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Thanks Stiff for direction to the M Wave

Thanks for the directions to the M-Wave.
With that sat photo it's pretty easy to find on a topo.

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also, keep in mind that that map shows where the canal goes undergroung downstream, just a heads up to any firstimers. Ive seen a lot of peeps swim there, due to the rough eddy lines and going off the bridge and eating it, but its important to know that about a mile downstream its death, so if anyone swims make sure they get out. There is plenty of flatwater in between, but if worse case scenerio happed when someone was unconciouse, that mile might go faster then one expects....

Enjoy the most unique wave in the world, but respect it, and the people who own it! (the farmer)

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Stiff, you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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stiff is such a PUSSY. dosn't even have his name and location in his profile. ball up man, let everyone know who to thank for the beta. what a f'n pussy. what a f'n little boy, doubt his balls have even dropped yet.

for those who do now venture to the wave please try to be respectful.
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Shaggtyle, this is the kind of narrow-mined attitude that led me to post the M-wave directions. Keep it up and I'll publicize the location even more.

As for who I am, just consider me a wimp who likes to paddle. As a wimp, do I get less rights than you?
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why would you want to screw-up or ruin a special situation for others? and who are you?
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Maybe it is that I'm 1200 miles away and don't have a topo map of CO in hand, and maybe it's that I don't even have a stake in the M-Wave debate.... but that satellite photo isn't "giving anything away" for me, y'know?

Depending on the natural lay of the land using Google Earth or whatever, and comparing the sat photo (making allowances for the angle of the pic, etc), I'm seeing at least THREE different spots/ areas that could fit the satellite pic pretty decently (granted, two of them are much more likely than the third)?? I guess if you know the area, that may narrow it down a little more, but really.... I think I must be missing out on the reason Stiff's suddenly such a terrible person for posting that shot? (other than the fact it *is* pretty boring compared to most pics on the page... sorry, Stiff! )
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I don't buy that letting riff-raff like me enjoy the M-wave will ruin it. I'm as considerate of a boater as the next guy. I don't think this place will become a Water-world.

I'm just bummed at the provincial attitude and the years of public flaunting of the "secret" spot. It seems like 70% of the good boaters know about the place anyway, why not let the other 30% of them in on it? Should we have an us-against-them attitude here?
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no need to have that kind of attitude...but no need to post this on the buzz either. Let's just drop it, OK.
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I have put off posting anything in hopes this thread would die, but it hasn’t. I have tried several times to contact “Stiff” but he will not call me back. He wants to remain anonymous and for good reason.
That aside I have to fill you in on the M-Wave and some facts about the situation. While many of you think it absurd to keep this spot tough to find, you need to know the facts. I have visited the spot many times over the past three years and have even got to know the mythical farmer that owns the property that surrounds this spot. Upon our first meeting we talked for about an hour and I was given verbal permission to use his land. Land he has owned for 50 years. Last I spoke with him in the Fall last year he said he can’t believe how many come there now and many with no regards to his property. He has found used toilet paper, trash, loose dogs, and even paddlers camped out on his property. He does not want confrontation and understands the desire to paddle it but has said he is afraid of someone getting hurt and suing him as well as the other things going on there. To say the least he dislikes the crowds more and more and the situation all together. I have not seen him this year but plan to visit soon. Alex has a great relationship with him and likes him very much but has stated the same concerns many times to him.
So here is the deal. First off this is NOT a river. It is by all means an irrigation ditch. I have read references to getting AW involved but last I checked they have no authority over the 80 year old ditch that provides water to farmers on the western slope. The ditch is maintained by an organization known as the ditch writers (riders? Not sure of the spelling) and is paid for by them as well as the farmers it helps sustain and yes, the State of Colorado contributes. The ditch passes thru private as well as public land along its travels. There are roads to access it but many also pass thru private land as an easement. The land directly where the wave sits is on public land, HOWEVER, 8 yards down stream it becomes private. Land that is owned by said farmer. So while launching off the bridge is on public land once you flush you are now on private land. Now you say “In Colorado, I have the right to float!” That may hold true on a river however again, this is NOT a river. And more so, the only area available to take out is ON PRIVATE LAND!!
So now there is this vibe of it being an exclusive spot and people like “Stiff” want to stir the pot. They can’t understand why they shouldn’t be allowed to go, etc., etc. This is why. You see the farmer has said he has considered blocking downstream access or access thru his property. Either way, the spot is going to get shut down at some point. No doubt. So yes, having a bunch of paddlers there that have no idea of the situation or the ramifications of their actions is a bad thing. Very bad. In three years I have shown three people the spot. Paddlers I trusted and would show the spot the same respect. We clean trash while there, leave dogs at home, park cars discreetly, get in and get out with little impact. I have introduced two of them to the farmer and have managed a good relationship with him. I have not seen him in nearly a year but plan to stop by next time I go down. I’m curious as to what he says has gone down there during the past year.
So while you may think it’s no big deal to post these things, it is. This is a spot to be introduced to and not put directions on the web. Why? If you had not figured it out from the above here it is again. It needs private property to access, the access is in jeopardy all the time, and the paddlers that go there need to respect it in an entirety. If we loose it due to a guy like “Stiff” it is going to suck and hate to tell you this “Stiff” but you and others that promote its whereabouts will become very, very unpopular. Im sure you all are still convinced that it needs to be shared with anyone and everyone but once it is gone, you as well as the rest of us are going to be way bummed.

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