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WARNING: Watch your Paddles!

OK I know that you are still out there hitting it, but take a little extra time before losing your head. The water is super low and people are snapping paddles like twigs. I have eight broken paddles sitting behind my desk from this weekend alone.

Just like in 2002, we have low water in the middle of summer. Everyone is still trying to boat where ever possible. Use a little bit of common sense. Paddles do NOT just break. Every paddle that has been returned for warranty "issues" has impact marks. Impact marks are caused when paddle meets rock or when paddle meets paddler.

Be really careful. The Golden WW Park is the leading cause of broken paddles in the state, maybe even the country. Mostly it happens when the paddle snags on a rock as the kayaker gets flipped over. Paddles hardly ever have issues when they clip a rock as your passing by them. They almost always have to be weighted with your body on top of them.

Just be aware that you're more likely to break your paddle at 200 cfs than you are to break it at 2000 cfs. And, be honest when you bring your paddle back for warranty. The information that you give to use is going to be passed onto the paddle maker, and that info is important for making better paddles in the future.

(I edited the rest out, because it was too strongly worded and some people took it as an insult. For that I am sorry. I was just trying to make a point and to get people to give us the real story of what happened to there paddles. By telling us what really happened we can better assist the paddle makers and in the end better paddles can be made and purchased. We do a lot in Colorado to help companies with R&D, this is where you can put a positive spin on a bad day. Thank you for your help and understanding.)

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Here's another opinion (aka devils advocate)-

I think that paddles should be made strong enough to take some hits. After all, kayaking does include scraping the bottom of the river sometimes. It does include getting window shaded at the bleacher hole. It does include rocks. Therefore, I think that paddle manufactures should build their products with some longevity in mind...at least as long as their warranty covers. For $300-$400, I would hope that the paddle would last 1 year.
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Aw, give Don a break--he's just trying to be helpful.

Now you know what to say when you bring your broken paddle in.

Yea, I agree that paddles aren't made that sturdy--but I think that is because a sturdy paddle is heavy and most of the rest of the country isn't as bony as we are.

I think Prijon paddles are pretty stout--but heavy!
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I kayak DH.
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got a paddle?


I'm heading down to golden tomorrow, can I demo a paddle from you guys?

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For $300-$400, I would hope that the taxes I pay each paycheck would give me some gov't services, but it doesn't. And...For $300-$400, I would hope that the airline industry would get me there on time, unhassled, feeling refreshed...

For $300-$400, I am happy my paddle lasts 1 year, and gives me weekends and weekends of fun.
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"The Golden WW Park is the leading cause of broken paddles in the state, maybe even the country"

Hey Don, where did you get your stats? I would love to see the raw data from your research. I have video of a paddler breaking a brand-name bent shaft paddle that came from you shop under no more pressure than a down-stream stroke throuth... get this... water. The best part is that you gave him **** to warranty it. If you like, I'm sure i can figure out a way to post it.

If you want to send a community service message, then, well, nice job. However, I prefer you blow up another play park in your wake. Golden has put a lot of money and time into our park - we don't break paddles; we provide a place to use what you sell. It's your bed hotshot; crap or sleep.
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my broken paddle

I don't know why ya'll (yeah, I'm southern) are giving Don so much shit. He is telling you what NOT to say to insure you get your paddle warranted. I wish I had said info last May when I broke my Werner paddle in Golden. I just admitted I had no idea how it happened and perhaps I did brace off the bottom...or perhaps it was the 1800 CFS and my inexperience. At any rate, I paid Miser $80 to send the paddle to Werner to repair. Everyone I know who bought their paddles at Confluence and subsequently broke them have paid nothing to have them replaced. Just last week my friend broke her newly purchased paddle the first time using it (yes, in Golden) and Confluence replaced it no questions asked.
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Get A Woody

Woody paddles are the way to go. I have broken 7 AT paddles this year and I just got a woody paddle that is so solid. Wayne the owner makes every paddle custom so it fits the way you want it to. I feel like I wont ever have to buy another paddle again. www.woodycustompaddles.com
Check em out. Kevin
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i recently saw a new AT4 come unglued in the middle of the shaft. one shop said "you shouldn't have carried it in your rocket box." The shop my friend bought it at (CKS) mailed him a new one without even seeing it. very cool. my question is, can leaving your paddle in the car (where it's hot) cause glue failure? if so, should we only paddle in the winter?
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