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I was thinking of switching from verizon to T-mobile. Not because Iím unhappy with Verizon I think the service has been great. But T-mobile has a new phone that can roam on to wireless networks and make IP calls so I wonít use as many cell minutes. I was wondering how T-mobile worked in BV, Salida, at Tedís place, The Aspen area and the Vail resorts.
Thank you in advance for your opinions,

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Promise me one thing.. Never go with T-Mobile... It is horrible and gets little to no service...
Just say no
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If you want the best Data coverage, definitely go with Sprint. T-mobile certainly won't work that well with IP calls in the mountains, because as far as I know there isn't much for data networks in the Arkansas valley from any carrier. Verizon has the best coverage up there from looking through the websites.

Also, currently its up in the air on how well Vonage or other VOIP works over a data network and whether the cell carrier will allow that kind of use.

Beyond that, you are probably talking about the Google Android driven phone that T-mobile just debuted in November. Its a decent system, but is newly created and is still in Development. You'll also find that most software that is available for it, is also available for the Iphone or any Windows Mobile phone.

Ok, done being a geek for now. Happy phone hunting and have a look around on the various Cell Phone companies sites and have a glance at their coverage maps, both voice and data.

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I haven't had T-Mobile since it was Voicestream or AT&T since it was AT&T last time, but I have Verizon and Sprint now and here is my opinion for voice coverage (I don't really know what you're talking about with the data stuff; I only use my phone to talk): best Verizon, very close second AT&T, third T-Mobile, and Sprint/Nextel is just awful and really shouldn't be on the list.
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David, don't listen to JH. The VOIP calls on T-Mobile phones have nothing to do with the carriers data network coverage. They require a wifi connection be accessible, which has nothing to do with T-Mobile or roaming partner towers. Also, your M-F daytime minutes would still count unless you also get an add-on service for $10 that lets you get unlimited wifi calling.

I don't know about Vail/Aspen, but I do know from personal experience that the backroads areas around BV/Salida get better Verizon reception than T-Mobile. If this is what is mort important to you, I'd recommend you stay with Verizon.

Also, T-Mobile has multiple phones that can use wifi calling, not just one in case you do decide to go that route. If you do, just make sure the wifi the phone supports is for calling (called Unlicensed Mobile Access aka UMA) and not only wifi for web browsing.
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Sure he can listen to me, but we were talking about different things. Thanks for for that though.

I forgot that T-mobile had the @home VOIP program and Hotspot wifi calls thing going. In honesty, its not any different then something like Vonage, except that you can use your cell phone with this one (if its the right model). The cool thing about the VOIP services is they aren't dependent on location so if you move you don't have to cancel and switch service.

The downside is that you have to have a broadband connection, so if you don't have DSL or Cable internet that will be an additional cost. They give you a pre-configured router for the @home service so setup isn't bad, though its costs $10 a month. If you want to use this service outside of home(aka Hotspot Wifi calls), depending on which phone you have, any wifi signal will work. The phones are designed to seek out the actual T-mobile hotspots (mostly found in Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Fedex stores and Borders books), but can be used through other Wifi as well. The main restriction is that some wifi require you to login, which the two non-G1 phones can't do. The G1 smartphone is able to log in to any wifi you have access to though.

Additionally, it looks like you can sign up for the wifi hotspot service without having to sign up for @home. You have to have one of the phones that is capable of making the calls over wifi, and there may be additional fees (not sure on that one), but otherwise its supposed to work pretty well. The only real downside to all of this is that T-mobile's actual cell service is spotty at best, especially in rural areas. Not sure its worth it when you take that into account. Probably more then you wanted to hear but I hope it helped.

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Thanks for all the comments I guess no one has any thing great to say about T-mobiles reception in the hinterlands so I will stick with verizon
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