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The Cheeeze

Cheesman TR as of 6/28/14:

We went in there yesterday. Crew of 4, none of which had done it before. I had hoped for 300cfs, which the gauge appeared to be holding at the night before. Unfortunately, it dropped that night, and continued to slowly do so while we were on the run. We paddled it at a flow of around 290. Personally, I didn't feel like this was enough water. I would like to have at least 350 in there, which is pretty wishful thinking, but some of those drops just need more water to clean up.

Club Dues has a lot of wood in the lead in on the right, which I would assume is the normal way you enter that drop. We ran some boney crap on the left, which also had wood and then ferried over to enter the top of the meat of it.

Lets Make a Deal was somewhat clean, but we wished it had more water.

Penis Buster had wood in the left entrance, which I could only assume is the preferred entrance. You could enter it from the right, but it didn't look like the best set-up for the meat of the drop.

Slap Your Mama has a big tree in it which comes right out of the seam of the landing and reaches up to the right riverbank, and an even bigger tree river wide blocking the run-out. In its current state it is a complete no go. Sad.

Either Punji Stick or Tiger Den, as I am not sure which is which, had wood in a few weird places, but goes on a less preferable line.

Dos Chaos is really neat to look at and walk beside.

Slide for life was clean (and a shitload of fun).

It should be mentioned that there are a few places where the river sieves out completely and requires a portage. If I remember correctly, one is above Dos Chaos and the other is below Slide for Life. There is a fair amount of wood in the flat water towards the take out.

Bill, the caretaker at Sportsman's Paradise, is super awesome. He was incredibly accommodating, even when we missed the time we told him we would be there by nearly 2 hours (at least 50% my fault). He understands that some of the SP homeowners are complete assholes and he is more than willing to arrange passage through SP for kayakers as long as you are respectful and give him plenty of notice. We called the afternoon before to give him advance notice, and gave him a six pack of Busch heavy as a thank you.

If anyone would like more information on it or regarding how to get to the take out, which roads to take and what not, just let me know. This is a great full-adventure run, which would probably be super classic if it were clean of wood and received good flows.


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Uh. So it's a good day hike?
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Originally Posted by KSC View Post
Uh. So it's a good day hike?
Ha! Well... you could certainly make that argument, and I wouldn't be able to disagree with you much, but it all depends on your outlook of the situation and what you are looking for. I wanted something super adventurous, and this run certainly fit the bill. It was still pretty cool to go in there and finally see it. That said, it needs a fair amount of work before it is ever going to see regular descents again. The water level thing is a preference also. I would certainly like more water, but I am sure there are people who would think that 290 was plenty and would even consider running Dos Chaos, so to each his own.
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