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The Huka

I want to open some discussion on the Huka. I do own one and love it, it is the easiest, safest, funnest paddling creek boat I have been in. I am not a crazy creek boater but when I do I feel so much more confident in the Huka than any other boat. Having said that I do know that the boat is not perfect and has some weakness. Would like to here some comparison along those lines about other creek boats and the Huka.

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I hear that new Troll model is making waves...

Seriously, let me quote an old BT post that once made my day:

"The Savage Fury is the best creek boat ever."

Been a quiet winter w/o Chunder...
Join up, suckas.

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I think if you've owned 3+ creekboats in your life there was one that you absolutely hated. I've heard some people say it was a great boat, but for me the big gun was the worst purchase of my life. It's the only year I regressed in the creeks I was running. It was wierd, I was just upside down all the time. I just watched the 7 rivers film and there were a couple of Hukas in that, they were able to do multi-day sketch california gnar in them.
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I'm sure if you ask 15 creek boaters, you will get 15 sets of answers as to what is the best creek boat design. I have one and have paddled it quite a bit and love it for creeking, but would probably rate it a little lower for big water pushy river running compared to say a Gus or Diesel. From the pics I've seen of the new Necky boat and the El Jefe, they both appear be pulling a little bit of the bow design into their new boats. IMO the Huka's strenghts are on tight technical creeks with a lot of vertical and its ability for the bow to resurface quickly. Its weakness is that in pushy big water it takes more work to track and keep on line. It also does not pierce through a hole (compared to something like a gus) and hit the dark water. As for durability, I can only say I have hammered the cr*p out of mine and had no problems (mine fell off the truck twice and is still going strong). It was also interesting to read Bliss-Sticks reply about broken Huka's on the earlier post, kind of clears up what is posted here and how many have actually came in on warinty broken. I'll be super interested to paddle a Jefe because it appears to combine a lot of what I like about the Gus and the Huka into one boat, but its hard to tell just from pics without paddling it.
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What works for some feels funky and weird to others, and every boat has its breaking point. No experience with Hukas, but I have had some Micro 240 experiences- 3 of them, all cracked in the same spot under the seat. I did like the design, though. I do believe that Eskimo / Prijon make far stronger plastic; I just wish my favorite designs were blow-molded.

Hey Groover-Ninja-

If we ever paddle together, remind me to tie my own boat down

I'm just kidding- I have ghost boating stories of my own, including a few first descents.....
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The Hucka

During my last summer abroad I was able to work the the fellows that make the Hucka down in NZ for a short stretch of time. Great Company. The guys that put your boats together are on the river every day after work paddling and enjoying the boats they make. There have been a few posts dogging Bliss-Stick boats in the past for breaking issues. Creek boats break fellows. I myself have broken 3 creek boats in my day (none of them have been Bliss-Stick) and I only weigh 155. They just take lots of abuse that's all especially in Colorado. Sharp and shallow baby! What you must understand is that these guys that are making the boats will back them 100% and so should every paddling company making creek boats. Regarding the creek boat scene these days the boats are coming more and more river style specific. You just gotta demo a few to find out what cup of tea you enjoy paddling. As far as the Hucka goes the boys from the previous posts got it right on. This boat diggs the Steep Tech Creek!

Enjoy your paddling
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