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Tube II

I want to thank all of the boaters who didn't jump to conclusions about us. We are the "gnar tubers" that you have been talking about. To get the record stright, we ALWAYS use safety equipment and scout more often than not. (We did NOT run rigo without a life jacket, but you're right, we do wear goggles.) We are NOT your Joe-six-pack-sunday-afternoon-tubers. For all of you naysayers, whats your beef? Just because we don't spend big $$$$ on kayaks does not mean that we lack knowledge about whitewater. This is our third season of Whitewater Tubing and the first season doing class V water. So far this season we've hit some great runs and have as a group only suffered one minor injury. Sure we get thrown and have pop back on but this is to tubing as rolling is to kayaking. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and share the river. We appreciate everyone who has been supportive of our efforts...(even if you only support us to see us fail.) Thanks for uderstanding.

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I think its cool that you guys run the big shit, I started tubing the south platte near deckers and were looking at doing waterton this summer, I'm a avid kayaker now, but still wanted to cast my support your way
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Were definitly looking forward to seeing some photos!
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photos please!

wear PFD's and helmets...

but cool shite bro... post some pics, maybe Frenchy will create a new photo catagory
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I'm not a tube hater but I still am dumbfounded by 99.9% of the tubers out there with nothing on but a swimsuit.

I saw you on Boulder Creek and gave you props for wearing all the safety gear, but I still think you would have more fun in a kayak. You can actually control your movement, position, angle etc. Tubing is to kayaking as sleding is to snowboarding. I have a feeling that if you could experience carving into a tight eddie above a big drop, and then eddite pick you way down, then you may opt out of the tube and decide to spend the $$$ that you mention.

Still, you've got bucket balls. If you do decide to get into a boat, just remember, just because you can run Class V in a tube, doesn't mean you can in a boat. very different story.
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you should try Barrel Springs in a tube i bet that would be splashy
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hey - this guy that used to tube the Poudre used a kayak paddle, seemed to help give him momemtum and a bit more control. Just a thought. Be safe!!
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sorry,dude, i'm not buying it. it is good that you take precautions but it's still a craft that you can't control on the river which i find reckless and stupid. That lack of control puts you in danger and then when the shit hits the fan it's up to the unlucky rafters and kayakers with the real river skills that happen to be nearby to save your ass. I'm not on the river to fish dumbasses out of places they shouldn't be. I'm there to enjoy myself, the river and friends.

The other issue i have with your lack of control is that you create a real moving hazard to other boaters. I've been sent into trees and rocks because dumbfuck tubers drifted into where my oar stroke is giving me the option to either deck the tuber with my oar(very tempting) or take my lumps on the rock,tree or bank.

you aren't convincing me of anything with your pfd and throwbags. bfd. get a craft that takes some skill and where you are making the decisions til then you are a hazard to everyone else on the river.
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I think your better off with a pfd, and helmet a lone....

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Can you tell us when and where you'll be tubing next? I want to come watch.
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