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Surf Kayaking??? Florida???

Hey, i'm looking to get a response from the person who posts as Adam. tell me a little more about this surf kayaking that you do in florida. I'm moving down to Melbourne Beach in Dec. and am wondering if i should bring my boat down or not??? So do you use a river boating kayak or something else that is specially designed for riding the waves? If anyone else has any info please let me know.

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hey there buddy. well the winter is when we have the best waves. basically its the same as surfing. you paddle out and just cath waves. since we can paddle and the way boats r designed we can catch almost every wave. i suggest u wear a helmet becuase i've had my head bashed into the sand and its hurts. also because of the rocks on the ocean floor. melbourne is a sweet place to surf. they have nice long waves. however waves are failr inconstint down here. but you should definitly bring down your boat. i use my dagger ego. its a great boat. they do sell kayaks that are meant to surf. they are mostly sit on tops. but whitewater boats do just fine. its blast. thats all flroida really has when it comes to exciting paddling. big waves are scary because you cant go under then and when they crash on your boat you are probably going to flip. so be able to stay under for sometime and have a bomb proof roll. i'm used to it but nose pulgs help because the salt water really burns if it goes up your nose. so have fun man. anymore questions i'll be happy to help

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I grew up in Melbourne Florida, the waves are great.....anywhere from cape canaveral to sabastion inlet....ITs all good to go.
Ben GUska..
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new syrma has the best waves i think. they always seem to have waves.
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Definitely take your boat. Anything that surfs well in the river should also do well in the ocean. Larger boats are a plus I've found (I'm enjoying my EZ over the S6X), especially when paddling out to the line up. Like Adam said though, you gotta look out for breaking waves when paddling out. Try to get past the wave before it breaks or slow down & give the pile a second to settle. Timing is EVERYTHING when paddling a ww kayak out into the surf. Waves that break on you or just in front of you are a pain. If you know you're going to get hammered by a wave that just broke, try leaning forward and catching it for a short back surf. I've found this works better than trying to paddle through it & getting creamed. And good point on the helmet. Definitely wear it even if the surfers look at you like your a kook. It helps. Have fun!

Gotta give a shout out to Aqua Adventures here in San Diego. They've got good surf boats (not sit on top) and have been very helpful in finding the best surf out here.

Ben- check the spelling on your signature. It's tomorrow...
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Great!~ Thanks for the replies and i'm definately looking forward to taking a little of Colorado to the ocean.
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Sebastian Inlet

Definitely check out Sebastian Inlet. Best waves in Florida.
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