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weight/off season training programs

Anyone know of or have a good trainging program for off/slow season. Want to get a good kayak traning program to keep the muscles alive throughout the winter season.

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......run the BLACK as much as possible, til late november......then ski fast and hard til early spring, then start running the BLACK mid-may......you'll feel better than LANCE ARMSTRONG!!!!!!!!junior ranger420CB.......
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I guess you also get the opportunity to build up an immunity to posion Ivy too.
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Give me a PM if you want a sick work out. This may reduce the number of wise cracks........maybe not. I'll take a picture of my work out chart and send it to you.......... 3-4 days a week 30-45 minutes per day. It does require that you buy a smith machine and a set of weights.
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I got into pilates in January because of chronic neck and back troubles. Those are gone and a very happy, unexpected side effect has been a great kayak season. I can't recommend it enough. I thought it would be something I would only do in the winter but I can't stop.

You might also try Yoga For Paddlers on DVD (I think it got positive reviews here last year):

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For upper body, try lifting exercises that are the opposite of the motion performed in kayaking in a ratio of about 2 or 3 workouts to 1. Since most kayaking specific motion is using your upper body to pull, when working out, focus on exercises that push like decline, flat, incline and military bench and dumbell presses.

Abs, lower back and anything else that stregthens your core would be good too.
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play kayak polo.
very good exercise.
to get inspired come to Fort Collins in Sept to watch the National Tournament.
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I would look into a regular workout - use dumbells more than plated weights if you can. You should only use a bar in this workout for lunges, squats, and cleans.

Upper /core day 1 - Lower / core day 2 - take day 3 off and repeat. Keep it up over the winter and you will be pleased by next summer.

Here is a very simple workout that will only take 30 min a day.


lats = pull ups
barbell raises front and side
seated pull


leg throws
sit ups
backwards sit ups
peg board


hang cleans
leg ext and curles

then work out the core

30 to 45 min a day - google Balco/Barry Bonds for larger than life results.

I am not tryin to knock the top level kayakers but you can tell when a sport has hit the "big time" as all the top athletes will have to work out 3x to 4x or more a week, in order to be in good enough shape to compete at the highest levels. Kayakin is not quite here yet and I hope it never gets there.

I wounder how long it will be until most/all top level kayakers are liftin like a meathead linebacker?
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RDNEK, you are in danger of losing your redneck status by telling people you lift. You were supposed to say something like....yeah, 12oz curls while watching NASCAR reruns....just looking out for ya man.
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I can attest to JV's offseason REDNECK workout. Huck giant cornices on snowmobile, drink crown, repeat as neccessary unitl spring.

My 2 cents on offseason...I hate lifting weights. I hate "working out" period. If it is not fun like skiing or riding my bike I have trouble getting motivated. A couple of years ago I realized I was getting all shrivled and pasty in the upper body during the winter. So I started doing pushups and crunches. I have no idea if this is any good or not but it helps me a ton and it takes no time or special equipment or hanging out in a gym with local blowhards. I just do 100-150 pushups (with various hand positions and inclines/declines) and 200 crunches every other day. I usually do 25 push ups at a time and 50 crunches at a time. Easy and I have found it to be effective. I don't go through that super sore early season anymore.

The other good one for anyone in the Ark valley or nearby is we hang gates in February and do 1 hour lunch sessions on the gates in Salida twice a week until May. That helps a ton. You don't have to get wet at all and you feel way more on it for early season creek missions.
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