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We were talkin the other night and wonderin if anyone still has a SIN boat. These were made by Forest or Aaron over in Durango - they are a surf / squirt boat. For it’s time about 96' to 00' these were THE rippin play/surf boats to have. Durring the last high water run here in colorado 95' to 99, this is all we paddled (except for creekin).

If anyone has one which one do you have? I have one with a dark blue priz top and a silver priz bottom – cut 2” above standard for extra room. I still try to take mine out at least once a year – they surf great but my big ars has a hard time fitting.

I am just curious if any are still around.

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I have the molds

I have both the molds and I can build them if folks want them??? They are not cheap anymore thanks to our wonderful president material cost has gone trought the roof!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a shortage of kevlar in the world and basically if you are not the millitary you cannot get carbon.
SO I am not sure what the cost is for sure but I can and will find out if there is interest in them?? I am building some slalom boats right now and designing a play boat the will be in composite that should be done no later than the end of April. Let me know thanks John Brennan
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yeah buddy,
If I was 6'6" I would have a hard time getting in my boat, especially if I was domesticated. I got a sin. white with red dynastars on the deck. Cut super small. you know the one. This should be a good year for some more sin fun. I think we both put on some weight since those big water good times. Got any ideas for trouble.
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The next zone, .
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Balito – how ya doin – by the snow totals I have been lookin at I would think well.

Any Trouble? Lets see – how about a day run of westwater? You know as I do that this will turn into a tough man contest of reality tv proportions! No rafts or whiskey. Wheel chairs at the takeout because I will not be able to walk for a few hrs or days after.

Here is another classic one – layin at Browns takeout in the water while watin for feelin to come back into my legs. The worst part is raft guides were asking if I needed assistance. I just realized how much I looooovve the new style of playboats with plenty of room!

Yo Marco! Nate and I are goin to squirt browns – want to go?

John, thanks but mine is still in great shape - Here is a question how hard would it be to make her say another 2" -3" taller? Not sure if this is possible or not.

Naw I am looking forward to getting her out this year. The best part is it looks like we might have a great water year up here on the ark.
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Hey Keel: Do you think you could give an estimate of the cost? Are you officially or unofficially still in business....thanks
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Funny name!!! Sorry to take so long to get back to this tread and I hope you get this. An estimate right now the boats would cost 1600.00. That would be a kevlar boat, vacumme bag and simple graphics. That is still 100 less than PS compostites squirt boats and there boat that sells for 1700 is a glass and polyester boat. I am almost sure that a boat would not cost more than that!! Again hope this helps
Cheers John 970-385-8660
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