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Evergreen, Colorado
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So what playboat makes you happiest?

I am thinking about buying a new boat. Right now I am most interested in the Zero Gravity 48, but still not fully convinced. I am 5'11" 160. Average paddler. Currently paddling a G-Force 6'1" and I am tired of my feet falling asleep. Looking forward to reading your opinions on several boats.



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I'm a bit taller (6'2'') but about 165 or 170lb and I am very impressed with the ZG 54. Depending on whether your more comfortable paddling a smaller or bigger boat, either ZG will do you right. It's fast, smooth, and still has amazing hops. I would recommend demoing before you buy, just to make sure you are comfortable. If you live in the metro area, visit the Golden WWP on Tues. nights where the guys at Mountain Miser host free demo nights. Good luck.
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I am a bit biased... but I would also check into the new Jackson Kayaks Fun series.

They are (in my humble opinion) the most comfy boats out there. The "Happy Feet" foot bag system is so comfy it's hard to believe until you try it, and bottom line EJ is kicking some ass with it on the comp circuit right now.

Important note though... Although EJ is winning rodeo with it, the Fun series is really a river runner first... It's got all the play you could probably want out of it, but it is really built to run rivers 1st and play 2nd.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot them back at me. I will be demo-ing them as I get the fleet over the next couple weeks and will advise when/where when I get them.

Confluence should have them in stock within a couple weeks.
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I have been really psyched with my Big Wheel. Definately has opened some doors for me. My last boat was a Space Cadet so I am biased but Ithe wheel feels more precise to me. When you engage its edges it jumps out of the water. For G-Wood area boating having less tail rocker keeps me on South Canyon and the all day wave better. It loops like a champ and I have paddled the Narrows and Barrel in it with out subing out or getting grabbed. I like the happy feet system which works well once you dial it in. I am 180 and 5'10. I would try both the Big Wheel and the Scooter and decide whether you want air(Big Wheel) or flatwater ability(Scooter). Though I am getting close to a flat water loop in the Big.

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Im with that....Big Whhel!!! Totally siked on mine. Im 5'11, 185 and the BigWheel does great for me on waves, holes and flatwater (throws down super easy......). Fine as a river runner too im sure depending on comfort level (running shit in playboats is all relative).
Definitely makes me happy though!
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Denver, Colorado
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There are definitely some great boats out there this year. Finally some of these boats offer comfort as well as great performance.

My vote goes to the Wavesport ZG!!! Its only limitations are for the very light paddlers (110 and under) and the tall or heavy paddlers (215 and up or 6'2") Performance is incredible. Unbelievably fast hull speed...this boat was concieved on the Dries of the New River. As you know this river has the most epic surf waves around. The ZG is also is well balanced for cartwheeling. It actually has a stern, so when you are cartwheeling it doesn't feel as if you will go over vert. Some people mistake the stern as hard to cartwheel in flatwater. This flatwater thing boggles me...WHY would you base a boat on how it flatwaters?????? Isn't the performance of the boat in a hole or wave what matters??? Get in a hole or a wave and then tell me how it [email protected]@@!!! As far as loops I have been getting the biggest air loops of my life (maybe its the combo of the boat, the IR super bungee, and the BV hole) but whatever it is I contribute the boat to a big part of this. River running is also good...again back to the hull speed. Am I biased?? probably

I also got to paddle the S6F. This is also a really fun boat. I haven't had it on a wave but it is definitely very fun in a hole. 3 sizes for all different kinds of paddlers. I saw Menges kicking butt in the Big Wheel and it definitely looks good.

Sorry Craw, but EJ could win the pre-worlds in a friggin milk jug. He kicked butt in the the transformer the best boat out there?? I am not dissing the Fun because I haven't had a chance to paddle it...and thats the point. I will say the boat looks good but the only boat I have yet to see is the smaller versions. Ship the rest so we bigger guys can try it.

Benrodda...just try a couple of different boats. There will be one that will fit you and your playboating needs. Only you can decide this by trying them.
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DON'T buy till

You try the RELEASE. I bought a zg 48 then a frind of mine wanted to try it and he has a Release so we switched and Oh My God I am pissed. The Release was so much better and I mean so much better. His out fitting was not very good but the boat rocked I sold my zg that afternoon and I bought a used release. I am 5'11" and size 10 feet and 165. My friend really did not like the zg, he felt the boat flexing lots and it did not hold in waves or holes as well as the Release. Out fitting was better in the ZG but try the release you will not be dissapointed...........
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