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Okay,I'm the original source of the somewhat infamous and now cliche attempt at tongue cheek humor now known on the Buzz as " Sandbagging". It began as an innocent enough play on words to describe my Narrows experience which was magnificent but..............If you've done the trip you know the effort exerted to get to Deep Creek, if not yet, you'll then appreciate an subtle understatement once you get there. Hence the origination of "Sandbagging". It was a playful chide, in total agreement with the description Southern Rockies Whitewater. Regrettably, a certain individual chose to co-opt the term and tweak the usage and piss off a number of folks on the buzz. His trip didn't go so well and so began the diatribe known as "Virgin Narrows' which has had some far reaching implications. As you all know or should know by now, what you say and the context you say it with don't always translate well on The Buzz (i.e Casper as an example, by the way I miss your translating skills, you never failed instigate and transform threads into 20 pg lobotomies. Come back soon, really) Certain literary usages such as sarcasm, cynicism, self deprecating humor and dry humor can take on lives of their own. ( burn baby, burn) I know, too may emoticons, just trying make a point. I thought seriously about rekindling this fire, too much history. I now feel compelled to( tongue in cheek) and some context and reference for future usage. As always please feel free to contribute you personal context into the delicate discussion of "Sandbagging". PS -Don't let em sandbag you

Peace and be safe out there.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look up sandbagging in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Sandbagging, hiding the strength, skill or difficulty of something or someone early in an engagement, may refer to:
  • Sandbagging in billiards and other games, deliberately playing below one's actual ability in order to fool opponents into accepting higher stakes bets, or to lower one's competitive rating in order to play in a future event with a higher handicap and consequently have a better chance to win; the term has spread to chess, go and other such games
  • Sandbagging (law), suing for a breach of a contractual representation or warranty despite having known at the time of the contract that it was untrue

The List: The 4 Types of Sandbagging

by brendan leonard October 2, 20126 Comments

I always get sandbagged by guys in gear shops. I will stop in somewhere to pick up a cordelette, or a stuff sack, or a guidebook, and they inquire about my plans. Like you do when you work in a gear shop, because that’s the good stuff, talking to people about their dreams and climbs and backpacking trips, not which jacket is more waterproof. But it seems like it always goes like this:
Me: Yeah, we’re going to check out [NAME OF CLIMB, GRADE].
Dude in Gear Shop: Oh, that’s cool. You know what else you would like, is [NAME OF CLIMB AT LEAST THREE NUMBER GRADES HIGHER].
Me: Uh huh. Is there a good place to get a burrito around here?
Last year, I was in a shop on the east side of the Sierras, talking to a guy, explaining to him that I was going to take my friend from Chicago on his first multipitch climb, so we were going to do something mellow the first day. So the guy in the gear shop recommends a linkup of 12 total pitches ending with the 5.10c Gram Traverse on Drug Dome. Thanks brah, that will be very useful.
I even got sandbagged in a coffee shop a few weeks ago, by a barista. The conversation started out with me asking about her weekend and her asking about mine, and ended with me telling her about One Of The Biggest Days Of My Life In The Mountains and her telling me that she had done the exact same thing this summer, but three hours faster. But then she gave me the locals’ discount on my Americano.
I don’t know the reasons for sandbagging, psychological, sociological, emotional, whatever — all I know is that it happens. Apparently a lot, at least to me. If you suspect you are being sandbagged, and would like help identifying how, here’s my list of four types (probably not at all exhaustive):
1. The Humble Brag Sandbag
Any conversation with someone who is a Humble Brag Sandbagger is not about exchanging useful beta — it is about how big that person’s [figurative] penis is. As in, You want to know about a good route/trail/ski descent around here? Great. Instead, I shall relate to you how badass of a climber/mountain biker/skier I am.
You: “I was thinking of taking my brother-in-law up Mount Hood next spring, up the standard route.”
Sandbagger: “Next spring? You guys should climb Denali. I had the time of my life climbing Denali. What an experience. The thing about Denali is…”
2. The Selective Memory Sandbag
I am not this guy. I struggle and suffer a lot in the outdoors and am happy to recount every single detail. I do not forget how painful it was, or scary. I often lead with the number of mosquito bites I got, the slipperiness of the handholds, the density of terrain that must be bushwhacked through. But some people are not like this. They finish climbs or rides or trips and forget every bad moment, and only remember the turns, or the fingerlocks, or the sunset. And that’s all they tell you.
Example: “Oh yeah, it was incredible. Kind of a long day, but man.”
3. The I-Am-Not-Listening Sandbag
There’s no malice here, just someone who is a lousy listener and a poor communicator of useful information. This is the outdoor equivalent of:
“Hey, we are looking for a burger joint. Got any favorite places around here?”
“Do you guys like sushi? You HAVE to go to Izakaya Den.”
4. The self-deprecation sandbag.
I have not experienced this type, but a friend clued me into an experience he had had with a mutual acquaintance of ours. Essentially, the sandbagger always characterizes themselves as slow, weak, and out of shape. Then when you get together with said sandbagger, they drop you on a bike ride, or hike way faster than you, or float up the hard pitches of a climb while you desperately grab for gear to pull on. Sometimes this is intentional; they train their asses off but work to create the illusion of mediocrity, and then crush. Sometimes it’s not intentional; the sandbagger truly believes they are slow, weak, and out of shape — maybe because they compare themselves to Steve House or Anton Krupicka.
Also, FYI, I am not sandbagging you when I say I don’t climb that hard. Or run fast, or ride fast. The only time I would sandbag you is when you and I are splitting a pizza, because I assume you can eat as much as me. Which is wrong, and I apologize in advance, but I can’t help it. I will eat some of your half if we get the Large.

