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This is why I left the mountains

There is this new kind of stress in my life...I can't decide what to do.

I used to live in the mountains living the life of a mountain man. I thought I was cool guy number 1. Man, did I hate front rangers. It is funny when I travel to the mountains today and get that cool guy vibe. I love it when someone up in the mountains asks me where I am from. I think I could say some other State like Vermont would go over better than saying Denver (probably because they are from the same place). The disapointment in their eyes is priceless.

I dreaded moving down to the front range, and now I know why I hate the front range...I am loosing hair over this. The problem is, I can't decide whether I should go ski 15 inches at the basin, kayak union shoots or bear creek, stick with my tee time at Fox Hollow, or hop on my mountain bike today. Spring baby! Where I used to live, we called it mud season. I can't believe how bad of shape i am in trying to decide what to do. I have been in this situation all winter long too, but my decision making skills are not any better. I wish someone would call and decide for me, but most of my loser city friends work on Tuesdays so they can flood recreational sites on the weekends.

Spring... this is why I left the mountains, and the school thing too, which is really what I should be doing...studying. I hate this state.

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At least your not in Boulder :P
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Everywhere else in the state hates the front range, the front range hates Boulder LOL
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Union Chutes runs a few times a year and is polluted as hell, A-basin is closer to the mountains than the city and people vacation in the CO mountains from all over the world for the great golf courses, not the front range.

Personally I can't drive down into that brown cloud without starting to hack up a lung and getting itchy eyes. That's why I left!
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Did the same thing 17 years ago. I biked this AM and hope to get to Union later. I always thought the cool guy was from outa state had just moved here and realized that it would be a cool state if not for all those Coloradans. Of course my freinds that stayed in the mountains have their own name for them. The Freshman Class. sj ps just got a call looks like another bike ride at 1 i love spring union tomorrow
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I forgot to add. i hve been the cool guy Breck, lived in Boulder and now live in Highlands Ranch. so I am making fun of me as well as you so no getting pissy cuz it's all in good fun. sj
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Yep, I was that cool guy in Breck way back in the Scrapple days, then getting pulled back into the vortex for a summer here, a winter there, and a year off before grad school. Keeping the connections and a bit of my heart hanging off the Ten Mile Range. Now I'm living the life I used to say I'd never lead, stepping onto a bus with a briefcase in my hand most mornings, and its just fine with me to be down here.

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Andy did you get an MBA from CU in the 89 to 91 range? And ski with Edgerly? sj
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Well mountains in the summer are ok if waking up early to temps in the 30's and haveing to carve the ice off the driver side windows knowing your headed to the river is cool. But the front range is where all the action is in the summer. Warm temps beautiful nights, big lakes to wake board, lots of kayaking, climbing, mountian biking, hiking and just about everything colorado has to offer us outsiders. Plus the clincher is most of that list can be done year round. Ya its sweet to be 10 minutes from the runs, but down here its any season you want all year long. Kayak in the morning, go for a killer bike ride early afternoon, maybe a run or head to the bar for a few beers after lunch and onto the lakes for the night glass behind the boat, we got it all!
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this is an interesting topic. wife and i did the FR thing for almost 7 years, and then moved to the small mountain town to "escape and simplify." however, you quickly remember and covet the things you escaped from - convenient shopping, more dining choices, lots of activities, close friends and neighbors, and the list goes on.

at the risk of being further alienated up here, one thing that really bugs us is the lack of community here for folks our age. we are early 30's with no kids, and after being here for over a year we have no close friends. the neighborhood we left in NW denver was very close, and we did frequent dinners, movies, and bbq's with several friends from the neighborhood. nothing like that here though - it seems like no one wants to commit time to friendship because of the transient nature of the community. i also think it is the result of the "cool guy vibe" referenced by howlie, as most younger folks have not come to realize how rewarding and enjoyable it is to have a close group of friends (that are more than bong buddies). maybe i am just the old fart wannabe, since i don't ride the pipe or throw big tricks on southy. i doubt this will be the permanent move we envisioned, and we will probably migrate back to the FR at some point in the future.

and to be sure, mud season is at its peak up here. the local golf course is open in eagle, but you can't get too far off the valley trails without finding some slime. i would say play nine at the canyon course, and then head to union chutes for a surf session after. later.
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