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Single Boater Chic

I'm a single beginner kayaker chic looking for people to boat mellow stretches of the rivers this spring / summer. I have my roll somewhat, but I need a boat thats way better than what I have. I also raft. Please drop me a private buzz message if anyone is interested. Thanks!

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I may be up in gunny for ski naked day if you want to join.
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I don't think I could teach you to boat, but once you learn I'd love to get together for a beer!
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student wasted state, Colorado
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i live in gunny and i have already gone to the park twice and ran the town run yesterday but i was going to go to the river on fri or sat just write back if you wanna go boating im always up for boating
you know sometimes i wish i would have chosen something like baseball but, i didn't and i'm a kayaker so this is what i do." -Nick Turner (Wehyakin)
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There is a group of boaters that welcomes new paddlers that can be found at
Mostly all are from the front range area but also run stuff on the otherside of the hill.
There are several female boaters in the group that are newer boaters and as a whole the group is very supportive.

You may also try Colorado Whitewater @ and The Pikes Peak group @

Welcome to kayaking.
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Hold on a sec....You guys get set up like this and that's the best you got????
The ball is on the Tee.

Way to step up Joe.
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Teacher, Colorado
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I feel like I could offer my services a little eaiser if I had a good picture of you for inspiration
Feel free to submit one on the sight
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I used to think the long-hairs runnin' around Boulder who haven't taken a shower in a month, like the smell of B.O. and who grow their dreds out to be more "heady brah" were the most pathetic alpha males when it comes to pickin' up chicks... but this thread has served as a wake-up call that the boating community in Colorado is in WAY worse shape.

I mean come on boys... you guys are all so pathetic I bet the last time you got laid was when you got drunk, spread peanut butter all over your nutsack and asshole and had your dog lick it off for fun.

I have to wonder what is wrong with this sport when a perfectly nice lady comes on here, tells you she is single, is looking for someone to paddle with and the best you guys can do is say, "give me a picture" or "I can't teach you to paddle, but learn how and I'll grab a beer with you."

SHIIIIT.... I bet you'd make her pick up the tab for that beer too wouldn't you, you lazy, non-pussy getting, masterbating loser. Why don't you just go home after your next Waterton run, grab the lube and go town on yourself because that is pretty much the only game you know how to throw. Unfortunately that is probably the daily routine for you JC.

And to you, the single girl in Gunny, I say forget these losers. Go find a rubber pusher who will spit game at you that goes beyond the 3rd grade mentality of these masterbaters. GEEZSH, no wonder so many boaters are single...

It's the Chronciles(what) of Narnia gentleman and you all suck at pickin' up the smooth, smelly, slimey pooootananeeeey. I'm goin' light one up for all the losers who call themselves "monster boaters." I just call yo sorry asses "single."
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Thought-criminal, Colorado
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Hello wolves. I am a lamb and I would like to play with you. Any takers?
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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pnw, Colorado
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I could see the buzzards circling as soon as the post hit the site. At least Rasdoggy was helpful. Hopefully this was a troll to begin with.
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