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What can boaters do about global warming?

Seems like a pretty big issue for river oriented folks because of the exteme droughts and floods directly linked to global warming. Just wondering if any one had good ideas??

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Rush Limbaugh says...

Isn't global warming a fraud. No need to support wind, solar, or geothermal energy. Nothing has to change. New big cars without hybrids, no worries, doesn't matter. Rush says global warming is a liberal fraud, enhanced by a liberal-biased media. Don't bother with a thousand scientists reviewing FACTS and using Scientific Method. No worries...unless you believe those fake Geologists who claim we only have 40(avg) more years of oil left in the world. I guess we can table this conversation for another couple of decades. Let's go boating, I don't have kids.
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Well if your really worried about it...

Stop buying boats made from any type of plastic.
Stop driving to rivers.
Start growing your own food and STOP drinking bottled water.

It's all lies from both sides to make their point, First there are stasics, then lies and then damn lies.

This is double edged problem.
With out past global warming we wouldn't have any oil in the first place.
With out an Ice Age we wouldn't have any Glaciers or Polar Ice Caps.

Hummmmm what do we do???????

What did that NASA guy say? Oh yea "How dare we think that this is the perfect climate for the Earth when it has had so many different ones" or something to this effect.

The Earth has changed and will keep changing, for something to think about... That volcano that popped off on Sunday dumped more CO2 and other things in to the air than all the humans on earth do in a year.
So where are all those destructive Hurricanes that were supposed to be destroying the south for the last 2 years.

If you want to do something good pick up trash and help someone out that needs help and just be a nice person.
"I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen!!!"
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Originally Posted by Swim team capt. View Post
I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen
Never before has that sig been so apropos.
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So captain do you Drink beer or Soda? Or are you pure when it comes single serve beverages? Just wondering because you put Bottled water on your list but not other just as wasteful products. Over consumerism is the problem bottled water is a small symptom of the problem. And may not be all it seems.

Alberto. I feel this is a societal thing and not boating related. Because as a whole boaters burn a lot more gas than our neighbors. Nothing finer than listening to some hippie who put 300 miles on his Suby chasing rapids last weekend. Talk smack to a guy who put 50 on his Suburban car pooling numerous kids to soccer practice. Here's what i do to mitigate my foot print(enlarged due to my outdoor passion's).

Call Excel and switch to Wind Power the more people who do the more wind mills will go up in Eastern Colorado. Then buy one of those High tech thermostats. The thermostat will cut your use by a third with out really trying. Make sure all doors and windows are tight. buy a cover for you water heater and change your Furnace filter if you use forced air.

Cal you local water board and see where you come in usage wise on an average. I live in a 3 bathroom house with a bit of blue grass and a teenage daughter. According to Denver water board my family of 4 uses the same amount of water an average family of 2 uses. 3min showers are a house rule large loads of laundry only. And my neighbors respect the brown hue on the front yard. And the little geek that tattles on home owners for a living isn't about to mess with me again.

Get a car that gets good gas mileage. Our Escape hybrid gets 30.1 and puts out less co2 than other cars that get the same or better MPG. Carpool even if it means riding with a 970 or 719.

