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Tubers & The City of Golden

This past 4th of July was really funny out at Clear Creek Whitewater Park in Golden. Took the kiddo back out so he could paddle a little more, we wrapped it up and were headed up to the bridge to crossover and chill out for the fireworks with some friends.

All of the sudden there was Police, Firemen, Ambulances, etc. It was two young teenaged girls sitting on a rock about 12 ft out in the river who lost their tubes. They were scared, cold, and had no PFDs or helmets. But in all fairness, the water from them to the shore was a max of 18 inches deep and not swift at all. There were two cops sitting there on their bicyles, both with throw bags. I asked the copper why had he not taken off his nice shoes and socks and waded out there to cuff and drag the miscreants back safely to shore? He looked at me like I was an alien (which I might be).

Had I not felt so dumbfounded by their utter waste of resources and personal initiative, I'd have waded out there in my Tevas and dragged their idiot asses back to shore. But I was feeling lazy too, so I laughed and walked off. EJ, Sam, Nick, and others went down to look at the mess in amusement. Are tubers really so stupid? And what's up with our emergency services? Does it really take a team of guys in wetsuits, helmets, PFDs, fins and riverboards to get people out of 18 inches of barely moveing water?

And the Lord said, let there be whitewater. So on Friday, the 13th day of the month....
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They may have considered the saving of those little girls to be a revenue generating action. Probably sent them a bill for about 2 grand.
Like it or not, all of us are the result of a sexual act.
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The cops may have given you the funny looks because did you realize you look JUST LIKE Mr. T?!!
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I think they are just uneducated. I'm sure they have their moments of brilliance just like the rest of us.
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They are idiots

A season or two back I was run'n lower cc with 2 other guys. We were in some of the boogy water below elbow. We came around a corner and find the West Metro Dive and River Rescue crew in the river. They have people in the river, and ropes in the river. We didn't have crap for eddies and scramble to grab the bank. They notice us, pull up the ropes and wave us through. I was so pissed that after paddling through, I eddied out and walked back up to find the guy in charge. I politely suggested that other boaters will be coming along and it would be a good idea to put a person on point to look for other boaters. I learned that it was a training session.

The stupidity of putting boaters at risk by not having a spotter while training volunteers how to free a pinned boat was outstanding. I will never trust a city river rescue squad. If shit's in the fan, you and your crew better have all the proper training and be well practiced because the city crews are boat/body recovery only.

It was last summer when the Golden Fire squad closed down the canyon one evening to help a person with a sprained ankle down from a moderate slope. They rigged lines for a rescue that should've been 2 people to help her walk down. Friends in the Boulder Search and Rescue were making fun of them.
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Damnit, you stole my joke.

Originally Posted by WhiteLightning View Post
The cops may have given you the funny looks because did you realize you look JUST LIKE Mr. T?!!
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Yeah, I've always wondered how you paddle with all that gold, too.

You should have just looked at the girls on the rock, curled your lip in disgust, and said, "I pity the fools!" Strutted off into the sunset with your son, who also looks just like Mr.T, only he's mini-T.
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I am sure they have their moments where they shine. Mr T why are you always judging these response teams?
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