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We lost a great spirit today.

I just wanted to share with the community that we lost a true adventurer in our community a couple days ago.

Eric Nourse is no longer with us. He passed while climbing in Argentina. There is limited information, but the situation is not over for his group, I believe one member is still lost.

Eric was a powerful person and will always have a prominent place in my heart as someone who did not hold back in life. May he be an inspiration to us all.

I would often look around camp and he would be in 3 places at the same time, setting up a tent, while re-landscaping the river rocks (less of a big deal than I made it at the time) - dressing up as a girl by the riverside (and pulling his underwear so his balls really stuck out) - and eating banana bread he had no place eating in the kitchen (which left him afraid to leave his tent for some time). I have a feeling I will turn around in camp next year and he just might be there...in fact, now he will always be there.

I hope that the others in peril right now find their way back to their families and my best to anyone that had the privilege of sharing time with Eric. He was awesome. When I am pushing the limits, I will think of Eric....and Derk.

If you have never crossed the line....you have no idea how close you are to it.

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RIP brother...

Just got the news from my wife... Anyone who knew Eric knows we lost an incredible human being.. Words cant explain his generosity, and his humor...

From Kandee (Erics wife)..

December 16 Eric left for Argentina to climb Acancongua with his brother, Greg & their friend, Dave Reinhart.

Yesterday (Sunday - December 30) at 7 a.m. I was officially told that Eric had died on Saturday December 29 at 9 pm (their time)
Greg was able to call me yesterday and explain the situation. It's long and at this time I don't feel I can truly relay it accurately. I will most certainly soon. But basically Eric arrived at their camp where all emergency rescuers had already been looking for the three. He arrived on his own, in good spirits and coherent. Just exhausted, thirsty & hungry. He just wanted to sleep and unfortunately the attempts to keep him awake failed. His heart was pumping so fast - his oxy level was too low and by sleeping something happened. He appeared to have suffered a heart attack and something was mentioned of pulmonary edema. I think everyone just assumed he was healthier than perhaps he was at that time. He was spunky and cracking jokes - just being himself!

I believe Dave is still missing at this time... Hope he is well...

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Eric was a blast to be around. I have so many good memories from our trips. He was a character and truly 'lived life.' I will never forget the Banana bread experience on the Salt,or the Antelope burgers that he made on the Yampa,road signs in the desert,or hearing about your MF of the Flathead adventures.His garage(compound) could make a grown man cry-with jealousy. I would never have as many days on the river,if it weren't for Eric helping me build my trailer to cater to my rafts. I'll never forget the last time I saw you this summer at the BTO on the Poudre. I live for days like that...

RIP buddy.

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Eric was a long time BUZZ member Mountain Buzz - View Profile: ericnourse. Sad news today.
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Can't believe I'm hearing this today. Eric was the best. He wasn't always embraced or understood on mtnbuzz but it was no way a reflection of how he really was. He thought this online thing was silly. He really was that guy that wasn't sitting behind a computer spouting off..he was out there getting it done. I was suprised to hear of his death, though he had climbed much harder mountains than Aconcagua, but it didn't surprise me to hear that he died off in Argentina on a real adventure.

When people say he was generous it's because he really was the most generous person you could find. That went for anyone-he had no ego, no raditude, accepting of everyone rafter/kayaker, total newby/expert alike. He had your back no matter what, on the river and has proved this. He was always, always joking and always having the best time of anyone-what it's all about. His sense of humor was first class. He was what I looked for in a friend and kayaking partner.

I'll never forget that day on the Big South when COUNT died. The way Eric wanted to honor him after that. Or the time Eric told a friend/mtn buzzard as he was scoping Double Trouble for the first time, who recently went through a separation, in typical comical Eric style: "Whattya got to lose!? Your wife just left ya" and busting out in laughter during the moment.

Or the time on the Little South of the Poudre when it was cranking and he got a crack in his boat from boofing anything he could find. He was tired of fiddling with fixing the crack and just said screw it. He paddled it out of there(IV+), full on filling with water to where it was almost submerged. Air from inside the kayak under his skirt was being pushed up into and filling his drytop making him look like the marshmellow man while his short arms were cranking ninja strokes. All the while, he wasn't panicking, just laughing at the situation. I was in tears laughing at all of this taking place.

Too many good times to list here. I'm gonna miss him. Thoughts go out to Kandee and his twin brother who was with him, that he always spoke highly of. RIP buddy.

Your opinion doesn't matter when you're already biased.
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Originally Posted by Janet H View Post
Eric was a long time BUZZ member Mountain Buzz - View Profile: ericnourse. Sad news today.
Sad news to hear.

For anyone who didn't know Eric, or took him seriously, I would recommend reading his posts over the past several years. Everything he posted was meant to get a rise out of people and he did a good job at that. We would brain storm at take outs what would get the biggest response.

I have a lot of good memories from Eric and all but one day on Big South were very light hearted and fun. The first time I ran OBJ was with Eric and it snowed that night and we were staying in his toy hauler at the campground. In the morning we turned on the heat and were cooking breakfast when someone told us we were ruining their wilderness experience.

His first time down the Big South was with me and the next day we didn't meet up at the put-in. He met some other guy at the put-in that hadn't run it before and I remember him coming in fast to Double Trouble with no idea where he was until he saw people standing around and barely made the eddy.

There's a lot more from cutting logs out of Spencer Heights, duckieing the Little South, paddling my boat bare assed when I tried his boat because when I showed up he had half changed and didn't want to not do another lap. Kandee running shuttle for us when we did a run of the upper upper North Fork and smoothing things over with the rancher that was waiting for us. The .45 in the door. Shooting the .45 out of the moving truck.
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RIP Nourse--what a character. We'll miss you out there.
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I am sad to have stumbled uppon this, Eric is a great person, and a passionate one.

He took the time to talk to me while i was just getting started years ago, and gave me great advice, we planed on the little south fork this season, and while he will be there in spirit, I will miss him greatly.

RIP, i wish we had more time...

thank you for everything.
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Aconcagua mountain - Dave Reinhart

Hey guys, i am not a climber, but my wife is friends with Dave Reinhart. Do any of you have any more information on whether or not Dave made it off the mountain? finding information is difficult, and we are getting conflicting reports that he is still alive but unable to be rescued, and that he has perished.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Craig Tiffany
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