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Loveland, Colorado
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UPDATE: Green Mountain/Lower Blue

Howdy everybody!
Long time, no note. I hope everyone had a good winter season and you all have been enjoying the spring run-off. Wish it was more water, but that's my regular mantra, these days.

As for Green Mountain releases to the Lower Blue, it looks like I have a few items for you.

First, a little over a week ago now, there was a huge peak (750 or so cfs) reported at the gage below the dam. Unfortunately, that was a gage error (read: "it broke'). Should be recording fine, now. We've been releasing around 60 cfs to the Lower Blue all spring.

Second, I've received questions here on mountainbuzz and at work asking me "what will Green Mountain do next?" There is a river conference call later today where water managers will be sorting out that question, and many others. It is quite possible that over the weekend, releases from Green Mountain will go up. It looks like the spring peak is ebbing off down around Grand Junction. If it drops below a certain point, senior water rights will "call" on the river and the upstream folks will respond.

If it is decided Green Mountain should be a responding upstream reservoir, we could bump releases as high as 200 cfs or so over the weekend. But, it sounds like a 50-50 sort of thing. We have to see if those lower Colorado flows drop off; and then, it remains to be determined if Green Mountain will respond to the call. Flows could come from a variety of other sources. And, to make it even more 'iffy,' water managers might not come to a conclusion this afternoon.

Regardless of what the outcome today or over the weekend, I will send and post a follow-up note the first of the week (June 28 or 29) so you all know what happened. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the gage. It's usually pretty accurate.

Last thing: security at Green Mountain. Nothing in this area has changed. The gate is suppose to be open seven days a week during daylight hours. Sometimes, we have a little trouble finding someone to open it, but I haven't heard any complaints for a while. If you drive all the way up there, there is still plenty of light (6:00 p.m. or earlier), and the gate is closed, feel free to call my cell phone: (970) 215-9545. I'll see if I can get someone out there.

If you do make it down fishing or kayaking the Lower Blue, remember to be out by 7 p.m.. If they close the gate on you, they will tow your car and anything else you have down there.

Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns about Green Mountain Dam, or Reservoir. I hope this e-mail answers the questions e-mailed into me earlier this week. If not, give me a holler Monday a.m.. I'm on my way out the door and am not coming back until Monday! I'm finally getting on the water, too (but not in a kayak).

Take care!

Kara Lamb
Public Information
Eastern Colorado Office
Bureau of Reclamation
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Boulder, Colorado
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:DThanks for the update :D

Kara -- you are a stellar example of how the government should work with people. A big thanks for keeping us all informed and going the extra mile.
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Upper blue?

any word on the upper Blue? I read some posts saying the gage was broken. I have to admit I've never seen it at anything but 50 cfs. does it ever run?
Thanks and thanks for all the info.
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Thanks Kara, we appreciate the information!
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