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something people don't seem to like to talk about...

ok, sorry for not posting this in the gear page, but I need to buy a groover for a trip this weekend, and I don't know the first thing about what's available!! I just got a canoe for my fiance on her birthday, so we may as well just buy one now so we'll always have it. I need one for two people, maybe two weeks at the max. I did see a 20 use one, that would probably do? (most trips will likely be less than five days)

It seems that this is one of those things no one likes to talk about, (kinda like the butter knife,... things like that can spread ). but I can't really find an online store with any selection, even just to get a price estimate!!!

any pros, cons, brands, good or bad, opinions, etc would be greatly appreciated! I need to get one by this thursday, either in boulder, longmont, denver, or steamboat springs (as I will be on the yampa)

thanks all!!!

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rei or nrs

Just go to REI or NRS as they both have 1 or 2. We used an REI one that wasn't particularly expensive and works fine. Most hook up to a hose for draining. I think one at NRS is bigger for more people longer time, which you should consider. But as little as they are used why go looking for a cadillac.

But make sure you get the one with the boudet attachement---just kidding.

We actually were very partial to the one's we rented on the Green from Tex's riverways. Labeled TEX on the side we began to forge a relationship on our visits to go see old "TEX".

happy pooping!
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Try an eco-safe. We use the boom box[20 use] with an extra tank for longer trips. You do end up closer to the ground with this one, some folks would rather sit a little taller. The 50 use Rocket box is the answer.
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Lots of good info on the art of groover below
Double Muscle Move
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the kind folks at Down River Supply in Arvada will style your ass out :P

in a pinch you can also use a Nalgene bottle... the not-so-clear ones are best
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what would you guys say is the general concensus on personally crafted items? say a length of PVC with couplers and such for cleanout? found a couple references online about such an idea. Is it pretty much the ranger? the specific river? the permitted vs non?

just trying to get the best feel for it here, thanks for all the info so far!!

oh, and for some reason my computer doesn't like the muscle link, I'll have to try it at home!
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home made

The following website has detail on small homemade groover for 2-3 day trips and individual boat.
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Well, now that you've brought up the subject....

If you've got a whole lot more time than $$ and don't mind a potentially messy scene at the RV dump station every time you take the thing on the river, then the home-made rig may be the way to go. Been there with a borrowed rig, done that, now I've got an Eco-Safe setup w/ 50 use rocket box and its great. Comfy, clean, just drag the seat behind the boat for a while then stow before hitting the rapids. I'm glad that I can do the sanitized-for-your-protection RV Hookup dump gig after the long drive back. You don't even have to see (and barely even smell) the end result of 25 peoples' answer to Nature's call after that big party at Little D.

Home-made rigs also may not pass inspection on some rivers. There's also the fact that everyone you bring along on trips may not be ready to poop into a PVC tube (brings new meaning to "seating" the connection). And your sweetheart better have some extra-crunchy granola girl in her...

To help yourself make the decision, ask yourself which is more likely in three years: Will you still be wincing about the price you paid for the really good, clean setup; or will you still be holding your nose and gagging every time you use & dump the home-made rig?

Just my two cents,

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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