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Seat Adjustment in Wave Sport X?

Hello all,
Newbie kayaker here just getting started. I fell in love with this sport last summer using a Stearns inflatable, open face kayak going down Clear Creek from Idaho Springs to the I70 take out (self bailing! ya right, at least not on Clear Creek!)

Now, this summer, I'm ready to take it to the next level. I just picked up a used Wave Sport X which is in pretty good condition. My question is, does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the seating configuration in the cockpit of this boat? If so, can you explain how? I've done a few brief searches on the net but did not find much.

The problem I'm running into, and maybe its common, is my feet are so far forward in the boat, I have very little, if any, room for shoes! When I get into the boat barefoot, my toes almost touch the top of the front of the boat. I'm afraid when I get in with any kind of boots on (haven't purchased them yet, rented all my gear last season), I will not be able to slide my feet all the way forward to the foot pegs. Am I correct in assuming maybe the footpegs/seating configuration just needs to move back? Of course, moving the foot pegs back mean the seat itself will need to come back.

I've looked at the seat configuration and it isn't real clear if it can be adjusted, and if so, how. What am I missing here? I know the fit is suppose to be tight, but this tight? I'm a smallish paddler, 5'6" and about 155lbs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.


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at 5'6", you should be fitting in an X just fine. You may need to adjust the placement of the foot braces but I wouldn't think you need to move the seat.....unless the previous owner had moved it forward. If the seat had been moved, you may need to get a friend to view you in the boat in the water to get the best "trim"....which means that the boat is sitting level in the water while you're in it. At your size I would think the seat needs to be in a "neutral" position....not to far either direction. You could visit a shop that sales them and check the position of the seat in a new boat...which should be in the neutral position. Other than this advice, I do not know the trick of moving a seat....only that the bolts have some sort of inner plate with teeth that sometimes makes it difficult to move. Good luck.

ps: I'm 5'10" and just bought a new X for my river running boat. I didn't have to change the seat....only the foot braces.

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Thanks much for the response here. I was quite surprised at the fit as well, being the person I bought it from was almost the exact same height and weight as I. Other than the foot thing, all else feels pretty good. With my toes just about touching the top of the deck barefoot, my only concern is what is going to happen when I try to get in with boots on! As it is, I certainly cannot get into the boat with just regular tennis shoes on (feet never make it to the footpegs as they get stuck inside). I did play with the foot pegs a bit, sliding them foward one notch, which felt like it freed up some leg room (legs weren't as bent as original peg placement). If I slide them back, which seems like would free up some foot/toe room, I think the seat will have to come back too as my legs are just too bent and awkward feeling.

I think I will take your advice and take this sucker down to Confluence or elsewhere and see if someone will help me fit it properly. Thanks again.
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The seat can be moved. Loosen the two screws on either side (4 total) that go through the boat into the seat (Next to hip pads). Usually best to loosen a turn or two, then hit the screwdriver with a hammer to break the seal. Then stand boat on end and yank on seat and retighten where you want it. It been a while, but I think that is how you do it.
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I'm 5'11 over 200 lbs, size 11 shoe and WS X was my first boat, I fit fine with normal seat placement and normal foot peg range.

I have seen (and experienced) new boaters having trouble with the fact that WW kayaks have such a snug fit. I remember thinking "There's no way I'm going to fit in this thing!" when trying out boats for the first time! Also, most kayakers use pretty low profile booties. NRS makes one called the "Rodeo Sock" that is designed for playboaters who are trying to cram into tight spaces. syotr
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I'm only 5'4" but I took the foot pegs out, sealed the holes and put in foam... It's so much nicer! And I never wear shoes... even in the cold!!
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