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Durango, Colorado
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Roll a duckie?

Hey guys... I tried a search but I came up with nothin' so I ask......

Is it possible to eskimo roll a duckie?

Any tips?


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I thought I saw someone who was strapped into one do it once in a video somewhere.

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Buena Vista, Colorado
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I know a ducky paddler who runs gnar, but every time he flips over he falls out. I'm pretty sure he's only got thigh straps to hold him in, so maybe you'd need something a bit more confining.

I tried a strider once and was kinda able to roll it (until my knee tapped out), but your feet are pretty well anchored in those things.

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no tengo
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Baytopia, Colorado
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I am sure it could be done. I watched a guy roll an open canoe with a canoe paddle once.
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Rollin' a doobie would be easier - I've seen that done before.
Like it or not, all of us are the result of a sexual act.
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Golden, Colorado
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I've rolled a duckie w/leg straps using a sea kayak roll; where you extend the paddle and hold the near-side blade with your hand- simlilar to this:
Or this one,

(without the other guy holding the paddle). You get twice the leverage with the paddle out that far and your hand on the end of the blade, because you can pry from below the waterline. But it's very difficult not to fall out of the duckie. Took me forever to get the roll.
Regardless, it would be very impractical or even dangerous in anything but flat water, so I wouldn't recommend it.
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Rolling a duckie is tougher than being a western sloper posting on the buzz with a dial up connection and an alias. (all apologies)

But seriously, the hardest part of rolling a duckie is telling your parents you are gay (again all apologies, I love gay folks).

Is it just me or does that sea kayaker have s paddle sticking thru his arm? I wouldn't try rolling a duckie.

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Seattle, Washington
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It's been done. I've seen a solid kayaker roll my stiletto on the skykomish at the big eddy takeout. took him 2 tries and he could barely do it.

The aire force is rollable, if you search boatertalk, or read the old posts in the rafters forum, there have been several threads about it.

But practically, it ain't all that useful. We were talking the other day about how different swimming is in the ducky. once we're out of the boat, yeah we're swimming, but we've got 700lbs of flotation, we've got a huge soft fender to ward off rocks, we've always got air to breathe, and we can self-rescue.

A hardsheller, though, once swimming is in a lot worse situation. When we separated from the boat, only then are we really in the shit. I may swim a lot, but I also almost always keep my boat, so it doesn't usually end being as long or as dangerous a swim as swimming out of a hardshell.

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Durango, Colorado
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There was some crazy French exchange student here in D-town a couple years ago who would use that sea kayak roll every time he rolled. Seemed like it took him forever to set up. He also didn't understand the idea of waiting your turn to get in the wave, but that's another story
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Durango, Colorado
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Well I guess I do want to avoid the "talk" with the 'rents sward.

I may just take Geezer's suggestion anyway...

In seriousness though I am taking a flatwater trip and I'm sure it's going to be somewhat boring so I want to try some developing some sick-made duckie skills... You know.... so the sponsorships start rollin' in.

I hear duckie teams are the next big thing in whitewater. ;)
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