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Full Tilt- You are looking at this the wrong way. A few thoughts: Have you ever been to Golden at 9 am on a Tuesday, or even Saturday? I garantee no one will be rude or disrespect the etiquettes because no one is there. Do you head down there at 5 after work with everyone else including the tubers, swimmers, spectators, boogie boarders, gate chasers, canoe-ers, pros, and pro hoes to hit the one decent feature? Yeah, there is some stress. Have you ever skied on a Wed. vs. a Saturday? The boating community is WAY bigger than the users of this site. Haven't you ever noticed you see the same names appear in common themes? My neighbor is a kayaker and she uses this site only for flows. My roomate is a kayaker and uses this site rarely for flows, and a little porn fixation. I know good kayakers you see on a regular basis who have never posted here. If want to judge the community by Golden, and a few threads, then I feel sorry for you man. That is an unfair censes...Your sample population does not represent the community.

Now if you were to claim that due to the rapid growth in a male dominant sport, territorial competition is spreading due to the lack of females....we must recruit or we will suffer a sasage party riot by year 2007 resulting in a confusing mass suicide, I might have agreed with you.
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From what I can tell after being a boater now for one season is that most of the peeps that a flaming each other here know each other from the river or from posting here all the time.

As for the crowds in golden where I have been paddling a couple of days a week for most of the season, everyone seems to be fairly nice and friendly. Some days it does resemble a bumper boat pool at the kiddie park but usualy then everyone is laughing about it.

There are a few wannabe's there that think they own the park cuz they think thay can do a loop but like any surf line up you have the posers.

As far as river runners going thru a play hole while you are surfing.... the rules of navagation state that a down river vessel does have the right of way no matter what , but they must do everything possiable to avoid a collision... but the true responsability lies with the person in the play hole and not everyone is as accomplished a boater as others.
SO SUCK IT UP, Remember you to once couldn't catch an eddy.
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Uh, if you are such a 'soul boater' then why brag about your exploits?
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Charc in = charc out
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Clue: It's October .. in Colorado ... where lots of people work on computers in offices with lots of flourescent lights buzzin .. Do the mathletics & you'll figger it out pretty quick.

Happens every year ..
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