Watch how you shop. the easiest way is to do this is by watching your garbage. Try to cut your garbage in half. And of course recycle. Best of Luck. sj
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"....the antarctic ice cores tell us that the Earth's temperatures and CO2 levels have tracked closely together through the last three ice ages and global warnings. However, CO2 has been a lagging indicator, its concentrations rising about eight hundred years after the temperatures warm. This is additional evidence that CO2 is not the forcing agent in recent global climate changes.
Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor recalls: 'Early Vostok analysis looked at samples centuries apart, and concluded (correctly) that there is a very strong relationship between temperatures and CO2 concentrations. The conclusion for may was obvious: when CO2 goes up, temperatures go up, and vice-versa. This became the basis for a number of scary-looking graphs in books by scientist Stephen Schneider, former VP Al Gore, and others, predicting a much warmer future (since most scientists agree that CO2 will continue to go up for some time). Well, it's not as simple as that. When the Vostok data were analyzed for much shorter time periods (decades at a time rather than centuries), something quite different emerged. [Huburtus Fischer and his research team from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography] reported: 'The time lag of the rise in CO2 concentrations with respect to temperature change is on the order of 400 to 1000 years.' In other words, CO2 changes are caused by temperature changes.'" Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1,500 Years. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery,
Pretty interesting read. Among other things, the book goes on to report on research that reveals a approximately 1500 year global warming and cooling cycle caused by (of all things) the sun. The work makes me pretty skeptical of creating policy around anything that has to do with reducing global warming. If you want to talk about cleaning up the air by using cleaner sources of energy, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating sustainable forms of cheap energy, I'm all for it. Just don't tell me that I'm killing the earth for the next generation because I drive a CO2 generator.
Chris Morrison
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It is amazing that the denial machine has worked so well on you guys. That sounds an awful lot like what Bush and his federally paid scientists were saying up untill about a month ago. Now Bush has even stated that there is a problem and that is way scary. I think you have forgotten to take the fact into consideration that the last time there was any signifigant climate change it wasn't because some ant pile figured out how to use oil, it was because the climate was ready for change due to natural elements. The global warming effect is very different considering humans are the direct cause. Keep making yourselves feel better by saying "We aren't the problem" but remember you are just another ant on the farm. And every body knows the only pollution humans put in the air these days that causes global warming is CO2 Right?????? Boaters Aren't part of society? C'mon guys why can we take the resposibility in a positive way and try and help with the solution?
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with out the oil being pupmed and trees being cut, what would we have? the demand would be much higher on everything. we need more avenues for energy and we are the biggest comsumers in the world! say trees in the rain forest are being cut this is true but do you know where majority of oxygen is coming from not the trees but the ocean,

we as boaters are not going to stop driving dumb idea but we can help by cleaning up our communities, picking up litter and pushing the society as a whole to move forward in creating a cleaner community.

the more people to help in the communtiy makes a stream and once the stream is flowing and more and more streams start up its like being foot entraped in gore theres no stopping the water so get everybody involved.
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Originally Posted by CGM View Post
If you want to talk about cleaning up the air by using cleaner sources of energy, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating sustainable forms of cheap energy, I'm all for it. Just don't tell me that I'm killing the earth for the next generation because I drive a CO2 generator.
OK - if I'm hearing you right, you may not believe the CO2 problem is as serious the 1200 or scientists believe it is; but you're all about cleaner more sustainable ways of living without reliance on the Middle East. Great. If you're on-board, however your reasoning, then why post the disclaimer? Because you don't want to be told which reason to believe? Does it really matter? If it makes you feel better, yours are more compelling reasons for me anyway. Frankly, I think more efficient, lower CO2-producing cars that reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil is the only reason we need.. as a matter of national security.

In your case, I suspect it does make a difference, because you don't want some liberal like Al Gore to be right. Otherwise, why would you cite Fred Singer? Seriously- He's like the guy from "Thank You For Smoking". He's the oil industry's posterboy. It's a little embarrassing. His MO is to cite specific reseach and make broad applications to support his argument.
Take, for instance, the Fischer study- Those short-term fluctiations have indeed occurred, but the conclusion was taken out of context for Singer's purposes - what they concluded was the heat had been distributed from the northern and southern hemispheres by virtue of fluctuations in ocean currents. As the Arctic warmed, the Antarctic cooled, but world-over temperature averages stayed constant. Read a synopsis here: Climate Connection? Antarctic Ice Core Reveals Climate Link with Greenland - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News
The message contained in the ice will provide little comfort for the climate politicians in Nairobi, says the glaciologist. The climate seesaw does indeed help to distribute the warmth between the north and the south. "But it doesn't change the fact that, on average, it's going to get warmer."

What's been observed and reinforced through many other studies is that that global average has risen since the Industrial revolution, and are accelerating. These data points are taken as only part of the sum of evidence (not proof- after all, this is science, not mathematics) pointing to human-caused climate change. If it's a "burden of proof" argument, then I guess each one of us has to decide whether to accept a "beyond a reasonable doubt" approach or accept the "preponderance of the evidence". If you truly believe that the end-sum is to "be cleaner", what does it matter the arguments used to get there? And why use an industry-affiliated shill, other than to support a political viewpoint?
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put wheels and a chain on your boat and peddle to the put in.

Seriously though, paddling is zero impact minus the drive to the put in. We are doing are part right there I think.

I read an interesting article in the latest outside mag where a guy thinks that humans only contributes 30% to Global Warming. He says that the oceans have been warming up since the end of the last ice age which is 12000 years ago and when they do, they release carbon in to the atmosphere. His name Richard Lindzen and he makes some good points and is obviously controversial. Check out www.counterpunch.com.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't reduce our CO2 output but theres is probably not a whole lot we can do to make the impact that is required.
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