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The meaning of Life?

Ok, so here's the story. As is the case with many a young person on their quest to answer the eternal question "what the heck am I going to do with my life?" I thought I would turn to the wonderful people of the buzz for a little input, guidance and just plain entertainment. I would love to hear any stories, advice, or coments in general about what you have been proud of doing in your lives as paddlers and people and what you might have done different. The main crux of my eternal mental ramblings is that Im in school right now (CU, yeah I know, b-town) and eventhough Im following what interests me accademically (Poli-sci) the posibilities of that degree are pretty much grad school or law school and after that who knows what (big cities or DC?). I know for certain that my lifestyle (and being a native of small town colorado) won't allow me to live happily on the front range megalopolis of colorado (5hrs driving to ski on the weekends is rediculous!). So what can I do for a living that will support me (and hopefully a family) financially, that I can live in the mountains, paddle and ski to my hearts content, benefit the greater good, and help me to love every day I'm alive? Does my degree even matter? etc. any thoughts, personal experiences or other insights would be real cool and much appreciated.
ps. if you have any super insightful stuff come chat with me at the mbuzz party, really loking forward to that one.

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I'm interested in this question as well. I just graduated from a small school in rural CO (polisci as well as econ). The job hunt has not gone well. But I don't want to give up backyard kayaking and hitchhiking to ski.
Asherj-email me if you have any questions or suggestions, it would be nice to talk to someone in a similar position.
[email protected] or [email protected]
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Aaron, try to get a teaching position at Western, or maybe Gunni High. If you're still in school, stay in school till you get that law degree. Then you can move to the small town and offer the people yet another lawer. You can hang out at the slopes in Aspen or Vail, waiting for someone to fall on the ice, then convice them to sue the ski company. Of course, eventually you'll run the company broke, they'll shut down and you'll have to move to stay in business. Or, you could get a degree that's useful, say, architecture?, or engineering?. How about architectual engineering? Then you can be a designer or consultant for all the rich snots that buy land and want to tear it up and build rediculously large second, third or even fourth homes that they may stay in a month out of the year.

Resort management is another option. Western State has a great program. That will nearly garentee you end up in a resort town, but then you're stuck dealing with rich snots agian. They hardly ever seem to be happy (try being a bellman at a high-end hotel/golf club in a ski town!).

If you're not interested in money, but just like to play, be a snowcat operator in the winter and a river guide, grounds maintainence person or some other regular employee in the summer. Leaves you with lots of play time and little money, but the jobs really aren't that bad, especially when you weigh in the benifits (play time).

Enough rambling. Did this help? Personally, I wouldn't know what to do with a political science (can you really call it a science?) degree. I apologize if it seems like I'm knocking your major choice. In the end, it's what makes you happiest that matters most. Good luck.
"A witty saying proves nothing."
- Voltaire (1694-1778)
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Here's some honest advice--if you can belive me double-a-ron, I'm just giving you a hard time on the other thread. Get any kind of degree, either technical or whatever in the medical field. Look at job post sites, they're begging for people in medicine. It doesn't have to be 15 years of school either, radiology techs make good money, schooling is relatively short and hours aren't bad. But, you have to live in a town big enough to have a hospital. Just a thought.
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Well, the topic of your post is The Meaning of Life. I definately don't have any answers for that one, but I do have some insights.
I graduated almost two years ago from school with a psychology degree.
I knew when I graduated that I wasn't at all interested in doing anything with psychology, but it was interesting to study so that is the degree I got.
Since I graduated I have lived in steamboat and Glenwood Springs. I moved both places for internships, one at a magazine and one at the town paper.
I basically just did things that interested me after college, and so far it has worked out pretty well. Once you get out something will come along as long as you have interests and are curious about a variety of things.

Having said all that, I still don't have a clue what I am doing with my life.
I have been offered a job at a paper in a smaller mountain town, but really hate the idea of living in a small town again. I love to ski and paddle and all that stuff, but get bored with a limited social scene.
I'd like to keep working in journalism, but am less than thrilled with spending too much of my 20's in a small town.

Anyway, I don't think it matters what you get your degree in as long as you are semi-smart, reliable, and reasonably good communicator. Basically, if you are employable, I think that you can get a job doing something that interests you.

Don't know if this helps, and I am probably not one to give advice since I am probably going through most of the same issues as yourself, tyring to decide weather to take a good job in a bad town. I do know that it is possible to live a life you want without the perfect college degree even though I haven't got it completly dialed yet.
Good luck.
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When I got into college I had a scholarship and was pushed to make a choice as to what I would major in. I spoke to my grandfather who I admired greatly. He indicated " When I decide what I want to be, then you need to worry about it." This has proven true through my young life. If you asked me where I would one day be, I would never have guessed I would go down the path I have chosen. Yet in the end, I live in a mountain town five minutes from the slopes. I could have guessed that. When I graduated. I didn't own a suit, and that's what I wear every day. Find something, throw yourself into it and stand out. Then if it doesn't make you happy, throw yourself in another direction. If you enjoy the people you are with and don't hate your job, your doing better than most.

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This worked for me so far

Go buy a van or a vehical you can put a bed in, pack up all your personal belongings and just drive into the sunset. In the winter months drive to the south east. in the spring just pack up and drive to the west coast. and enjoy all of the wonders on the road.

I know its not the life for everyone but it sure makes me happy being out and meeting all of the wonderfull people in this community and seeing all of these beautiful places.

just a thought
corey volt
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all good

have fun
action is the enemy of thought
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I don't proclaim to know the meaning of life, but I think I can give you an extra 20 years of prospective.

First you have to decide, do I want to work hard, with no time to play and make a lot of money and maybe when you're older you'll be able to afford the things you love? Or do you opt for making just enough to pay the bills, save for retirement, live where you want to live and have fun doing it?

Work to play and play to work. I'm over 40 and this philosophy has always worked for me. My job, as I see it, is to enjoy life. If I don't, I'm not in a good mood and this doesn't work for my husband of over 20 years and daughter who is almost 16. I have a career, I'm a loan officer by day, but come 5:30 Friday, I'm 20 again. I live where I want, with recreational opportunities at every turn. I never gave up the things I love, even when I was pregnant. I took my baby with me skiing, hunting and boating.

My husband, who is 54, is a graphics designer. If he would have taken a job in a big city, we'd be rich (in monetary terms) right now. Fortunately we are rich in appreciation for each other and our good health. It sucks getting old, believe me, but young at heart is the key. I also believe that having more money than you need, leads to more problems than you need.

Anyway, there's my two cents worth. My only struggle right I too old to go to the party tomorrow night? As my name implies, I do like to "throw down" as you young whipper snappers say, I am a boating fanatic, though still fairly new at kayaking, I think Chunderboy is funny as shit, and I am a frequent reader/poster on MB. Any other prerequisites?


P.S. You do have to find a good woman with the same philosophies. I can't tell you how cool its been to be my husband's boating, hunting, skiing, you name it "buddy" for over twenty years. There are definite fringe benefits...afternoon naps, turning in early.....I think you get the picture!
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Screw work and screw school. Because 5 years after your dead nobodys gonna remember either. Whats it all gonna matter? I know, I know-the unexamined life is not worth living blah blah blah. I say party.
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