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Red house hole, Poudre river

Today my friend Brian and I went up to run Lower Mish. down through bridges. We were meeting Gannon and Cindy around noon. Brian and I did a warm up lap on Bridges before they had arived. We had just finished as they pulled up.

We ran a quick shuttle to get my car, and loaded up all 4 boats to head up. We droped off Gannon to run Upper, shot some video, and put on to run Lower mish down.

Had fun, couple of flips between the group, then Brian flipped and hit his head on a rock right at the bottom of the big hole on lower mish( some call it screaming 1/4mile). He was dazed to say the least, but we continued down through Poudre park. I noticed by the end of Lower Mish. into the park section that Brian was reserved in his paddling and avoiding it all. There is no qualm here, he hit his head good enough to play it safe and was the right thing to do.

So, on to Red house hole.

We were just finishing up the run when I joked to brian about boofing the hole again. (He had did it earlyer in the run) He smiled and was in good spirits, but I did not confirm he would boof it, and giving the earlyer scenario should have known it was a NO. However, When I was behind him and he lined up to go right, I noticed he was not far enough right to make the line, in my head I thought he would boof again. He went right, and then got shot into a side surf in the hole. I was to his left, and started to dig for my boof stroke. I came right over the top of him, knocked right into him.

He is in the hole with a right brace facing up stream. I am in the hole in a left brace facing up stream. 30 seconds and 2 flips for brian and he gets out to the river left side of the hole. He paddles right out to shore by the hole while I take center stage in the hole.

I was in for about 10 more seconds when I figured I was well in ths hole. I hung for as long as I could (mentaly) before I decided to swim out.

In this particular situation I am going to say it was a BAD idea. I don't know what would have happend had I stayed in my boat, but here is what did.

I did 2 rounds in the hole, surfaced once for air before I saw my boat there with me. I grabbed for the handle of the boat and felt my hand slide off the boat and I went back in the hole. I did 2 more rounds before my next breath, but this time there was not boat. Gannon and Cindy gave chase for my gear, and I could see brian on shore calling out to me. I did not get a breath for a while but on my last rise to the top I did. I saw brian again, and went back in, at this time I was praying for a raft to come knock me out of the hole. I think I did 2 or 3 more rounds but then started to feel myself moving down stream. I swam to the surface and got some air. I got to the side and gained my breathing rhythm.

I started to walk down the road to Gannon and Cindy, Brian was still on shore by the hole getting back in his boat, and Gannon and Cindy were gathering my gear.

What I would like to share here is this,

The Red House Hole, river center, is sticky. I know most of you know this, but now I know why. There is a large oval rock, same size as the one that makes the hole, on the bottom of the river making a V if you will. This hole was hard to exit and I was banging between the rocks on the bottom. I am cetrain the way I flushed was to river left.

Thank you for reading,

Thank you to Brian, Gannon, and Cindy for your help and support.

I had a good experiance today, it could have been worse.


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Bob, glad to hear your ok. What did you learn from the experience?

Life: Live it!
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Fuck Bob, I am glad you made it out alive! You could of easily had your foot entrapped in the rocks. I encountered this hole as a noob way back in 93. It was called the Red House Suckhole for good reason. I knew to avoid it but I was oblivious in 'about lost my life' fashion and decided to boofe it too! There was no turkey legs to be tossed or slitz drunk on my behalf so there I was sucked! I got recirced many a time to what sounded like a giant vacuum! I thought the only thing that saved me was my light weight. Hence my PFD kept me up somewhat higher then a heavier person would of bobbed. Eventually I was spit out exhausted. As I floated into the eddie my friends had gathered in, I watched my yak do cartwheels without me. This was a feat in it self since my old Micro-X was no cartwheeling machine! Since you weigh 2-3 times me, I can't believe you did not go down for the count!

I am going to pick up a new PFD this week to replace my 14 year old PFD because of stuff like the SUCKHOLE!

When are you going to recover and make it back up here! You missed the ark at 3K and it was too good to miss! Now I have to do the festival thing for a week and then I owe my wife and son a upper C camping trip. I already feel whitewater withdrawal comeing on...... At least I will be drinking Gluiness this weekend....
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What I've learned so far, I should have left more space between us and reacted completely differently when I saw him typewriter. I should have missed the hole totally and started to play safety for what was unfolding in front of me.

What I've learned from the hole ride should have braced longer and tried to throw ends or at least move, I will say there was plenty of purchase in the backwash. Try to orient yourself in the hole and hopefully you have a good visual of what it looked like from the outside so you know what to do when you're in it.

I think a blind hole would be scary, especially if it was sticky and you didn't see how it looked.

I saw this hole prior and tried to remember what to do.

Lastly, I've heard this hole is bad news, people have said it's sticky, it's obviously not terminal but could be close if...
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Glenn, I guess I'm glad I'm 300lbs, I think I did good. I hit bottom and pushed with my feet, I balled up, I tried it all. In the end the river let me pass in a good way, certainly not afraid of it, glad it happened from a learning standpoint.

I've got 4 days coming this weekend so we can certainly do the Ark. I would love to do the Colorado while it's still pretty high, I'll send you a PM with some dates that I have off.

The Suckhole, I can see that, it certainly wasn't sweet.

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I'm glad you made it out okay. I have not done this stretch of river yet, but it is on my to-do list. Thanks for posting this! Is this hole road-scoutable at all? Any landmarks on the river to let someone know that they are comming up on it?
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Airborne, it's all roadside from Filter Plant thru the Narrows, the Rustic section is hard to see and above that you better know what you're doing. This one in particular is signified by a dark red house on river left right at the rapid, also this isn't really a rapid - it's just this hole. There is a move, it's left or right.

The whole thing from Stevens down is like 12 miles I think, III, III+, handful of IV-, you'd like it a lot, very friendly place.
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The hole is called Red House for a reason.... There is a red house on the left side of shore! It is pretty easy to miss... you can skirt the right side in a kayak or run to the left, just drive toward the rock on the left! I have seen some people in there, looks super shitty ...
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The move is to wave wheel over little wave right before the hole and slide down the slide on you edge in a bow stall. Slice right through the hole every time. If that's not an option, just punch the hole and go through it, no real need to boof there, it's not too steep and the boof needs to be a late one. Keep rocking!
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Was your buddy on shore taking notes for the accident report? Why no rope? Why would he be on shore instead of in his boat waiting for you if he didn't have a rope?
Vaya Con Rios!

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