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To Huck

That would be the infinitive form, and the imperative form is "Huck" as in, "Lets Huck that drop"

A nice verb to be sure, but where does it originate? I've heard it applied to both kayaking and skiing/snowboarding, and even mountain biking. So did the kayakers steal it from the snow recreationists or the other way around? Or did it come from somewhere else entirely?

Other Forms:

Past Participle: Hucked. Ex. I hucked that drop. This form does not imply that the hucking (present participle) was successful. Unsuccessfull hucking is usually charterized by various forms of the similar sounding verb, fuck. (Am I going to be censored for that?)

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Very interesting. I think I heard the term in football before extreme sports referring to a long throw (hucking the ball). The connection from here makes sense.

Urban dictionary references it to a large number of sports:

Urban Dictionary: huck

OED gives this, which really has no connection to the definition we use:

Note. The origin of huck is obscure, and the chronological evidence leaves its historical relation to huck-bone, huck-back, huckle, huckle-bone, huckle-back, far from clear. For, while the compound huck-bone is found in 1440, huck itself is not cited till late in the 18th c.; on the other hand, the apparent diminutive huckle, and its compound huckle-bone, are found soon after 1500. The two earliest examples, ME. hoke-bone and Sc. huke-bane, answer exactly in form to hook-bone; but identity of huck with hook sb.1, though not impossible, is not greatly favoured by the sense or phonology of the group as a whole. It is possible that the origin is to be sought in the Teutonic root huk-, huk-, hukk-, to be bent, whence MDu. huken and hukken, MLG. hken, ON. hka, to crouch, sit bent, sit on the haunches. When the body is bent, the hip-joints play the chief part.

I'd be interested to hear if one extreme sport is credited with the original adoption of the term.

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I've heard chuck before in football but never huck.

Maybe skateboarding? its been around awhile
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Bleached Speech

I'd guess that HUCK was invented by some weasel kid who swapped the H in for the more honorable and ancient F.

Some of us get a guilty little buzz out of suggesting profanity without quite committing it. Having grown up around Mormons (and roomed with former LDS missionaries at college) I heard a lot of stuff like Huck, Flip, etc. The first time my straight-arrow roomie called me a "Flippin' Honk-stick" I nearly died laughing.

Silly, but there it is.

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Wow, you know it's the end of the season when the buzz is debating the origin of the word "huck" instead of talking about what they're going to huck that weekend.
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