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What boat?

I am looking for input about picking a boat for this comming run off.
I am a solid class 3 wanting to step it up this year, with my goal to be running the Numbers section.

I am looking at the Gus, Hoss, Deisel 75, and the Mamba 8.0. I am comfortable in all of them and have pool paddled each one last year.
I am not really looking for a creek boat just a big water boat for all day paddling and not intrested in a "play type boat".

Which of these boats would be the best choice @ 5'10'' & 215lbs, and why do you think I should choose that boat.

Thanks for your help in picking my new boat.

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pnw, Colorado
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Diesel 75 is what I bought do the things you are talking about and I am about your size.
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I paddled the Diesel 75 and for higher volume stuff im not sure its the right boat. I would go with either a gus or a jefe, both hold there lines really well, but the jefe is much less grabby. Both carry ample speed with the jefe being a bit slower. However, the jefe does have mroe rocker wich is nice for heavier guys like you and me.
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I am making the assumption that everyone likes to surf. If you fit that description I would Pick the Hoss. It can more than handle the water you are talking about and it actually surfs well. I am 5'10" but only 180. I paddle a Joe when I teach. If surfing does not matter that much to you then there is little reason not to paddle a more creeky design like the Jefe, Mamba, Diesel. The Gus is fun to paddle if you like speed but the other designs will turn easier which most people like.

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Last season I got a W.S. Diesel 75 for a big water/harder river kind of boat. I'm just getting into class 4 water more consistently. I weigh 175, 5,10". I've used it on the numbers, slaughterhouse, upper crystal, biiiiitch creek up in Idaho-some low volume creeky stuff. I really like it- surfs great, predictable, rolls easy, comfortable, solid outfitting, big enough for self support trips too. My only gripe would be that it seems like the W.S. plastic is not as tough as say a L.L. boat.
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I'm not sure a big boat like the Diesel or Mamba will help you that much with class IV, especially the Numbers. I'd put the Hero in that class too.

Colorado class IV is normally more technical than big water. You want maneaverability. I found class IV got easier going to a smaller boat. You'll also want to surf/play and the big boats are a bit disappointing here.

You may want to look more closely at the River Runner/Play class boat, like the EZG, Jackson Fun, etc.

demo, demo, demo......
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what boat are you comming from? i agree with basil, in that in class 4 stuff i will almost always take my playboat, unless i'm cross- training with my creeker. i feel it is easier to work out of holes in a more manueverable boat, plus down-river freestyle is the shizzle.

if you are looking for a new boat at least demo the liquidlogic CR. i have not paddled it but have seen it in action on the upper gaulley, russell fork, cheaoh, and several other class 4 and 4/5 rivers. looks like a super fun boat , it's designed as a down river boat and is made to fit big boys. direct feedback from friends that paddled it was positive. i know its a play type boat, but hey, playing is fun.

just my worthless .02
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Paddle a playboat when pins and hitting rocks are not much of a reality. If you're worried about pinning and/or pitons etc. then use a creekboat.

I see guys running down some serious creeks in playboats. I've done it as well. But, it's not a good practice. That's why I only paddle my Jefe if there's a chance of pin or hitting lots of rocks.
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Have you paddled the new Pryhana Stretch? I paddled this little ditty on Lake creek when it was flooded and class 3-4 big water. This thing is an old schoolers dream! Maybe the Hoss would be good for you if you were interested in creeking at all but that is not what I am hearing.

I would try the L-XL Stretch on some water that is at the top of your current 3+ ability and then make a decision. This boat would be my choice for whitewater like Cross Mountain. At my weight I can not stern squirt this thing when I try in an eddy line. It tracks very well, turns quick, and if you are getting pounded in a hole you just might flush out cause it does not have the large volume of the other boats mentioned here (or it does but just distributed differently).

If you are not into cartwheels or spins but want to surf the glass, carve into eddies, puch holes, and be comfortable. This may be the ticket. I am trying to hang on to this one for cross at high water this year.

I paddled the CR and that would be good for you too, if you want to spin, cartwheel and do some new school action. Both are roomy as hell. One has rocker and one doesn't.


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Nick makes a great point. Dont buy a creek boat if you arent going to be running steep creeks. Now as far as the hoss and the other tweeners go they are good but deffinitly look into the stretch or even the new LL CR. these are boats that are made to be forgiving to paddle yet you wont be falling asleep in them when you do decide to catch some surf. Besides who knows maybe today you arent interested in alot of play but as your skills progress it is going to look better each day.
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