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removing rear upright in your kayak?????

Have any of you removed the rear upright (i paddle the Jefe) to accommodate more gear for self support?

What about just removing it all together and paddling the hard stuff?

I would expect this reduces the stability of the plastic hull making it more flexible? Do you notice a difference?

I'm pretty sure the Pyranha boats have that hull length center plastic beam that will keep the form from oil canning, but I know the jefe does what are your thoughts?

I've never boated before, but I have posted a lot on Mountain Buzz!
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Unless your boat was designed without a pillar (e.g., Eskimo Salto), it's a bad idea to take it out. It is supposed to provide structural stability that keeps your boat from folding in half in the event of a pin. It is not just to keep the hull from oil canning.
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How long of a trip are you planning? I have seen people do it and they didn't have any trouble. If you really fill it up it seems that the gear would prevent the stern from folding.
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Five of us did it on the Grand Canyon for 13 days but little chance of pinning or folding the boat on the Grand.
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removing the stern pillar is a bad idea unless you know for sure that you will not pin or swim. this december on the rio cochamo in chile my buddy took out his stern pillar to accommodate overnight gear. we hiked up the day before our run, camped, and paddled down with loaded boats the next day. he dropped his boat during a portage, it pinned, and the seat was subsequently ripped loose from the hull during the pin. if his stern pillar was in place i do not think that the seat would have come loose. an interesting hike out took place afterwards because there were still some legit rapids that nobody in their right mind would paddle with a broken seat.

based on this experience i will not ever remove my stern pillar unless absolutely necessary.
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I have removed the rear pillar from a Jefe to do an overnighter on the Rio Chama. Not exactly difficult whitewater, but I didn't have any problems. The boat was totally loaded down, I must have had over 200 lbs of gear in it. I'm sure the case of beer and bottle of whiskey didn't help the weight load....but for class II+/III- it worked out just fine.
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Buy a Remix XP from me Russ.
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I don't, but friends of mine do it for over nighting often, I've even seen them take the front pillar out on runs that are easy for them (Jarbidge/ Bruneau) but when it gets to more powerful class 4 (Illinois) only the rear pillar comes out. They do pack gear tight which has got to aid somewhat in avoiding a folded boat. of course the advantage is, on day 4 they still have beer while my meager whiskey supply was depleted on day 3.
But before you do this be forewarned some boats the pillar is very hard to get back in place afterwards (Burn/Karnali come to mind)
Jefe pillar goes back in place relativley easy with a little muscle.
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You can remove the rear vertical in most boats but in is not recommended. Try and pull the front bulk head stuff one bag up there and get sotarable floatation bags for the rear. Balance and trim the boat for longer trips and repack the same it will make life a lot easier when you have to catch an eddy etc. Still need to take the kitchen sink? Might be over packing...
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What trip you got in mind Russ?...
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