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Tall Guy boat Q. - Habitat 80

Question for those with more experience than me.
I'm looking at getting a larger boat than my SuperFun.
The key problem is I'm 6'9", ~39" inseam, size 14 feet.
Which means every boat out there fits me right?
Oh yeah, skinny too, so those stock hip pads don't work well

I've tried sitting in Dagger's boats (Mamba 8.5), but
am not able to make the thigh braces not cut into my
thighs, so that's out.

I've tried the Burn, which has the downside of making my
feet fall asleep even w/very loose hip pads. It didn't handle
as reliable as I'd like in some wave trains. Probably more
me than the boat, but carved really nicely.

Which brings me to the two that I've like the most. The
Habitat 80 and the Mega Rocker. Fit wise, the Mega Rocker
is probably the best as I have lots of room in it, it has a nice XL
cockpit, plenty of leg room, thigh braces that fit, etc. The
Habitat 80 has slightly better handling for me, good thigh
braces, etc but it has a L cockpit.

And the cockpit is the real question I have. Just how tight
is too tight. For the Habitat 80, I have to slide in with my legs
basically straight (knees not bent) to get into the boat. Once
in, I'm ok on comfort, but getting in/out it just feels like a double
jointed knee would be a useful addition (fits very much like the
old Corsica I have). I have proven I can swim out of the boat
w/o a problem, but I still worry about being that tight in a boat,
especially if I start doing more Class IV runs. I kinda doubt that
I'll ever do class V.

After that long winded note, anyone have thoughts on
how tight is too tight to get into/out of a boat? Or am
I worrying too much on this having gotten spoiled by the
XL cockpit on the SuperFun? Or is the fact that I'm worrying
about it mean I should stick with an XL cockpit.

Long term I think I'll be happy with either boat, and will
learn how to deal with each one's idiosyncracies.


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Too tight is worrying whether or not you'll be able to get out of a boat easily when you need to. If you have a little seed of doubt in your mind about that sort of thing, I'd go with the one that worries you less. Where it sounds like you'd have trouble is in any sort of shallow swim or vertical pin situation. When I fit my boats, especially ones with a step-out feature on the center pillar, I like to be able to get a foot on the pillar without having to fully exit the cockpit. If the habitat's too snug to do that, I'd go with the rocker.
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Tall Guy Boat


Well I am certainly not as tall as you but boat fits are still an issue for me. You must be in the 2007 SuperFun. Anyway as for the tightness in the hips... as tight as you can have the padding without it causing any discomfort is best. You want to be one with the boat... so how much you can get the boat to respond in your hip rotation is helpful for action/reaction to whatever the water is doing to you or for intance you want to carve the boat on a wave..also best for having a nice snappy roll. If you are too sloppy you loose that sensitivity. As for being too tight for getting out of the boat...well you will be surprised.. when you need out... unless you are pinned...believe me survival mode will take over an you'll get out.

As for the Rocker or Habitat. The Rocker is even more of a true creek boat than the the Habitat. To bad the Burn did not feel right cause it would do everything you need very well. Since you are really only aspiring for class 3/4 water & not venturing into harder creeking I would bet in the long run you would be happier with the Habitat. Peformance wise for general river running you will find it will carve better & hold a line beter than the Rocker and still has plenty of volume for a big guy though you never mentioned your actual weight. Anyway Good Luck!
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tall guy to tall guy

Wow a boater taller than I. I am 6'8" and have size 14 shoe. The 07 Superfun fits me like a glove.

We should go boating some time.

I met a guy at gore last year who was also tall and ripped down gore in a playboat. He said the secret for a tall guys comfort is a heat gun. You can get away with molding the shell a little bit so that you can fit your knees in the right angle. It could be a little scetchy if you do not know what you are doing because you can decrease the strenght of the boat.
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pnw, Colorado
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Not to complicate things but have you paddled a Jefe? Seems to work well for lighter guys and has a narrow profile so works with the skinny part. The people I see paddle it just love it.

I would think if you are lighter in weight you would be lost in the mega rocker.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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tall guys boat

I agree with gh-

If you are a little patient, Liquidlogic is coming out with a new river runner very soon, the Remix, the largest of which promises to be a big guy's boat. Supposed to have awesome new outfitting. Also, the Jefe Grande is slated to be released very soon. Check their website on August 8th for the whole deal. Good luck
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gh/shortbus: Jefe is too small for me length wise. Hips are
loose in it too, but that's no shocker for me. Hopefully the
larger Jefe uses an XL cockpit.

miker: The '07 works for me, though I don't see find it
much different room wise than the '04 SuperFun I have.
I've mainly been on the Poudre, but yeah, would be fun
to boat with another tall guy!

mtnguyxc: As said above, I'm in an '04 SuperFun. I agree
tight hips are great and key, but I am nervous about
a boat that knees can't be bent in the least in order
to get into (Habitat), otherwise I like it. As I said
I can swim out of the Habitat, and I agree adreneline
is a useful thing to get out of a boat assuming you
aren't pinned.

I too was surprised the burn didn't work well for me
as it sounds/looks like the perfect boat for me by
specs/visuals. Just not when paddling it/sitting in it.

Thanks for all the thoughts. To wait or not to wait, always
the fun question

Have fun
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pnw, Colorado
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in my burn i had to move the hip pads up high. after i did that it was the most comfy boat i have ever been in but i am not as tall as you are.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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I am small compared to some of you at 6'3" 230#. But I noticed a big difference between the classical super fun and the 2007 super fun in size. Back in 2004, I choose the super ez over the super fun because the super ez seemed bigger. My 2007 super fun is bigger than the super ez. I have the seat as far forward as possible and still feel I have some extra room in the bow.
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