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Update on BTO burglaries

So my car was broken into almost three weeks ago...here is the update. Fort Collins police won't even get the tapes of the hispanic males buying electronic equipment from Wal-Mart with my debit card. Every time I call them they brush me off "sorry we have priority cases." These jackasses used my cell phone to call their "homies" in Windsor and one girl in Greeley. My brother and I used the Internet's reverse phone book to find her address after I recieved my bill tonight. After being yelled at by the Greeley police department I finally talked to a street cop. He says he will contact this person tonight to see if he can get any info from her. Bottom line: I found eyewittnesses, video tapes and phone records of these scumbags and the cops still have to be encouraged (berated) into doing their job. I will find these two-legged walking trash pits for my own satisfaction and the peace of mind my friends who boat and hike the Poudre won't have to deal with this. Watch for Gang Banger looking hispanic groups as well as any trashy people when they get near your property or in our beloved canyon. This rant is over.

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I feel ya man. Sounds frustrating as hell, especially if ya have that type of evidence. Still pisses me off and I still dont take anything up the canyon with me except what I'm gonna be wearing.
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good effort, too bad the cops dont care

another case where justice may never be served by those whom wait for it
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The next zone, .
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Yep – You can’t count on cops so don’t even plan on it. I have had my vehicle broken into before as well @ put in/ trailheads the cops I dealt with were on the same page as the crew that you dealt with. Once they even stole my shoes – size 13 .

I now leave a Pitt Bull in my vehicle and since have had zero problems – most times I leave the keys in the ignition. Shitty we have to worry about such things but I find that it is much easier to deal with a couple of pitts than rely on cops.
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This *really* sucks. As my red-neck dad used to say, don't get mad, get even. This sounds like the sort of situation that makes good press during the slow summer - a potential PR nightmare for the police if they're ignoring a shut and closed case with clear and obvious evidence. Perhaps this will provide the leverage necessary to stimulate some action.

Here are a few things you can do (and that I'll help with if you want):

1. When you speak with or phone the law, immediately ask who you're speaking with and carefully write down the person's name, date, time, and take notes of the conversation - what you asked, and an accurate account of the responses. I've found that asking (and confirming spelling) of the name of the person(s) that answers the phone often has a major impact on the dynamics of the conversation and the likelihood of results (this works in all kinds of situations).

2. After an unsatisfying call(s) or if there's no action in a reasonable time, send a *written* account of the situation, your communications, and the action you want to the appropriate office(s) - this might be Larimer County sherriff, the FC police chief, or both. Dates, times, names, and a brief but accurate account are important. Email is very good for this because it's easily distributed and creates a permanent record. I'd probably say something like "I really want and expect support from the police in this situation, and I look forward to your rapid response. I'm concerned that this is the first in a series of incidents, and if the police are unable or unwilling to follow up on this, I'll have to seek other appropriate avenues to improve or resolve the situation." I wouldn't threaten or demand anything, just make it clear you're not going away. There are multiple crimes and charges in this case - theft, credit card fraud, use of stolen property, etc.

3. Assuming there's still no response, a short, clearly-written letter to the Coloradoan, with a copy to the Larimer commissioners, and the City councils of Ft. Collins and Greeley might generate some action. Politicians love situations where they might actually be able to intervene and help - it's their job and a win-win for you and them.

Since BTO is outside city limits, I'd guess the theft would fall under county juristiction, while the credit card fraud is within city limits. I don't know who prosectues something like credit card fraud (city, county, or state?), but it should be easy to find out. Our county sherrif is an elected official, and the sheriff's elections have been very contentious. I'd think the sheriff's office would want to avoid missing the opportunity to prosecute what appears (at least to us lay public) to be a slam-dunk case and instead get the bad press. But I don't know what the sheriff's office is involved with, and I'd rather have them follow up rapes and armed assaults than car thefts, if they have to choose. What I'd look for is a reasonable response, which you haven't yet received.

If you want help writing, figuring out who to contact, etc, ring me at 970 224-4549 I'll lend a hand.

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isn't it incredible that you can get pulled over for not having your eyewear on while riding a motorcycle (which has happened to me) or there's always a cop when you don't completely stop but those dumbasses can't actually do something about this. I don't get to pissed off about too many things but this aweful waste of resources and tax dollars just really pisses me off.
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Kudo's JohnG for your informative post and offer. Way cool!!

Lot's of good river karma in that one.
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PLEASE keep us Fort Collins local boaters updated on this case. It effects the safety of all of us using the canyon.

PLEASE take the time and effort suggested by John's post and FOLLOW THROUGH with pursuing these recommendations and THEN let us know what is the response you are receiving.

Good Luck!
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Apparently, cops don't have time to work on property theft cases. Years ago I had everything I own except some furniture and clothes stolen from a storage unit on Highway 72 south of Boulder. They even stole my identity and cashed about 50 checks for thousands of dollars.

The cops said the exact same thing to me: they had higher priority cases to work on and didn't have time for my case right now. They had the guys on video and said they knew who they were. I never heard back from the detective on my case after I visited him at the Sherrif's office to find out why they were not arresting the guys that they know stole my stuff. He said he was too busy chasing gang-bangers on the west side.

The best protection you can have is renter's or homeowner's insurance. Renter's insurance is very cheap. I had it when I got ripped off and it worked OK for me.
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Too bad everyone in the river canyons is not a boater. I also carry my own truck security, a rottie mix. A couple years ago I found a checkbook and several credit cards on the bank along the Big Thompson. Did some research, found the person's number and called her. A couple weeks prior, someone had used a rock to smash her car window while she was hiking near Drake. Good luck with finding justice.
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