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Taylor Canyon Diversion?

so...I have paddled the Taylor several times this summer and I had noticed a huge (aproximetly 1/2 mile 10' wide) "ditch" that was being carved out in the lower upper or middle section on some property on river left... I'm assuming this is private property and yesterday while driving up the canyon I was shocked to see "ditch" has actually been turned into a tributary that is diverting a very significant amout of water on and then off this property... Im wondering if anyone knows if this is private or public land and if they have the correct permits to do so?

If this is private land how the hell is this legal?

Would it be open to boaters since its a state creek?

If it is private and they have the permits this is a total disgrace and I say every boater that has a chance to go by there living room window and moon them on the way down!

Better yet here's the # for the Army Core of Engineers that governs that body of water...call them and find out as much as you can...


(I have already left a few messages for them to inquire about the permits but got no answer)

Bottom line this is terrible treatment of our environment weather its private or public land...what could this possibly do except kill plant and animal life and drain precious water from a beautiful river that already has limited flow...?

Any info on this would be gratly appreciated

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the big meadow there below harmels just sold for $20 and half million bucks, the developer wants to put "as many as 60" houses in said property, but thats on river right. he wants to drain more water from spring creek, and possibly the taylor, because the ranch he bought has some VERY senior water rights. not sure if thats tied into the same project. theres not much in the way for water to really "go anywhere" out of the valley bottom, chances are whatever water gets diverted will ultimately make it back to the river.

the permits are likely legit and kosh. serious doubts about the legal boatability of said diversion.

taylor river water is the main source of gunnison river water for the 10 months of non-flood season, they have to keep water flowing into blue mesa for continuation of flows downstream in morrow pt, crystal, etc, so the senior water right there likely will ensure that the level doesn't get disturbed too much. and anyway, its only the lower that affected, and its not even that much of a worry.

they are working on psychadelic falls right now (the diversion drop below the gunny park) and they scaled back releases through the taylor but i dont think that has anything to do with it.

ill drive up there today and ask around
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The development you're referring to is just above the main run. Bunch of big-ass houses going in near the fishing operation above the New Generation putin. They were digging a big diversion canal - a few weeks ago the river turned brown while they were digging. Doesn't look like they will divert much water - the canal doesn't seem to go anywere. Looked like they might be building some private fishing ponds or something. The canal doesn't extend very far downriver. Paddled through there in August and saw a lot of construction.

Meanwhile, the new fish ladder at psycheadelic falls is done. We're going to paddle it tomorrow and check it out. The water is still turned down for the construction - hope they open it back up tomorrow.

Hope the new stuff at Harmels doesn't mess things up.

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so that has nothing to do with the Bobcat Meadow business and its all Gandy and Co huh? Everyone's heard the story of the "guy pulling a gun on boaters on the taylor", well, thats the guy. That's not really a good stretch to paddle anyway, its all flat with a bunch of chunky man made dams. he cant get much out of the water because his water right is very junior (at least he doesnt realize it is)so dont expect a big drop.

the new psycho should be lots of fun with water, we scraped over it last night on a sunset mission, four steps, lots of fun....not a lot of playability though, but then again they did design it like that.

dont expect too much more flow, the plumbing on the taylor is done for the year, they might bump it back to 300 so theres around 400 in the gunny but i would be more ready for 250 or even less myself. but we'll see.
"Don't f$&@ing eddy out, just run it! Whaddya doin??" -LMyers
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