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Thief at Shoshone

Last Friday night, a brand new cell phone was stolen from the center console of my pickup at the Grizzly Creek 6 or 8 spot parking area, north of the outfitter pull-off. The truck was parked and doors closed, but not locked, and the phone was in the closed center console, while my wife and I were putting in for a quick run to No Name. My sister was watching us put in, and then went back to the truck to run shuttle. The truck was unattended for no more than 15 minutes.

There were other boaters around taking out after Shoshone, but I can only guess that this was the action of a non-boater. The thief even used the phone late that night, at approximately 1.30 am.

Beware, and lock up around Shoshone.


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That truly sucks. Thanks for the heads up.
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I also had my phone stolen a few years ago, and, like your case, the thief used the phone to call someone. Since the police are useless (even though the number the thief called was right there on my bill), and since I received very little help from the person at that phone number, I stooped to the very lowest level I could: I called that number every night that I was up late, every time I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and every time I had to be up super-early for several weeks. It didn’t make my phone come home (or any of the other crap that this jackass stole) and I didn’t expect it to, but it made me feel a little better that I was torturing someone that the thief knew. Maybe that person on the other end of the phone passed the message along to the thief: your actions impact more than just you.

If the thief used my phone and misdialed, well then whoever you are: I’m sorry.
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Phil, did you and Ellen get married and not invite us? Sorry to hear about your cell phone.
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Bummer to hear about the phone.

There are some places that I'm not too worried about locking up, but within a few hundred yards of the Interstate, with exit and on ramps nearby, one should always take the same precautions as if they it were a bad neighborhood. We're easy pickings for some scumbag to cruise off the highway, hit the rest area for a quick leak, swipe some goodies from our unlocked car, then back onto the on ramp and be miles away so quickly...
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so jerk off won't answer your phone either?
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Dave, I did not officially get married, but it is common law by now and since she started boating more I will never leave!

As for the phone, I am pretty sure the battery went dead, as we did not determine it was stolen until Monday. I thought I lost it all weekend, and continually searched for it and tried calling it. When I called Verizon to ask about switching the service and number to another physical phone, I just happened to ask if they showed any use on it over the weekend to maybe help me remember where I had it last. When they said it had been used a number of times around 1.30 am on early Saturday morning (late Friday night), when I was crashed out, it was clear what had happened.

I did file a report with the Glenwood police, and once I have the phone numbers I will give them to the police as well (after making a few calls myself per Spencer's recommendation).
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If you want to scare the people a little more when you get the phone numbers you can look up their names and addresses by the reverse phone number search at
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