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Spring has Sprung (Well, Almost)

This warm weather's got me with the bug again (not that I ever really lost it) and I'm starting to work on my plans for the coming season. The top three new runs I'm looking at trying to get down this spring are Sweetwater, Plateau, and Buzzard Creeks. I've consulted CRC but I was wondering if there's anything not mentioned there to watch out for about these runs. From what I know now, I'm planning on running them without anybody who's ever been down there before, read and run style. Anything I should know before I do this or is there a reason to have somebody who knows the area with you? Also, CRC lists the season for Plateau and Buzzard being April-May. Does anybody think they'd be going April 1-3, or is this still too early? Leon? Thanks in advance.


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April is to early May would be right for buzzerd. I ran it when the gage for plateau was at 850 cfs. It was a good level. You need to keep a heads up on logs and fences there are 3 or 4 fences as of last year. I hope buzzerd runs.
I ran plateau at 2500 cfs last year and it was fun. ok down to 600 cfs bumpy.
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The rocks on buzzard are sharp and kind of manky. I would say the higher the better. The fences and logs are the biggest hazzard. Be very careful because they can sneak up on you. A lot of them seem to be conveniently placed around blind corners Go slow when you can't see ahead and catch whatever eddies you can find.
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All those are on my short list along with Grizzly Crk. and Upr. Kannah low.There were several posts about Buzzard last year watdh for wood and fences,Plateau looks pretty easy,at high water it looked like really swift flat water, I am semi-obsessed with bagging Leon Crk.,anyone know why they left it out CRC2,anybody ever run below the recommended takeout?
Plateau runs a little early ,but April 1st is pushing it.Sure wish Grape Crk. would run some year.
One area with creeks on this scale and difficulty that will be crankin' is Tenmile-Snake-upr.upr. Blue.
If you caught Plateau early you could probably combine it with N.fk. Gunny,and of course be driving by Shoshone.
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Sounds like you're thinking exactly what I am. Grizzly Creek is high on my list, too, as is the Blue from A-Basin to Keystone. From what I've heard, the Upper Upper Blue may need to be pre-scouted for wood removal. Seeing as the Blue, Tenmile, and the Snake are all 15min. from my front door, I'll be spending a lot of time there this summer. I asked Gordon about Leon and he said it was just too logistically complicated and had too tight of a season to be worth including in II as a popular Colorado run (the only other run I've found in I but not II is San Miguel to Gateway, flatwater. Has anybody spotted any others?). Also, I think I mentions that you can run Leon to its confluence with Plateau but a lot of water gets sucked out for farming below the recommended take-out. I did hear that Grape Creek is supposed to run this season. I'd like to spend a weekend camping out that way to bag a couple of these runs. Let me know if you're heading out that way (or to Summit) and we'll hook up.

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You talking Buzzard and Plateau near GJ? Drove to the put in for Buzzard last Saturday on a sunny hot day after skiing Powderhorn thinking I might hike/scout the run. Pretty canyon. Alas....still suprisingly very frozen and snowy. And muddy! Would love to hear a trip report when you do run it. Thinking it might compare to the Santa Cruz in NM (minus the fences)?

The good news for those creeks...this area is absolutely getting pounded with snow right now. It was looking a little grim before.

I go up the Mesa frequently enough to do a drive by the take out....feel free to holler back at me for a weather/run-off update when it warms up.
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They also left out Umcompahgre gorge.If you camp at Vega then just carry in as far as you can stand it and run past the takeout if there is enough water,or put in on top of Grand Mesa and hike down and first d' the headwaters above thier put in as soon as the flow is sufficient from tribs.
Another area of extreme interest to me is Huntingdon,Ferron,Cottonwood, Muddy,Price,and San Rafael Rivers,all close together in central Utah,there's a lot of 3-4+boatin' in them thar swells!
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Count it's the Snake River from A-basin down to keystone. I was talking to someone who had done that recently. it' sounds good and i would be up for it. I boat outa Blue River would love to hook up and run stuff since we have water. Steve
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Sorry, I totally got 'em switched up. It is the Snake at the Basin. I got distracted and had to come back and finish the post later, so I confused myself because I was also looking at doing the section of the Blue at Blue River, too. I've heard this is do-able with good flows; any first-hand experience from anyone?

I have my hands full with new Colorado runs, so I haven't done too much research into Utah boating, yet. If anybody wants to head down that way, though, I'd be up for a trip. Anybody know when we hear from the BR about the San Juan permits? I'm still waiting on this one (and Deso, too).

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