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RFV, Colorado
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That is if you live in G.J., Or even know someone. Who might live close, Or will be driving by the put in. Anyone going thru LOMA??? Put me down for, Black Rocks #7.8 or9. I'm not sure if I will be there.
Although I would like to be "assured of a good spot"
Because You live close to the "ramp"? You think You deserve "Special" rights to the best spot? Even though the "General Consideration" is to allow "First come first serve" some folks have to travel hours to get here.
I put in @ Clifton on Thursday. Arrived @ Loma on Friday Morning. Headed for Moab. The only 2 sites available, Bull Canyon Friday & Mee on Sat??? Totally screwed for a B.R. Site
Except for the fact that, only half of the sign up's were actually on the river.
'I Can't wait till every one of you, "Just got a raft", Wants to go boating" Hey I gotta inner tube" Lets get on the river. Dipshits, GET OUTTA THIS DITCH!!!
Dan, Sean? Are you still dumping your "Entire FirePan" into the river???
You all work for one of the "Major" SPORTS STORES, In G.J.
I Don't want to even Imagine the, Tip and "ADVICE" You might be giving your customers???

Big Dave
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Longmont, Colorado
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The book at Loma does not reserve any site on the river. All camping is still first come basis. It says so right in the book. All this animosity has been happening since that damn book was installed. Never had a problem before things got "fixed". Trebor
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damn dude, you posted a lot of crap this morning....
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Salida, Colorado
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It will allcome crashing down next year. Yeah, that's right you will need a permit for Ruby/Horse thief.
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We are gonna need a permit because of two reasons.

1. The people who sign up for a spot early because they "might" be there

2. the people who harbor so much hatred about it.

Its the RIVER, we go there to get away from all the bullsh*t. and there are people who cant leave it at home and insist on flinging it on everyone else out there. I for one am all right with it being permitted. Sure you cant just go down on a whim, but there is less chance of getting verbally abused by anyone out there that feels "entitled" to the "best" spot.

Ruby Horsethief is a beautiful area, leave your anger and hatred at home, talk to your fellow river, folk share a beer and a campfire. Who knows you may leave with a new friend that may have a Grand permit instead of an enemy who trash talks ya on the buzz.
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I am lucky to have the luxury of living in the Grand Valley and having the Colorado River in my backyard.

Last Thursday morning, I launched at 9:00 from Palisade with the intention of camping at Rattlesnake that night, hiking up to the arches then float out to Westwater the next day for a total of 60 miles.

The water was fast and I made it to Loma by 3:00 (35 miles). Despite not seeing a single watercraft the entire trip (it was a Thursday, remember?!?), I rounded the turn to Loma launch and I was surprised to see an entire ramp occupied. I counted 12 large craft and quite a few IK's. There was no place to pull over and sign up for my intended site.

My thought was, "Who would do all that rigging just to float 2 miles to Rattlesnake or Bull and unload it again?" This is based on several trips through this stretch and very rarely seeing folks camped there. Also, it was a weekday. Well, there were already two boats tied off at Rattlesnake! Bummer, but no big deal...I'm on the river, I've got my dog and we'll just float a little more; hell, it was only 3:30! I could see downstream that Bull Canyon camp didn't have any boats so I pulled in there.

We were there for about an hour when I heard a motor kick over and a J-rig was motoring over to the camp. His group had signed up for Bull Canyon and they had four boats (5 ppl and 2 dogs). I told them that there was just myself and the dog and that they were welcome to camp with us. I said I was launching early and had the spot way from the main camping area for just that reason. They declined and decided to camp a little further downstream. I could tell they were a little miffed. The next morning, as I floated by their camp, there were several comments made and one yelled something at me.

Hmmm...did I do something wrong?

I have never pulled the "locals" move on this stretch. I knew that there was the possibility of someone signing up for the BC site. I was more than willing, as a solo boater, to share my site. The fact is, there are a TON of people running this stretch and only so many legitimate campsites. I have seen the Loma ramp on Memorial and Labor Day weekends and talked to the rangers at the launch (over 400 people on Labor Day!). There IS a need for a permit system.

I believe that a free, online permit (like the Lower Dolores) could be issued and campsites chosen/assigned at that time. You could print it out and have it on your boat with you. Will this eliminate poaching of sites? No. But at least you could get online and check the availability instead of arriving at Loma and finding out that there is no place to camp. What about people who want the security of the State Park and decide to launch from Fruita three miles upstream (or 35 in my case)?

Sorry for the book...just my thoughts/experience on the subject...

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Crested Butte, Colorado
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For the rest of this season the BLM should remove the sign up sheet. If they insist on a sign up, put it down river so you can't sign in until you're on the River. The sign up sheet for cat. canyon hasn't had problems like this.
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Carbondale, Colorado
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"If they insist on a sign up, put it down river so you can't sign in until you're on the River." - good idea.
We're going to deal with that mess this weekend. Launching thursday, we'll sign up for our sites, discover most have been poached or signed up for in advance, and then find a place to camp and, by defualt, poach someone elses site. If there's not an actual permit system, then it should be first come first served. Bad law is worse than no law. BLM office said they were going to have an increased presence out there for weekends for the rest of the season, so maybe they are going to try to put some weight behind the sign up process and make it work until the permit system starts. BLM did say river rangers were questioning campers about campsite signups and have instances of people signing up early, but didn't elaborate on whether or not anything came of it. Guess we'll see.
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cedar city, Utah
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Originally Posted by CB Rob View Post
For the rest of this season the BLM should remove the sign up sheet. If they insist on a sign up, put it down river so you can't sign in until you're on the River. The sign up sheet for cat. canyon hasn't had problems like this.
We've had the same problems with the Cataract sheet the 2 times I have floated. Except, it doesn't provide conflicting messages (i.e. sign up and first come first served). That said, its the river and there are always viable solutions that don't require hate and tension. Every river I have done requires some campsite finagling.

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Welcome to Mesa State graduation weekend...
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