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Denver, Colorado
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Waterproof headphones while kayaking?

Hey guys, first post woot!! I look forward to doing some sick paddling this season!

SO has anyone tried any of the various waterproof headphone/ encasements for an iphone 3gs?


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Longmont, Colorado
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there are quite a few reasons this seems like a bad idea to me. That said, I suppose if you are at your favorite play spot perhaps these would suffice? H2O Audio : Your Sport, Your Music
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Fraser, Colorado
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That doesn't just seem like a bad idea- that is a bad idea.
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Dipshit with the most.
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Bellevue, Idaho
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Originally Posted by widewhale View Post
That doesn't just seem like a bad idea- that is a bad idea.

I am not saying it's ok all the time, but what is wrong with tunes on the river?
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Denver, Colorado
Paddling Since: 2008
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Posts: 17
Haha I agree that its not the best idea since kayaking can tend to be a rough sport. all the products i have found thus far are waterproof to around 3 ft which i assume would be completely useless if you were unlucky enough to find yourself getting worked in this angry beast on shoshone.

I found these products that seemed legit,

The Otterbox Armor Series: OtterBox Armor Series iPhone Case - Yellow

Aquapac: Go Daddy Marketplace - Waterproof MP3 Case by AquaPac (515) - AquaPac was the...

H2o Audio Amphibix armband: H2O Audio AMPHIBX Large Waterproof Armband for iPod and iPhone The iStore iPod Accessories, iPhone Accessories and iPad Accessories

I found almost no reviews by kayakers for any of these product. Has anyone out there had success with any of these??

H2o Audio also makes a high end dive case w/ headphones that is submersible up to 300ft! iDive 300 - Deep Dive Waterproof Case & Speakers
The Idive 300 so far looks like the only case i would trust with my lifeline, (iphone) however it is very expensive and the headphones that come with it can only be attached to the strap on a scuba mask. Damn! hopefully this technology develops over the next few years i would love to have tunes while practicing at the Confluence or in Golden.

Please let me know if anyone has tried these products and how they preformed.

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Pugetopolis, Washington
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I hate the H20 headphones with a passion. They sound awful,are expensive, and don't even stay in my ear...no matter what size earpiece(s) I use.
My .02,bitches.
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there was a thread about the waterproofness/impermiability of cases and cameras and such a while back and it was discussed to be that the impliyed water proofing of each case would test better than stated and given it's location stored when worn might increase it's ability to serve it's purpose. The head phones on the other hand are where your problems are going to lie. not in the connections but in the ear bud it self. I think any ear piece would work waterproof or not and if you wear a skull cap and or ear flaps on your helmet you should lessen the waters chances.

There is nothing wrong with music on the river, radio, guitar, singing, etc...

Head phones should only be used in a controlled or private environment, or they pose a risk to the user. again, communication is a key part of kayaking.
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Durango, Colorado
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waterproof headphones

early this spring i was stealing my wife's amphibix armband and h2o laird earphones to paddle flat water. i thought it was great! she uses them in the pool and i didn't flip over with them but it made flat water training a lot more enjoyable
You deserve a good paddling!
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Silverdale, Washington
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I just used the H20 Surge Bass headphones yesterday when paddling Pinnacle to Parkdale. and they worked great. If I was playing a little too hard, sometimes the seal would break slightly and the sound volume would sound as if it decreased. While on the river I just had to pull them out, then reinsert them. It didn't happen a lot, but enough that I know I need to try a different size of earplug. They are on the slightly expensive side, but they sound pretty good to me, and I use them as my everyday earbuds. I thought it was cool to be able to roll under and have the music still playing.

Note: I wouldn't use them in all situations as others have stated, but I thought it made paddling Pinnacle to Parkdale much more entertaining than normal.
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Denver, Colorado
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cool thanks for all the feedback yall! I think i'm just gonna enjoy the sounds of nature until the technology gets little more legit.
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