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Nederland, Colorado
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Ruby Horsetheif WTF

So can anyone help me out with what is going on with "RUBY"? About 6 camps went unused this last weekend due to the permit system! We tried to get a permit for the weekend and was told we couldn't because we called in to late (not 24hrs ahead). Two weeks ago the permit board read that all the camps were filled and when we called the BLM office they said call back and look for cancellations. On Thursday night their was one camp open on the online board. Friday morning their were 6 open when I called to get one they shot us down. Why are we not being able to use the public lands we pay for?

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Denver, Colorado
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I had absolutly no problem with my permit last weekend. Planned ahead - no worries or no hassle. Everytime I spoke with the office, I was very pleased with how it worked.

The wind however
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Nederland, Colorado
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My question is why are they letting campsites go unused when people want to use them? Not how the people in the office act! I think everyone there are very polite and do a good job overall. Just why can't those campsites be used if no one has reserved them.
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A lot of people with weekend permits dont sign the roster at Loma, but they should! But people see what appears to be open spots, but someone is there already on the river in the spot with their permit. Problem will be fixed next year!
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Mesa, Colorado
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What was the reason you couldn't get one? Because it wasn't 24 hrs. ahead? People are calling & getting FREE permits, then cancelling because they're free. You should've been allowed to go to the BLM office in person to get a permit for Friday. I have my doubts they can fix all the problems with RHT permits by next year, but I'm hoping they can. Does anyone know if the proposed fees for next season are "set in stone" so to speak?
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Nederland, Colorado
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Yes it was because of the 24hr RULE and we would be getting to Junction after 5PM. Why can I not call in and get the permit if their are openings on that day? Its just a real shame that our public lands that we pay for are not available to us. We have to plan weeks ahead for a 2 day trip? I do understand if its packed and their is no camping for people (first come first serve) but if there are open spots in this system people should be allowed to use it!
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we were there a month ago in sustained 60mph winds and many of the camps went unused simply because people could not reach them. Nothing but pity for the poor souls in rowboats. They were moving backwards.
RHT was a cluster in the final years before they installed the permit system. Now it's still a cluster, just to a lesser degree?
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The adult supervision has definitely left lots of camps open, and in my humble opinion, not improved much, except for the show at the take-out.

People are being turned away at the ramp by the rangers even when there are camps open. Cows can come and leave their crap all over the place but humans are restricted to the point of being cut off.

In past years there were a few weekends when the place filled up, but mostly there was plenty of room for people to get out and enjoy. The current system does not give people much of a chance at the last minute.

Questions: Can you float through and not stop at a camp and still float without a permit? Probably not.

How do you sign up to stay a week at Rattlesnake? I think its legal.

Why does the Ranger idle his Yukon for hours at the put in? Oh yes, to run his air conditioner.

Nothing's perfect but access to the river is being strangled and it is not always clear why.
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Durango, Colorado
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I was trying to bite my tongue on this one but...we used to canoe trip ruby horse thief all the time, until it just wasn't fun dodging human land mines. I'm not one for government oversight but when I took my family down there last month after probably ten years of avoiding it, it was awesome. We had a great time and didn't have to step over any one's shit and tp. They are trying to refurbish the resource, that is precious to all of us, and doing an excellent job I think. Sure it's not perfect, may never be. At least I don't fear my little son playing in some asshole's shit, literally. The rule was established for, who knows what reason, administrative maybe, but whining about the rules that you even stated in your post? Yeah it sucks, so does stepping over some retard's shit! Get over it and plan ahead next time.
You deserve a good paddling!
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cedar city, Utah
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Agreed, ColoradoPaddler.

There are always unforeseen problems in implementing a new permit system. That said, the place was hammered over the years and it needed a system since users failed to cooperate with the previous system. The amount of human feces down there was a real hazard.

And I hate to say it because I will get flamed....but it might be good for the place to have a few empty nights during the height of the season.

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