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Strange you bring it up, Cdog. Just made a contribution to AW today in his name.

Wish you coulda continued down the Main with us on that trip and met the kid. You cant see a big boat stack on a shuttle vehicle anymore and not think of Derk. Keep it safe this season, I know i will continue to do so.

the image i try to remember him by...
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Derk definitely crosses my mind on a weekly basis. A true tragedy occurred on the river that day.
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I'm still gonna kick your ass next time I see you, so there Derk!

Originally Posted by carvedog View Post
Bumping cuz I miss Count. We never met. Matters not.
The river is rising. Thinking of you buddy.

Wish I could find the photos of the 21(3) kayaks on your car. That was really funny. And the cop who let you go even with two on the hood.

What could he do? It was Derk.
Oh carvedog, it makes me cry, in a happy way, to come over to the buzz for the beginning of this season again.... because started thinking about where we left off last year; thinking about our river sentinel as well. He's been on my mind this spring, and then you *have* to go there.

Well, it's that time of year again where we get restless, and yes, the "Art Of Strappage" is an excellent article as linked, an ode to triumph of humanity over entropy, via our derk-o-rama. Had a march madness Westwater trip and thought of the art of strappage. It's only fitting for a start of the season!

Thank you Flowtorch for the memoriam to our most steadfast river homey, Derka.

Have a GREAT SEASON, all, and be sure to post about it, can't wait to read about your adventures.

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Originally Posted by mania View Post
I propose a COUNT memorial run on 7-18 - where ever you are - organize a COUNT float. I'll be on the upper animas most likely.

Love your idea of something for the COUNT who contributed to our 'buzzard connectedness. Even though his stern moderation may have angered some; forget not that fairness, respect and truth always bore his signature. It is therefore most deserved of him that we ought to honor that skilled groover pilot.... wether it be a Derkula Floatilla, Derk River Daze, Lets do the river Derk-Style... who knows., but let's do it... he was surely graceous with the PBRs and safely tucked away "better beers" for special moments of reward.

If the rivers are still running when his soul returns to this earthly realm for its next roundabout, his spirit will undoubtedly draw again him to the deliverance of life.

7/18 appears to be a Sunday this year. Great day to be on The River. I'm going for it, not sure where yet. Hope to see you there, let me know if you've got a Glenwood Shoshone/Loma/Westy/Moab Daily thingy happening. One of those might do nicely, provided we bring plenty of x, y and z, and safety gear.

Who's going where that day?
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Actually Derk was rarely heavy handed in his moderation. He was always and in every way looking out for the river community in whatever form that would take. His loss as a moderator was immense, his loss as a friend cant really be measured, his loss as part of the river community is a hole that might never be filled. Working with him as a moderator and me being many years older, I learned much from him and miss him more than I can say.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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I miss you Derk.
Thank you for being my friend.
ahhhhh the memories. I wish I had more pictures.
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I miss him too, more than words can say! I probably think about him more than 3 times a day. Something I do or see always reminds me of him. I am still can not believe it.

We still need to do a plaque or something in his name...I have the confluence and CKS money at home waiting for something to happen and the bank account (I am not sure how much is in there, my name was never put on the account, so maybe Joe Hemelt can chin in on that one.)

I would really like some help, or even someone to take it on as a project....

If we can not figure out what to do (the past ideas were really hard to accomplish...redo the dam drop on lower CC etc...) I am going to give the money to Derk's parents and they will probably donate it to First Descents in Derk's name (a good cause, as well).
"I would lick it up if it weren't all glassified and on concrete"

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I kayak DH.
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I saw Derk's folks on the road the other day, couldn't put two & two together on who the crazy waving people were (I had only met his mom once or twice) till I saw them go by & saw the sticker! Brought a huge smile & a tear at the same time!

7/18 sounds like a GREAT day to be on the river! I might just have to put away the sleds early this year for that!

I'm headed to boat a bit tonight... might just have to stack an extra 8 or so boats on top just for fun to see what kind of score I can get!!!
Discover Denver, stay there!
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