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The River Gives us so much!

It's amazing how much my world revolves around kayaking. I remember sliding down Raven's Chute on my ass drunk holding a beer thinking how fun the river is. I remember watching the guys paddling by in thier kayaks. Occassionally they would pull onto the beach to shoot the $hit (ie laugh at the dumb ass redneck swimming the seives). I can remember thinking that putting the skirt on looked like one of the most difficult aspects of boating. I always admired those guys. I knew one day I'd kayak. I started boating on the Broad river outside of Athens.......(not really kayaking) more drinking and swimming.......Then I started working in Augusta GA. Believe it or not (I'm not sure why) some of the best paddlers I've ever had the pleasure of boating with are from Augusta. I went to the local outfitter and begged Eli P to take me boating. He reluctantly agreed. He said "meet me at the Ocoee this weekend". That's kinda like saying meet me at Disney World sometime between now and next week. The funny thing was......I was determined to meet him. He was going to teach me to paddle whether he wanted to or not. I remember when I tracked him down the look on his face was "Oh crap this guy found me" Now he had to explain me to his friends and take me down the river....
Just by chance the Upper was running (this is back when that was very infrequent). My first WW run in a kayak was the Upper Ocoee. WOW. What an amazing trip. I latched onto a guy named Wayne Irby. I only swam once that day. That was the begining of what my life is today. Since then I moved to Colorado (obviously). I hooked up with my posse, Craw and Livingston. I'm sure you all have a posse. I'm sure you all have similar stories that we do but if you told me your stories I would still believe in my heart that you really don't have what we have. The stories I have still make my heart race, they still make me laugh, some get me angry.....But man did we paddle the shit together. Then at Yampa fest I met the hottest coolest kayaker and person in the world. Jen is from back in the south. She is what everyone dreams of. We have boated many amazing rivers together. Tell me what guy doesn't wish their girlfriend boats Gore??? Needless to say, Jen and I married. We moved to Lyons so we could be close to the river that we love so much. Our first baby is due this May. I dream of the day our little one reaches 40 lbs and can hop in a kayak....I hope He/She loves to boat and can have what we all have. I often think of what a close friend once told me......"always remember how much the river gives us... yes, the river takes from us, but wow does it give.

Have a great season. Paddle Hard. Paddle with style. If you see someones ass hanging out while their changing slap it so hard you leave a hand print!! Paddle Hard!

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Charc in = charc out
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thanks for that. 'cept for the ass slappin' part ... not really my gig ... but the rest is spot on. word up.

btw, yer boy craw got on some hi-qual stuff out here last week. even got to do the obligatory 'shwackin' through the north cascades hellfuck.
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love the post. I used to paddle in SC, started on the Saluda river in Columbia..... Hung out with the Saluda Rangers if you ever heard of them...... Camped out at Raven chute one time......... I know this is random that is just how my train of thought got going. Its so good to think back. 13 years of great memories.
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And to think this all started with your love of men in skirts. Ha!

Good post buddy. Need to get up to Lyons to see you and Jen real soon.

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Durango, Colorado
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Some people like kayaking, and some people love kayaking. I love kayaking...but I don't love getting slapped on the ass.
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Booth, You said a mouth full there! Very cool post indeed. I think the best thing about kayaking is the camaraderie that you brew with the folks you paddle with. The guy/gal you met at the put-in, could be quickly saving your life... Those types of bonds are the real deal and no doubt, I am sure most people here on buzz have experienced the strong bonds that come from this sport. Also of note, it's rare to meet a total dickhead (I've got one in mind!) on a river/creek and more likely that damn near everyone you meet on a river/creek could be a best friend in no time.
The season if finally approaching, the buzzards will soon come out of the winter crankiness of not having anything to paddle and the take out beers will soon flow. The stoke is coming.

Man I can't wait!

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather...To skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW !!!! What a ride!!!!!!"
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Do you think Frenchy flinched when I mentioned the ASS SLAP???
Standing at Gore Rapid this week I thought of Craws first run down Gore Rapid
Paddling an Inazone and running the whole first half in an unintentional Bow Stall HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
How about the Livingstons run down Clear Creek in the Topo Duo
Setting up to run the DAM and not even making it out of the Eddy and rolling.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH When a Topo really wraps
Who's got some hilarious river stories of their Buds? I've got tons I'm holding back
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I remember sometime last year, after certain people botching getting a kayak across boulder creek. We were right above the arapahoe bridge, getting rolled after some silly surf and finding it not so easy to roll up, little did I know booth was the cause, I owe you one buddy!

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Lyons, Colorado
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How about someone telling Claude that snowboarding pants would be great gear for an early season run down Bailey.....they were perfect right up until he swam.....Those things absorb water like diapers.....It sure is funny now HAHAHAHAHAH
Or the Time Rick wore shorts and brought his play boat to Gore
It was 20 degrees and running over 1200
Yep Scissors kicked his ass.................HAHAHAHAH
I got more......
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Nice post man. We will get it done again this season for sure. You and Craw are great people to paddle with. See you boys soon. Sincerely, The guy you meet at the put-in. (Josh) Give a call sometime Matt. 864-884-3807. p.s. congrats on the kid
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