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Super Tall Guy Looking for a boat

I have a friend who wants to get into boating. He is super tall +/-6'-6" and very skinny. He wants to get into a kayak and learn. I don't think he wants a play boat, just an all around cruise down the river boat. Any Ideas? What about one of the old Corsica Boats, the large or medium ones? He's interested in buying something used if poss.

Let me know. Thanks.

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I'm about 6'1 or 6'2 and have plenty of room in my Wavesport Z. I was in the same situation last year. Great stable boat, easy to roll/learn in.
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in the 90's I tought a couple of guys his height or taller and size 15ish feet and had to put them in big prijon boats-- bulkhead made for more room. The Taifun was the biggest they made, but he eskimo Gattino also had a lot of room. T canyon, Tslalom also large. They aren't modern playboats, but Landis Arnold up @ Wildwasser in boulder has some used ones he'll probably get rid of for cheap.
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Ask a boating shop. They should know which boat can be easily modified to give you plenty of leg room and to set the seat back. They will also be able to make the modifications.

One problem you may have with older boats is that they have smaller cockpit holes. A 6'6" guy may feel he can't easily get out of a smaller hole.

You may want to look at the Jackson SuperFun. It has a very large keyhole. It's supposed to fit up to 6'5" people, but that may be with the seat in the normal position. Move the seat back and you may be in luck.
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I am 6'4" 180 and fit well into a Kingpin 6.3. I don't have any foam for my feet, just my booties. I think it works well for a guy my size, but I imagine I'm as big as would fit.

I did paddle a Liquid Logic Air Head or Space Cadet (whichever one is biggest) at a pool once and was ASTOUNDED by how much room there was in there — the first time I ever used foot foam in a boat.

I realize you are looking for a downriver boat so I can also tell you this: I also used to paddle a Dagger Outlaw, and maybe had just a little extra room. They also made a Honcho and that might be a good down-river boat for a 6'6" dude.

And I once knew a guy who was at least 6'6" and played on the offensive line at CSU. I only paddled with him once and I am pretty sure he was in a Perception creek boat from 2002 — maybe a Java or PHat? Can't remember.

At any rate, there are definely good boats out there for tall dudes (especially if they are focused on going down river), just not as many options. Generally, Dagger fits me better than most.

Also, you mentioned that the dude is skinny. I am pretty skinny by anyone's measure and never felt that limited my boat options.

Hope this helps.
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jefe or a gus will fit anyone liquidlogic rocks to
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thanks guys
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Big Guy boats that have worked for my program.

The Hoss, and CR 250 should float that guy easily - got to get in the plug.

Older boats for the big duds

WS Y with some modification

Dagger Animas, Honcho

Perception OverFlow X

I would agree that the no center beam on a lot of the prijons helps. The performance have been popular but I have not had anyone that big in one yet.

Make sure that the front deck is higher than the back deck. If you get into the older boats like the Taifun, and T- slalom, they are even and harder to get in and out of.
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Alot of the tall guy problem needs to be looked at not just from hight but also from inseam.
Had 2 guys 6'4''+ in the shop last week lookin for a boat. One with a 34'' inseam and he fit in the LL Hoss the other with a 37" inseam and he didn't fit in it.
The only boats he fit were the Super fun with no footbag and the Mamba 8.5 bulkhead all the way forward.

There is a Honcho that has been droped off for the Confluence Kayak gear swap that might fit as someone said. Stop in and take a look.
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Your boy should check out the super EZ. I don't think anyone mentioned that yet. I've never paddled one, but I'm scaled down a bit from your bud and run rivers in a scaled down version of that boat -- big EZ. Super stable, keeps you sitting more forward than the outlaw/honcho. I also hear good things about the super fun. Jackson makes sweet holes.

Super EZ should be a breeze to pick up used...super fun maybe not.
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