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What do you guys do about Contact Lenses?

Does someone make a specific pair of goggles for boating? Sunglasses fogged up and pulled off. Those gas station goggle/shade things don't really work either. I'm going for lasik this year but need a system until then. Has anyone got this figured out? It's hard to pick up the ladies in a pair of swim goggles...

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Very psyched with the CIBA daily contacts. In the 30 or so times I've been in the water with them, I lost a lens only once or twice. Plus, they're daily, so if you loose one, no big deal, grab a spare from your PFD pocket.

Also, I find splashing my face with water with my eyes open is both a good boating ritual and gets my contacts acclimated to river water.

On the other hand, ski goggles would look bad ass. You could wear them sideways on your helmet just like WhiteChalk did in the late 90's.
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use a helmet with a bill and just lower your chin when taking a big hit. rub em before the next big hit if you can. Doesn't always work, but sure beats glasses, googles, or nothing.
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contacts work surprisingly well for me

I wear contacts boating all the time and have never had a problem--unfortunately tho, dailies did not work for me--I tried some once and they floated around in my eye and then eventualy got flushed out--not much fun. But my regular contacts (they are CIBA as well, just not dailies) work so well it surprises me sometimes when I get splashed or chundered and they're still right there and my vision is fine. I just try to make sure I take them out ASAP after a run, especially on the Platte at union or confluence

It could be kinda cool to rock the goggles down the river tho I guess
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I just boat with my eyes closed
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I use my glasses. I wear perscription lens that I have put in a pair of sunglass frames. They are transition lens, which means they turn into sunglasses when it is bright out. I use a strap to hold my glasses onto my head. To keep them defogged is another matter. I have tried many things. Kat crap works o.k. Also I have used Pledge furniture polish. The method is this: spay on pledge, let it dry for a few minutes, then lightly buff it off. This generally works for a little while. I also spend time splashing my glasses with water when they start to fog, or roll upside down.

I have found that contact do not work very well. Your eyes are closed during rapids and that is just not a good idea.

Good luck.
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Hard contacts have worked well for me.
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10+ years wearing disposables only lost 3 contacts all in Gore Rapid. Get disposables, learn to squint / blink really well and really quick. Surfing big fast waves in Westwater Staircase is more eyes closed than not so you do learn to surf by feel. Keep a spare pair in your boat and dont think twice about it.

PS, seems the cheeper the contact the better they recenter. Forget about the ones that correct for astigmatism, they take forever to recenter....
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Rec specs Welcome to Rec Specs - Protective Sports Eyewear I were my rx glasses as well. I have rx in a Oakley frame and a small lense. The air flows better arround a small lense creating less fog ups. Its still a pain in the a$$. Im gettin lasic for next season!
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I got a pair of those sea specs for Christmas and they work great. They have a band that keeps them on my head. They still fog like crazy, but they help for surfing when you get that water that shoots off your bow and tends to flush contacts out.
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