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The Mountain Shop is closing?!?!?

The mountain shop in Fort Collins is closing. I would like to admit that I am a bit sad to see them go. The Mountain Shop has been a fixture in old town for as long as I can remember. They have always carried the best gear and always had it in stock, when I needed it; never having to order anything. The employees of The Mountain Shop have always been full of knowledge on products, techniques, and local area recreation. They have always provided awesome clinics and events for the public to engage in…….

Having worked in several gear shops around the state, and been a frequent customer of such shops, I have never, EVER been treated worse than at The Mountain Shop. While the employees are knowledgeable, they are flat out rude, discourteous, and at times, mean. They carry a very demeaning attitude toward their customers, and seriously lack any customer service skills. On a recent shopping spree at The Mountain Shop, I witnessed two employees sitting behind the desk while numerous customers wandered the store. Several customers were in need of some obvious help, and when asked, the employees pointed and barked commands at the customers portraying a “go help yourself” attitude, and never leaving their easy chairs. Comments were heard like, “It’s right over there, behind you, no, behind you……open your eyes! Geeze!!”, or “No, that won’t work for you…” (with no suggestion on what would). Customers have been seen rolling their eyes in disgust, and becoming fed up with the treatment they received from The Mountain Shop Employees. There is a sign by the cash register that states “There is a no return policy……..We thought you’d understand” that, itself, implies an arrogant persona.

When asked why the shop was closing, a response from an employee was “Lack of community support; a lot of people coming in and milking us for knowledge, and then buying stuff online.” Maybe if the employees of The Mountain Shop were more courteous and willing to help and be friendly, they would have more community support and more loyal customers. Maybe if the whole place was not so arrogant, they wouldn’t have to be closing down.

And so, The Mountain Shop is FINALLY closing its doors. Now the people in Fort Collins that need quality gear, friendly service, and courteous attitudes can spend more time and money in the other shops in town that already provide it.

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I've only had positive experiences at the Mtn shop from not only the owners but the employees as well. I hate to say this but no matter how nice the employees are and/or how much gear they have in there.. people are still going to buy items based on price. And that, in my opinion, is why they are shutting down.

If the customer was so interested in having contact with a person they wouldn't mail order from another state and wait for a week before it gets to their house.

Scott McCorvey
Fort Collins buyer
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I'd say I have to agree with the first post. I n my opinion the Mountain Shop has been on a down hill slide ever since Phil sold it to the brothers. I tried very hard to spend my money there and support a local business, but it is very hard to support a store with elitist "rock star" staff. I have wandered in there for over 30 mins without even being acknowledged. I once wanted to buy some Cloudveil bibs. The MS did not stock them, told me that I would have to "special order" them and I would have to put down a "non-refundable deposit". I didn't even know if I would like them. So much easier to just order them straight from Cloudveil, try them on and return them if I did not like them. I found myself driving all the way to Englewood to shop at Mtn Miser and Golden to shop at Bent Gate (I'm not cool enough for Neptune's either). It sucks that the MS is closing, but with management and sales staff like they have it was just a matter of time.
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I've only shopped at the Mountain Shop for a year now but the guys (and girl) there never treated me badly, always said Hello and were very helpful in finding the right boats or ropes or whatever gear I needed. Perhaps a few Mountain Shop customers have had a clash of ego's?
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P.S. Seth is the f-kin' man, he's done a $h!t-ton for me.
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Well, the first post is semi-hostile, some may say deservingly, but I think not. There are bad actors in a small shop like The Mountain Shop, but to be honest, they and the things that make blood boil occupy a scant minority.

As for the rude employee(s), well I am sorry, I have been in other stores in town numerous times and got the same cold shoulder. But I am not offended if I have to go ask for help. The employee who did that mind you was reprimanded. No one is perfect, but as a consumer in a community economy were you a loyal customer that paid full margin to keep the doors open?

As for us telling the community that the shop deserves going under because we're arrogant and jerks, well excuse me for a moment while I display a one paragraph condescending rant about you and tell you how much of an arrogant self-entitled jerk you are...

Small shops have to take special order money up front. Want to know why? Simply because people have repeatedly shown that they are not trustworthy to have us pay for shipping, get said product only to never have the person pick their gear up or tell us they bought the product online. I call that no sense of loyalty, you were obviously not deemed trustworthy. Our policy has never been to take your money if you don't like the product. Now as for the shop going downhill since Phil sold it, is like saying the BTO wave is progressively getting lousier to play in because the powers that be do not release enough water from up high, when in fact the powers of climate change and ex-urban development are to play. We didn't/couldn't compete in an market dominated by the internet. It takes wider perception of the world to make valid claims, which frankly I possess over yours, get it? End of the rant...

