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conifer, Colorado
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Ringtail Cats in Ruby-HT

Interesting note, we saw a ringtail cat climbing the walls in the bull draw campsite on ruby this last weekend. Never have seen one before and not expected either. Thought these were further southwest than CO.

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Land of Lovin, Colorado
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Per Wikipedia: Ringtail Cats Range and Habitat
The Ringtail is found in southern California, Colorado, eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Nevada, Texas, Utah and throughout northern and central Mexico. Its distribution overlaps that of B. sumichrasti in the Mexican states of Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz.[3] It is found in rocky, desert as its habitat, where it nests in the hollows of trees or abandoned wooden structures. The ringtail is the state mammal of Arizona. It is also found in the Great Basin Desert. The Great Basin desert covers most of Nevada and over half of Utah, as well as parts of California, Idaho, and Oregon. The ringtail prefers to live in rocky habitats associated with water. These areas can include riparian canyons, caves, and mine shafts
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Silt, Colorado
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Hopefully they dont get together with the otters and form a RH gang that attacks unsuspecting boaters.
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little rock, Arkansas
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Weren't the bad guys in Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas ringtailed cats?
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Edwards, Colorado
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They have a seasonal diet, with plants and insects the favorite fall food, mammals and birds more common in winter, and insects dominate in summer. Preferred mammals include mice, woodrats, squirrels and rabbits. Ringtails also feed on nectar from agaves.

Keep an eye on your tequila.
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SMCanyon, Colorado
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Little buggers will run up your boat bowline and wreak havoc if they can get into anything on your boat. Have had 'em run back and forth over us when in our sleeping bags while backpacking. They love to get into backpacks,
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Nice sighting! Never seen one but hope I get to.
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Denver, Colorado
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Camping near Westwater once ,we had a ringtail upset that we were on it's turf .It made all sorts of racket all night.We went hiking and cliff jumping ,came back and it had gotten into everything. Apparently they do like tequila ,a bottle of that premixed Jose Cuervo margaritas was knocked over with the lid off. When we got there hummingbirds were using it like a nectar feeder.

Never seen any in Mexico and CA but there are a lot of coatis running around in packs and the occasional raccoon.
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I've always seen them on RH. They come right into camp and try to get into stuff while we sit at the campfire and watch them. They are not shy at all. This last weekend was the first time I haven't seen them there, but we night floated and camped at the island camps, so that's probably why.

On the Grand two years ago, someone had their headlamp taken from next to their cot- she tried to catch it so it would drop it, but it got away. The next morning we searched the rocks and cliffs and found everything including a Teva, but no headlamp.
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Steamboat Springs West, Colorado
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As a member of the raccoon family; trash and trashing your stuff is on the menu.
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