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reshaping the nose/bow of a kayak

anybody ever try reshaping the nose or stern of their boat? I have a dagger outlaw and would like to get the nose about another inch or so higher out of the water.

anybody ever done this before?
I guess it would have to be heated to a point that the plastic is workable.


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Try moving the seat back a notch before you go welding plastic.
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i don't want to move the seat back too much b/c...

b/c the boat has this tendency to want to get on its back end and stern squirt if you get to far back
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Now what in sam-hell r u gonna go do that for? Just kiddn, serriosly I know how ya feel. I needed to do the same to my boat. Seemed the front and the back just kept sinkin all the time. Specially the back part, always sinkin and flippn me over. Coupla old boys told me technique would fix all that shiit but hell I figured to just bend her up and then the problem'd be solved. I also packed on a few pounds, them old boys said maybe thats why I so deep in the water but I dont think so. Anyways I is gonna need the extra insulation for the upcoming cold winter. I got her all fixed up though and now I can float down that dern river with the best of em.

Here is what ya do. Ya need to git yur self one-u-em good quality rotator type cutt'n tools and ya jus rip a line right across the top of that dern boat, best to take out bout 3-4 inches or so. Then you go an git urself a rope and tie it real tight between the loops on the front of the boat and the back u the boat, pull real tight now so as you fold up the front of that damn boat. Whatcha you do next is heat that thang up with a blow torch till she starts a melt'n. NOw pull her a little tighter so as you close up the gap. Run some duck tape (damn I love that stuff) across the top, turn her upside down and stuff her in the meat locker. Let her set like that for coupla days.

Another option would be to go off and whack the livn begeebers outta her with a lead pipe. Now be sure and hit her straight on or you might end up with a crooked bend. A little bondo will fill in any ugly spots.

Before you know it that Outlaw will be doin front flips like nobodys business.

If ya have any problems I seen a post a few days ago that had a right fine lookin kayak in it. I believe he called her the TroddenPussy or somethin. Here is a link to what may be the finest watercraft I seen in while.

Now I wanna make it clear that I had nuthn to do with the makn of that boat but boyhowdy would i like to get me one. I reckon with enough gumption we could all be good boat builders. Maybe we could all start a show like those Tuttle boys got buildin motorbikes, only we should build some kewwllll new kayaks.

Hell yeah Cass, Lets Git-R-Done. Lemme know how she turns out.
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or you could go piton off a 30 foot waterfall.
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A while back I bought a vision56 which was too small for my big ass feet...I posted a similar question and the most helpful thing I recieved was this url...

On the left margin of the page there's a link to "modifying boats". I bought a heat gun (not too pricey) and started to try to bump out the bow but before I really grabbed my balls and got 'er done I decided it wouldn't help. I just sold the boat. That's what I really recommend. Sell your boat if you don't likey and get a new one. There's so many boats on the market and you can find one you like and then you can find it used for a decent price. Good luck.

OH...wanna buy a heat gun?
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It would take more than an inch to keep an Outlaw from nosing under.
Sell it and get a newer boat, it wasn't ment to be a play boat but a river running surf boat.
"I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen!!!"
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