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RIP Kendrick Childers

Kendrick was a great person, and friend. I am going to miss him, I will always remember him. i can not type right now, i will try again later, please remember him, and keep him in your thoughts.

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Kendrick Childers- Posted here on the Buzz as Kendrick. This kid was a good dude and I'm sad to read of his passing. I first met Kendrick when I started paddling back in 2010. I would show up to Chatfield and it seemed Kendrick would always be there practicing his rolling and bracing. He would go there all the time and just do the same workout. He was always quick to help out a newbie by recommending the EJ rolling and bracing video that he must have watched a hundred times. Kendrick was by far the most solid guy I know when it came to righting his kayak or pulling off some crazy brace.

In 2011 Kendrick was starting to kayak harder runs and we were running Lower Clear all spring during the run off. He was getting pretty solid in his kayak during this time and for some reason put on about 15 minutes before dark and ran Rigo solo at 1300. He got his ass kicked and surfed a few times but made it through. I remember when he called me and let me know he had run it, and solo. Talking to him was kind of funny. If you knew Kendrick he spoke in a soft mono tone voice with little excitement. The guy scared himself shitless but when you heard him talking about running Rigo at 1300 and solo it was like it was no big deal.

Kendrick also had a thing for gas mileage. He has his car all set up to be more aerodynamic. I ran Gore for the first time late 2011 with Kendrick. He had been down once before. I remember meeting Kendrick in Silverthhorne after driving up to Gore. He had beat me to te gas station there by about fifteen minutes. After speaking with him a bit he told me it took him two hours to get to Silverthorne from Denver, whichh is 1hrs drive. Come to find out his thing was to hyper drive and draft semis to get 80 mpg from Denver to silverthorne! We had a good run on Gore and I met Pizzle for the first time.

Kendrick took 2012 season off from boating and was pursuing a lady friend. But I did get him out once in 2013 on an early season Bailey run. I'm gonna miss this guy and his dry sense of humor. Not many people out there offer you wine at 830am or order a guacamole burger and a milk after a days paddling at the Mexican place in Conifer. Sorry some health related issues took you at such a young age buddy. I look to paddle again with you sometime in the afterlife. RIP KChill
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I am very sorry to hear this. I got to paddle with Kendrick a few times when he was a beginner, here and there, and enjoyed his easy going attitude. Peace.
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So sad, Kendrick was a great person. It is not very often you meet someone like him.. I met Kendrick on the Lower Blue and could feel his love for the sport. He had a hundred questions about the Prijon Pure ... next time I saw him he was paddling a green Pure. We took him down the Fraser a few times and you could feel his love for kayaking.. So soft spoken, so nice. Paddle on Kendrick we will miss you. If anyone knows when his memorial is could you please post. Thanks Jason
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Sad to here of Kendricks passing. Paddled with him a bunch of times in 2011. He was definitely an interesting fellow, with unique ideas and opinions about the world. As mentioned by Josh he had this car, I think it was a Celica that was all tricked out for hyper miling with a little LED that read the MPGs. I once drove to Gore with him clocking about 45miles an hour up the pass towards Frisco. He would keep driving slower and slower till he would hit 40mpgs.
After an eventful day of paddling Gore, followed by Kendrick drinking few pumpkin beers out a shoe. He would forget about that little LED reading his MPGs and drive like a banshee on the Gore Road, intentionally or uninterntionally fish tailing that little Celica around all the corners and giving everyone in his car one hell of a ride.
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I met Kendrick on a foxton run after he had just started kayaking. We had a very humorus talk about how he had paddled with this guy named BOB who was kinda showing him the ropes on a few runs. We decided during this conversation that there were 6 degreess of kayaking and they some how all connected back to Bob, at some point you have met or paddled with Bob. Kendrick really pushed himself on the water rest in Peace Kendrick you were a good guy to know!
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Sad news. I only met/paddled with Kendrick once. We did an early morning pre-work high water LCC run. He was interested in my biodiesel Benz, and we talked mpg as well. Solid dude, soft spoken yet fired up. coloclimber512's post made me smile as Kendrick did offer me a beer at 8am. I drank it later that day after work and reflected on our high water run. RIP Kendrick, condolenses to family and friends.
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I apologize, I have no information on the memorial service for Kendrick at this time. I do not know his family or know how to get in touch with them, if I hear anything I will post here.

A time with Kendrick I'd like to share was our first time down lower narrows, Poudre river. neither of us had run it, Kendrick hadn't even seen it and anyone who knew me then knows how scared and overly excited i can be, so i did all the talking and Kendrick looked on and observed me in my state of panic.

We ran middle as a warm up, had a great time and got to lower. Lets scout this again, i said. One more look, you know, so we know where we are going.

Kendrick said to me, we will be alright. You know where you are going and I trust you.

but, I'm so scared, i said.

We cleaned it, nailed the boof, caught all the eddys needed to control the decent etc...

Kendrick was a calm guy, he was chill in any situation. He really wanted to be there, in all the rapids. I'd never seen anyone stay so calm in what looked like a scary situation. he'd always roll up, or give the coolest brace half way through a rapid. Just when you were putting your hand over your mouth thinking to yourself "oh boy, here we go" up popped Kendrick, cool as all get out. Catching the next eddy like it was no big deal.

Man, I learned a lot from Kendrick. I could see it in him, all the things I admired that I want to change in myself. He was such a kind person, always thinking of others. He had a very strong mentality in dealing with many things, life, whitewater, has to offer.

I will miss my friend, and remember him. I will ask for his guidance and ask for him to watch over me as I continue to paddle and test my skill. I will carry his mental strength forward and apply it as my own. I will live my life in rememberance of Kendrick and the people who have gone before me and remember the strong points they brought to me me so I can show others.

Thank you Kendrick for being the kind of person this world needs, I will see it to the end.
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Here is a photograph of Kendrick on bailey.
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I worked with Kendrick in addition to kayaking with him, he was such a gentle person with the most unique sense of humor I've ever witnessed. Words can't express what I feel inside, gonna miss you buddy.

I found out that a memorial will be held for him info below:

A small memorial will be held for Kendrick on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 1pm at Ballard Family Mortuary, LLC. The address is 6700 Smith RD, Denver, CO 80207
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