I think folks ought to really think about what their money buys them, its not just about the gear, its about community, and to be frank, there are plenty'o folks in this town to support a shop like ours, we didn't make it for obvious reasons db-ct and selling boats on a 0% margin does not keep the doors open. We had to sell so much inventory at deep discounts to remain competitive. The majority of folks want outdoor gear with the REI mentality, and the community expects us to play by those rules. Does that seem reasonable? Because that is the reality, straight-up.

So in closing, I can't stand the people who come in and say, "oohhh I am so sorry that the shop is closing, it has been here forever, you guys are the best, we'll really miss you." To be honest, there is a minority of folks that can say that and be genuine, they truly supported us. For those folks, I extend a genuine thank you for making the shop a central part of the community. Otherwise as a friend told me, the shop was a sexy cheap prostitute that everyone wanted a turn with. So get your kicks somewhere else, and if another shop opens up with similar services to that of the Mountain Shop, think about what your money buys, its more than just the gear...
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Amen, my fellow Jew boatin friend. Got to side with Jonas here. db-ct I will refrain myself here, but you blow goats; I have proof. Hows that for customer service?

It sounds like mr. db-ct came in during our closing sale in which a sign was placed stating "no returns: we thought you would understand." Sounds pretty clear to me we are just making sure people know we are done and done.

And if I was one of the people surfin the buzz instead of helping you, guess what, before our closing sale we would have a few customers a day. Now the store is packed all day cause we slapped some 20% off signs everywhere. Sorry i don't like helping vultures who smell the death of the shop. You want full service pay full price. From now on all you get from me is 80% customer satisfaction. Whats going to happen are you going to not shop there anymore, am I going to lose my job? Oh wait that is already happening and I could give 2 pumps about whether some sale mongering chizzlestick needs help finding out where the "more than 20% off items" are.

When people came to the store and it was running I would spend hours making sure their Osprey pack fit just right, and I would stay late after work so the customer who came in five minutes before we closed could pick out a pair of Chacos for a half an hour. You wanted to know anything about kayaking I would help you and if I didn't know I would find out.

So if you look like a good caring custy or someone I know you get top notch help. If you look like a bird with a ten foot wingspan off the Jungle Book or a tool used to carve furniture or take off paint, then you get no love cause you never showed love until love was 20% off.

If anyone else talks shit about the store or its employees that I had the pleasure of working with I will personally find you on the river, the bar, or even the sheep pen and I will test the tensile strength of a Louisville Slugger.

Go shop at REI you f-in gapers
970-217-21 six six
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I guess the last two posts speak for themselves.
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Over the last few years I bought three boats, a couple paddles, a couple dry tops, pfd's and a bunch of other stuff from the shop. I always felt I got just the right amount of attention, and if the person on the floor didn't know much about the gear I was interested in, they would quickly find someone who did. Probably because I bought so much from them, I often got a break on what I bought as well. I wish everybody in the shop the best, particularly Matt.
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As a person who loved the shop, it is sad to see it close. There are not many small shops like the MS around these days. Giants like REI and Jacks are taking the market with their coleman and northface. What a shop like the MS is all about is a community of people who love the outdoors coming together to buy and sell well designed and actually usefull gear, to talk about it and understand why they demand gear that works. A shop like the MS is around to make a bond with the people who actively engage in the outdoors and to provide an environment to celebrate that, i.e. film premieres, outings, gear days, clinics, and everything else the shop brought to the FC scene. There are always people who will purchace a REI bag from the clearance bin, or shop from to save a buck or two, but what a shop like the MS brings is personal contact and great gear that by the end of a paltry 2 day hike your waists dont look like a ruben. They are there to talk about the gear and experiences with it, why it worked for them or how to modify it to work better, or even just a funny story about how your 5000 cu in bag worked as your tent in a rainstorm when you forgot your fly. They are there to help you when you come back after a weekend on westwater and want help planning a longer trip, or when you return some gear and need help finding somthing more suitable. They are there to teach you how to kayak, fit your new garmonts, show you how your beacon works after store hours in the dark snow filled parking lot. These are the things that the MS and shops of that kind are all about. There are always staffing issues at any store you go into even the supermarket when you cannot find that damn meat cutting guy, but most employees are helpful and at least at places like the MS they are there for the same reason or I guess I should say were originally there for the same reason the customers are, they love the outdoors and the gear that goes with that passion. Well all I have to say is that if the shop pops back open in a few months be sure to support the new owners and go in a see the changes, buy a pack or some new sickbirds. Maybe the staff will surprise you this time.

P the K
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