The female version of tea-bagging. Dropping/slapping large breast in your partners mouth

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I like the Narrows, if you've run Filter Plant then you prolly got the skills for Whiteline and shit.
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I thought sandbagging was when you had sex with someone in the sandbox of the elementary school you two or three went to 18 years ago?

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sandbagging, who knew...

so just to clarify, you were the original "virgin narrows" incident years ago, got destroyed and coined the term?

nice, I swim all the time so I'm a big fan.

please tell that story, you don't even have to use spacing or punctuation, just let it flow.
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Originally Posted by bobbuilds View Post

so just to clarify, you were the original "virgin narrows" incident years ago, got destroyed and coined the term?

nice, I swim all the time so I'm a big fan.

please tell that story, you don't even have to use spacing or punctuation, just let it flow.
tell the story
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Originally Posted by mark_vanis View Post
tell the story

Lots of reading material there... I'm pretty sure the op on this thread is not cemartin...he voluntarily left the Buzz a while back.
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I actually had a awesome experience in the Narrows. You'll want to direct your questions to CE Martin who I'll bet no longer lurks on Mountainbuzz. He got destroyed on the Narrows and the Buzz, turned "Sandbagging" into an inflammatory insult which may or may not have contributed to the NPS reviewing their policy for boaters floating thru Zion and resulted in misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Because of this there are some who probably believe I deserve to be tea-bagged but I would much rather be sandbagged, you know. For this reason I felt it might be time to try to inject some levity into the conversation. That and the ongoing weak use of sandbaggery on the Buzz.

Peace. The water will soon be on the rise and we can back to what's really important. Be safe out there.
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Originally Posted by d.e. View Post
but I would much rather be sandbagged, you know.
I know
"Go fast and Take Chances,"
-Isaac Levinson
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This is funny I notice this a lot as well as I am usually pretty humble and open to learn new things a lot so I listen to people try to learn from them.
I get the humble sandbagger a lot. Someone to me.. " Have you done this run much?" "Yes maybe XX amount of times." Wow you can count how many times well Ive done so many runs I cant count and let me tell you all about the time I ran it at really high flow and how crazy it was and how you'd a liked it but it was crazy and blah blah blah but it wasn't as cool as this run I've done countless times... blah fucking blah

I've noticed people who have done some shit and are for real aren't too vocal about it but you know what their about from how they talk and not braggy and the d bags love to make sure everyone knows how badass they are.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. KARL MARX
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Treemanji calling yourself humble is humble pie. You are sandbagging yourself
The "legend"lurks.. Ohh yeah be careful what you put in vids never know if a state hp is watching your vids and than in turn might be willing to help deal with pissed land owners. Keep it safe and smart and not grade school. Preferabley new school with a shit ton of style cause going through the motions sucks unless your happy sandbagging your potential. Remember smile and don't blow it in Wyoming cause it's now legal in radbro and they be looking for it..wyo slammer would suck

"The legend"
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