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Vail Locals Only - stay the %$#@ away!

To all you out of valley wannabee’s, my homey Patrick Crawford and I got the shit done last night. After a few hours of “trailhead” ass slappin’ in the back of the Mothership, the shuttle bitches from RFTI hauled our gear to the top of Snap while rambing on and on about how cool we were and thanking us over and over for allowing them to carry our boats up for us. On the way up, we ran into a so-called Paddler crew from Steamboat hiking back out completely dry and moaning about how unrunnable the shit was and why would anyone think this is a kayak run. RFTI backhanded those biatches, broke their paddles in half, and sent them crying back to their Yugo at the trailhead.

Finally, with little shoulders left after another round of ass slappin’ at the put-in, we styled the Standard in under a minute. After droppin’ that shit in playboats and not getting nearly enough action we ordered RFTI to hang our gear up to dry as we calmly walked back up to Electric Slide and had our way with the Milf while the rest of the fishing family looked on in horror. The husband was annoying as hell, screaming and yelling so we threw his gear into the water and told him to “get the $%#$ off our creek as take you sorry ass wife and kids with you!”

After spending too much time working on the Milf and dealing with the whiney ass husband, it was getting dark but Crawford and I got back in our boats and continued downstream into uncharted territory. Immediately we came up to a sweet ass rapid with wood. Within minutes, we had RFTI in the water removing logs and cleaning up the sides of this incredible drop while we sat back and cracked a cold one and shouted orders from the loungers that they had hauled in for us. After hours of watching the women working the banks with chainsaws while singing ‘Swing the Hammer Low’ it was finally good to go. By now, it was pitch black out so we strapped on our headlamps and BlueAngel’d that shit nailing the small eddy directly above the unrunnable death falls. RFTI was in utter disbelief that they were fortunate enough to see this new drop SuperCross get ran and told us they would forever be our sherpa’s as they loaded up our gear and we headed back to the Mothership. It was a good day….

The true story

It was just Patrick and I last night. We saw the Paddler crew at the top of Electric Slide from the trail and tried to catch up but they must have finished before we reached them. The water level was lowest I have been there and I didn’t feel the need to scout Snap so when I pinned at the cut it was only well deserved. I was able to get out with my boat without much issue. Patrick decided to run the undercut side after my pin and it went smooth. We had 120 cfs on the graph at 6:00 and I think this is definitely the bottom end of things and a jones'n only kinda level. After the lines are cleaned up this fall I suspect runs up to 300 or so may go for reference.

We did boat past the Standard section and spent some effort and time cleaning up the new drop SuperCross and BlueAngel’d it. The rapid is the longest one on the section and has ledges and twists back and forth ending in a small slide with a boof at the bottom. After talking to Mike Hagadorn last night, his crew on Monday boated past the “normal” takeout and ran this thinking it was part of the Standard. I don’t know how they made it under all the wood but kudos for giving it a go! I wouldn’t have tried it but that ain’t saying much. He does like the name SuperCross so I guess we’ll stick with it. Please be very heads up with this new drop cause if you can’t hit the small eddy you will end up in a drop which is unrunnable whether or not the wood is removed. I would advise someone on shore with bags at the bottom of SuperCross just in case something goes wrong.

Yes, it was a good day on Cross even with the low water. I am psyched to see that their have been over 20 people run it this year and at least two crews a day have been checking it out. This is exactly how the Buzz is supposed to work!! Some of Chorter’s friends from Paddler were up there yesterday so I imagine we will see something in the mags soon. That’s probably a good thing and bad thing, but at least it will be out there now. The only bad thing is I loose my personal parking spot at the trailhead Parking is becoming an issue at the trailhead so please try to limit the number of vehicles if you can as this is one of the major access points to the Holy Cross Wilderness and there aren’t many spots so just keep it in mind. As far as my attempt at chunder humor goes I hope none were offended as the real thing cannot be replaced. I never met Max but apparently we have a bunch of mutual friends. I wish I would have met this guy because he sounds like he was one of a kind!

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Nice work Chad,it's about time someone got some tard lovin...God knows the real deal wrecking crew wouldn't hit that shit,leave it to the vail pukes to attack the tard retreat from all sides...Vail just keeps dropping down the ladder daily..I can see you vail turds now sharing needles with the rfti ladies as I think they are on some kind of steriods also...Pretty soon-after the mating period is long gone I see you vail kids getting beat up over whos needle was whos..This is a clear display of how dumb you mtn boys are as the girls in the hills fire shit and you are going after the only ones who don't understand what is really out there...Keep up the good work,frontrange jumps another 4 points get stock while you can...
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damn - what do you have to say about that shit waynechorter. hu? hu? how's that for cuttin' wood and baggin' vert - bra!!!
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it sounds like you maybe walked past a couple logs and only dropped one more rapid....good job buddy! you've only got 2 more mile and 15 drops left.
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There's only one First left below the bridge.....the race is on!! Oh yeah, plus the clam shell above the bridge.....I'll gladly let you probe this one and see how your line goes....

(look for the pic in the gallery)

hehehe, see ya in the fall!
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