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roll question...?

When finishing a sweep roll is it better to come up in:

A...a low brace position wrt to hands and paddle blade

B...a low high brace position doesn't matter as long as you are up.

I ask this because I usually come up with my wrists cocked forwards ie a low brace . Yesterday at the pool I saw a guy doing the sweep and coming up in a low high brace and for some reason his roll looked really effortless.I tried it out and felt fine except that my roll seemed to lack the usual momentum at the end.

Any thoughts?

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My roll is kind of similar to the Eric Jackson rolling technique. Some don't like this roll because it involves coming up more on the backdeck of the kayak. When you lean back slightly as you come up it lowers your center of gravity which can make rolling easier. Because I come up this way, I am ready to continue bracing (high brace position) if something is set to flip me over again. The biggest issue with this roll is that by leaning back you can leave yourself vulnerable to rocks etc if you don't correctly keep yourself in a protected position. As always do whatever roll will get you up quickly and safely; the rest of it is mainly personal preference.

this is a video on improving the brace, but really helped me with my brace and roll.
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I don't think I understand the question. How are you finishing on a low brace? Are you using the non-power face of your paddle to roll or are you just flipping your wrists at the end of your roll and transitioning to a low brace?
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I use the hip snap and sweep to come up with my torso perpendicular to my kayak with my paddle blade (power face) right next to me at the hips. I can finish my roll and put in the end of a regular stroke to keep me forward momentum and wind up my torso to be instantly ready to put in the next stroke with authority.
Like stated before, a low brace would utilize the opposite side of of the blade with your elbows pointed up instead of down. I've seen some people finish a roll this way but the switch direction of the sweep and end up coming up over the bow instead of the middle or stern.
"The kayak roll" is an excellent ~40 min video that breaks down the roll into 4 or 5 different stages and in my opinion the most powerful, quickest, and safest way to roll.

Me French
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Do not come up off the back deck!!! If you wanna learn the correct way from a DVD rather than getting qualified instruction from someone who knows how to teach it, then buy/rent Kent Ford's video "The Kayak Roll". It's the best in the bizz and show the correct positions from start to finish.
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Learn a lot of different rolls....

Learn them all, including hand rolling and get good at them on both sides so you do not have an off-side.
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