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Shoulder Dislocation and Surgery TR and workout

So I have searched and found only speculative info on the buzz for the dreaded bankart repair shoulder surgery. I just had this done so I guess I will give some relevant information...

First and foremost for athletes like us a rotator cuff complete tear is very unusual. Per Dr. Dvirnak (my surgeon in Durango and fellow kayaker) it is not uncommon for us to take a large hit on the shoulder (deltoid region) and pull or stretch the rotator cuff muscle. Rotator cuff tears are usually caused by a sudden and very heavy jerk up over the the head almost like you are falling and reach up to grab something. Most of the time we may chalk our paddle and the boat and all the water is forcing us into this situation but still, in athletes, very few total rotator cuff tears result. What we have major problems with is the little piece of cartilage that hold the humorous from falling out toward the pectoral muscles. I guess this is called the bankart region.

Dropping some class V I took a few hits last season and eventually dislocated my shoulder. I can tell you it was instantaneous and the humorous was OUT before I was even upside down and it began with a poor technique high brace. I will also tell you Mel Gibson is a pussy, because while I was upside down with a dislocated shoulder headed toward a strainer I did not pull my skirt, instead I successfully rolled at the end of which I popped my shoulder back in. This is INCREDIBLY painful and was nearly debilitating for at least 24 hours. I can say that after a dislocation you are useless, and I cannot imagine being in a more committing gorge that would require me to run more class V. As it was I ran 2 more easy rapids with barely any strokes and was terrified. That being said here is what followed...

1st visit to Doc said I needed MRI
MRI revealed cartilage was torn in dislocation and top of humerus was fractured. Surgery scheduled because if it doesn't get fixed it happens much more easily and often (see above section on being "useless")
Show up get put out and wake up bionic. Nurse gives me Fentanyl which is 120% heroin and I highly recommend the first dose. Next 40 words out of my mouth were Fentanyl. I convince nurse to give 2nd dose and commence to the complete opposite effect of 1st dose which was utter ecstasy to puking shaking and inability to walk and eventually start dosing off into nightmares.

Doc prescribes Morphine and 7mg percocets and I am pretty much in lala land for about 4 days. My arm does not work at all and is in constant pain for a couple weeks.

Month 1. Mobility is at a minimum, say 15% from having your arm near your belly button. Physical therapy 3 times a week, lots of stretching from Satan and his minions. All (limited) motion is passive (meaning you have 0% strength). Still quite painful.

Month 2 50% mobility pain is gone unless you try to move on your own power then it is quite painful. Strength is minimal, I can lift about 1 pound only to about 30% of my range of motion. 1 pound. Still using left arm to take care of business below the belt. Left arm no longer feels like someone else is doing it.

Month 3. 85% range of motion back. Strenth is still at a minimum but personal power can get 1 pound to 75% range of motion. Have seen every episode of southpark, every movie made since nam including pornos, downloaded and listened to Autobahn: Negelbett and discovered that those fuckers really are nihilists and don't believe in anything, dude. Bills started rolling in...Started going to the gym and working on strength specifically. Low weight high rep till it hurts. Have lost 8lbs at this point sitting on the couch and eating everything in sight, lost 8lbs.

Month 4 (I am just past this now) 98%/100% ROM back. I have been to the gym daily for 5-6 weeks working on strength. I would say 75-90% of right arm strength has returned. Pain is almost all gone except for the extreme range of motion and that is a stretching issue. I would say by the end of this month 5 I could be 100% strength and ROM. Dr. Says kayaking is ok on flatwater till end of 6 months then rolling is okay. Hopes to see me back to class V shortly after 6 months.

Total bill for surgery near 40,000. I have insurance so out of pocket was around $1000, and another 250 or so for physical therapy.

keep your elbows in bitches

I've never boated before, but I have posted a lot on Mountain Buzz!
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Ohh, the physical therapy suggested workout:

Internal rotator cuff-"armwrestling style" pull weight from wall with elbow at your side from the wall to your bellly.

External rotator cuff-just the opposite from above. pull weight from wall from belly to outside with elbow at your side.

Internal shoulder/deltoid- pull weight from hip (back to the weight) to out in font of your body to shoulder height.

External shoulder/internal lats-just the opposite from above. Face the weight and pull it toward you down to your hip.

i add deltoid with full arm extention to front and to side. Then "arnolds" on a 90 deg bench from pecs to full extention above your head. For lats I do typical pull downs and/or pull ups.

Of course for body balance you can separate above and add bi's, tri's, pecs, abs, back, and core and start the workout with some cardio/legs.

stay strong, elbows in.
I've never boated before, but I have posted a lot on Mountain Buzz!
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